2019 Fall/Winter Pet Photos

2019 Fall/Winter Pet Photos

Did the Humanz really forget to start this traditional post of purrfect petite pet pictures???

Shame. Shame on them!!

Wake me when there is some turkey to eat. That would be TASTY!! This dreary sky nonsense just isn't cutting it. Snoozefest!! -)

Hi we are the snow dog group waiting for Santa

Thanks. Love the picture! Was thinking of getting one of those for my cat.
Not that he doesn't have enough of everything!

Re: 2019 Fall/Winter Pet Photos

This is Skeeter, the bigger boy cat and his sister Missy, resting after a hard day of playing tag.

Re: 2019 Fall/Winter Pet Photos

sorry picture did not attach previously. Snow dogs rule!

Re: 2019 Fall/Winter Pet Photos

Our new girl, Charli, waiting for Thanksgiving scraps...

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
November 29th

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