Edible Cars?

I was at a family party a few weeks ago and one my relatives was talking to my husband about squirrels and/or mice doing a bunch of damage to his pick up truck by chewing wires etc. I had never heard of this before and thought it strange. Today, while on another forum, I came across a post on this topic which provided the link below. Holy mackerel!!!! I had no idea that they were making car parts out of these items. The animals gnawing on them now makes 100% sense. Seems trying to solve problems always seems to create other problems. Sigh.....


Calico696 Calico696
Dec '19

A friend in the Catskill Mtns used to have a problem with porcupines eating parts of his car! Apparently they like to chew on metal. He found out about the damage to parts of his undercarriage after a porcupine chewed through a brake line and he crashed into a hedgerow. Fortunately he was not injured.

Rob Durana Rob Durana
Dec '19

Mustangs use soy based seat foam, and now coffee chaff in their headlight covers...



Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Dec '19

A squirrel got into my bro’s minivan while unloading groceries, got closed in, ate about 20% of the dash tryin to get out.

Roywhite Roywhite
Dec '19

Calico - You've met my friend Bubba. He has had some friends. I would have thought you would have already known about that. ;-)

Yup....I had this issue with my new work van....the wire insulation turns out to be soy based........Ford asked if it was possible for me to setup mouse traps every time I park my vehicle.....I kid you not

Darrin Darrin
Dec '19

Re: Edible Cars?

Rodents such as rats ,mice,chipmunks and squirrels will destroy any and all automotive wires and conduits by chewing on them.They will also ruin automotive interiors the same way.They also urinate all over anything they chew on and leave a terrible smell after the damage.Here is a picture of a large nest discovered under the hood of a vehicle.P.S. rodent damage is not covered under most car warranties.

Dec '19

We had a nest under the hood of our Accord last year. It had messed up the drainage for the AC and water would come onto the floor on the passenger side. Chewed the dang cabin filter also. I keep a large sock filled with mothballs on the driveway to park over.

Blackcat Blackcat
Dec '19

Had a relatively new truck 2015 and took in for an oil change probably 2017 and the dealer service guy says there is a mouse house in your air cleaner box.

Like where do they go when your doing 80 on Rt 80?

He said they see it all the time...crazy.

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