Lakeside Tavern the old High Noon in Budd Lake will be Lakeside Tavern and is apparently owned by the same owners of White Birch, OMG, and LV Pub. Great location. Hope it works out. Havent found any other info such as a website.

Scott Scott
Oct '19

where did you hear this about the Lakeside Tavern?

Hackresident Hackresident
Oct '19

There are two banners on the building announcing the new name. Saw them this morning. There was a Help Wanted sign out front a few days ago.

YeahRight YeahRight
Oct '19

i found out from the banners as well. They have only been up a couple of days. then i did a google search and all I could find was a Sep 1 article from mount olive chronicle that said the property was sold to the Bussells, who also own the restaurants I mentioned.

scott scott
Oct '19

As I passed by High Noon yesterday, I saw the Restaurant Village van there. Looked like someone was changing a lock.
Hope it’s better than OMG at least.

Blackcat Blackcat
Oct '19

OMG and LV Pub are both terrible. Hope they make this restaurant more like White Birch - absolutely love this place!

Oct '19

When I Googled Lakeside Tavern, I get a place in Branchville by the same name. This is the only article I found about the place in Budd Lake. I googled it as I drove past yesterday and saw the banners. I hope it’s going to be a good place.

Gene - You forgot the link to the article.

Calico696 Calico696
Nov '19

Calico here is the link I got but it really doesn't tell you more then we already know


Calico696 Calico696
Nov '19

Their website says they are now open.

Wonderful One Wonderful One
Dec '19

Blackcat Blackcat
Dec '19

Anyone here be able to tell us why this restaurant is still “Temporarily Closed”?

Long Time Listener
Oct '22

They closed their doors

Was driving so I didn’t get to read the banner thoroughly and it’s kinda small, but it looks like this will be now be called Lake View and will open soon.

New Name Same Place
2 weeks ago

I saw it too. It said Lakeview clearly and then Sports Bar in very small print. If same owners it likely wont succeed. I wonder if it is the owners of Polos cause I heard they are moving.

Polos in Netcong? I'd be surprised if Rose or Pellegrino would entertain that spot. While very visible on a state highway, it couldn't be more of an unfriendly, unaccommodating location for a spot for locals to drop in daily or every so often. It's an island of nothing but transient business. No thanks. Not to mention the fish bowl one is in if they happen to over indulge. Buy the license et al and move it elsewhere in the area.

Saw on FB that Polo's is moving down the street by the mexican place. They will have more parking which is what they need desparately.

Ah the former Knights Of Columbus building on Ledgewood Ave. (Rt46). That is a nice large building and parking for sure. It also has direct access from either east or west bound travel lanes unlike their current spot. Good move...

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