Venison hot dogs

Does anyone know where I can get/buy Venison hot dogs ? They are the only ones my son can eat without getting the gout -

Peggy Peggy
Nov '19

You can try Arctic Foods in Washington or Alpine Meats in Blairstown.

Calico696 Calico696
Nov '19

Game butchers
Rt 31 south

Bruce C Bruce C
Nov '19

I have never been but Sabrettis in ledgewood, right by Cliff's:

Alpine meats and Game butchers only process the venison.
You have to bring them the deer and they will process it for you and make what you want.

Nov '19

Animals are not food. How about trying some plant based food so he doesn’t get gout.

Downtown Pete Downtown Pete
Nov '19

Hey Pete try selling that nonsense to other animals who eat animals.

Stay on topic with the OP, plus a kale tufo hot dog just ain't right.

Parent of 2 Parent of 2
Nov '19

Thank you for your responses ! Many years ago when my husband and son were deer hunters we always had venison! So no deer today to process and NJ cannot sell venison products -

Peggy Peggy
Nov '19

We had Venison hot dogs years ago that my daughter brought from a butcher shop in Washington, but it had a label stating ( Venison and added Pork and spices ).
So be careful to check what's in them before purchasing.
BTW....they were awesome.

Embryodad Embryodad
Nov '19

Look over the line in PA.

steven steven
Nov '19

Arctic sells Enid in without you bringing it in to be processed. I was there the other day and they had ground meat, steaks and stew meat. I didn’t see hot dogs though.

Nov '19

check Game Butchers web page. They sell a variety of venison products. They do not only process deer

Bruce Bruce
Nov '19

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