Big green plow things on Hackettstown mountain.

On my way down to hackettstown from Budd lake this morning, I saw a large number.. As in rows and rows. Of neon green plow looking things in the highway department lots. I haven't driven down the mountain in over a week, but usuallt those lots are empty.. Or have tree trucks.. Anyone else see them? Ideas?

Ser positivo Ser positivo
March 23rd

If it is the NJ DOT lot (with the salt sheds) those plows have been there for months - I assume it was the DOT updating their snow removal equipment inventory as we headed in to winter. (And perhaps spending down their budgets to justify current or increased budget levels for the next year)

Good afternoon, if you’re speaking about the DOT Maintenance Yard just before the U-turn from Route 46 West to 46 East, those plows have actually been there since late summer. My wife and I live down off of Drakestown Road and when we first saw them, we just assumed they placed those newer plows there anticipating they would use them during the winter. In any event, they’ve been there for a while.

TheSoundGuy TheSoundGuy
March 23rd

The handful of yellow plows have been there yes. I'm talking about the field of green ones on the upper lot. Those were new to me. Why would a plow be neon green. That's more like a road barrier.

Ser positivo Ser positivo
March 23rd

That neon green is a typical PPE color. High vissbility. Hey why not switch it up a bit sometimes. Variety is the spice of life.

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Re: Big green plow things on Hackettstown mountain.
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