PSA: Voter Registration

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Just wanted to remind everyone that if they haven't voted or are unsure about their choice of politicians in the upcoming year you can add/change your voter affiliation to "Independent" now. Doing so will allow you to vote in the primary of your choice when the time comes. Note that voting in the primary will automatically affiliate you with that party, so if you ever change your mind you'll have to change you affiliation back to Independent.

Your current voter information here:

Declaration forms can be found here:

Address to send the Declaration form to:

justintime justintime
Nov '19

So you can only vote in ONE primary? Meaning, ONLY democrat or republican, or independent (or other)? How does that work? I mean, they are all on the same machine on the same day, right (Tue June 2)? What if you vote for a democrat AND a republican on the same ticket that day?

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Nov '19


There are 2 ballots. One with the Dems on it. The other the Reps.

You get the one you are registered as, OR either one if you are registered as Ind.

As was written above once you vote with, let's say the Dem. primary ballot, you are registered as a Dem. and would have to re-register as Ind. if you wanted to do the same strategy in June of 2021.

Jim King
Nov '19

Ah. Thanks.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Nov '19

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