Found Phone in Hackettstown

Contact me ASAP. I'll give it a few minutes and then turn it into HPD. We are charging it so you can use your locator service.

alpha1beta alpha1beta
3 weeks ago

Call the ICE Number in the phone.

Steven. great idea.
In case everyone does not know what ICE means, it's in case of emergency.

No numbers in ICE. Older phone. HPD has it now

alpha1beta alpha1beta
3 weeks ago

Everyone should have their ICE info in your phone......PLEASE update your's today !

alpha, How does a "locater service " function ?

"locator service" being FindMyiPhone or Adnroid's Find My device, or similar from some carriers. I didn't want to say the name of the service and give details about the phone where dishonest people may try to claim it.

HPD said they'd take it to the carrier's store location and the IMEI number should give them enough information to look up their customer and reach out by alternative number, email or even mail. Hopefully it's gotten back to its owner.

alpha1beta alpha1beta
2 weeks ago

I love to see such honesty in people.....alpha1beta, and all that you did to get it back to the owner......You def. did your good deed for the day!!!

littlelu littlelu
2 weeks ago

Thanks for the feedback.

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