Nice private place to propose.

I need help to find a nice private place to propose. Thanks

At home would be as private as it comes.

Calico696 Calico696
February 17th

Only a dum-dum would answer this.

happiest girl
February 17th

Unless it's in your home, nothing is 'private' - unless you're talking out in the wilderness or scenic place. I think Google might be your only hope if you can't think of where to pop the question. Good luck to you and best of happiness if you're serious.

February 17th

applebees or the bathroom of lowes. or you could find one of the abandoned locations around town.

congratulations and good luck!

freedom12 freedom12
February 17th


happiest girl
February 17th

Stevens State Park or Schooley's Mountain on the bridge.

Rachel Ann Rachel Ann
February 18th

Deer Park back by the Sunset Pond or Rutherfurd Hall back by Allamuchy Lake (not when school is in session). Both are scenic.

observer2 observer2
February 18th

Re: Nice private place to propose.

schooleys mountain overlook

Private or not, I would think she would love a proposal someplace that is special to you guys as a couple.

Find your favorite restaurant; rent the entire room for 30-minutes before the dinner hour, script and have the wait staff act accordingly, perhaps bringing the ring out just before (do NOT put it in her drink - see 2&1/2 men, the Charley proposes to Chelsie episode), some flowers, maybe a violin player or two, a flyover by the Blue Angels, and voila --- privacy, surprise, and afterwards ---- a nice dinner in your favorite spot.

Be sure to post those pictures here :>)

strangerdanger strangerdanger
February 18th

Why so mean, everyone? Why not just give a helpful answer (as some did) about some of the very beautiful, and scenic places here in our area.

Schooley's Mountain State Park
Delaware Water Gap
Waterloo Village has some beautifully restored buildings
Stephen's State Park
Swartswood Lake
Bushkill Falls in Pennsy
Hacklebarney Park
Scenic Overlook on Rt. 80

Good luck!

summerrain1 summerrain1
February 18th

First of all, congratulations (assuming she says yes ;)). I would second deer park on the far side of the pond by the dam. Pretty scenic and your chances of seeing anyone back there in Feb are rare. Let us know how it goes!

PS, surprised by some of the wise-guy answers posted. It’s not what I typically expect from this friendly forum. Cheers!

February 18th

Propose what?

Oh come on.....a question like that and u no expect ribbing? Nothing funny in recommending a long wilderness walk in Feb to set the mood? That’s hilarious.

And I was serious.

Funny story; before marriage, lived together in the middle of 500 acres and a one mile driveway. Got home early, hid car in back field, left box of roses on table and hid. Not unusual for deliveries to be left inside, door always open, we knew the entire town. Long story short, she almost died when I stepped out. Surprise, privacy. Really bad ideas.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
February 18th

Going I believe north on Hope Great Meadows Road there is a lookout spot you can't miss. You can park there on the shoulder and watch the sun set. It's beautiful. Best wishes to you both!

Don’t do it! Chances are you have already had a failed marriage! Why make the mistake a second time?

I'm with Mel81... rather than some random "private place" that neither of you have been to, think long and hard to remember a place that has sentimental value to you both.

I would go to Hacklebarney Park (towards Chester) and walk until you reach the waterfall!

Consigliere, why do you think the person being proposed to is a she?

Hadenough Hadenough
February 19th

Or a he?

Ah, the new millennium ;-)

We all can be Soartacus!

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
February 19th

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