is kentucky fried chicken closed?

it it closed?>>>>>>

Oct '19

Are there any signs on the doors? Usually there is just virtually no one in parking lot.
I would avoid the place regardless- has been some food safety issues in the past.

It's open but apparently they don't like to turn on lights. I tried to get a bucket of chicken tonight but they tried telling me the cheapest bucket was $20 just for chicken not a meal so I drove off and got chicken from Shoprite instead. It's a poorly managed establishment.

Metsman Metsman
Oct '19

It should be, the service in that place is terrible!

Hannah Hannah
Oct '19

That place sucks unfortunatley

Oct '19

What a strange place that has turned into. I remember when it opened in '84 and
how terrific it was.

Oct '19

Should be a big sign posted “Eat at your own risk” Place is a hovel and should be closed!

Mr. Tone Mr. Tone
Oct '19

Really liked the uncoated grilled chicken, but always had to wait extra. Then the young lad who delivered it to my car told me "no one else orders this so it's the last thing you should get...…" As in low volume = higher chance of food poisoning...….

And he never returned, no he never returned, and KFC's fate is still unknown...…..

Maybe an Aldi's can go there. Or Whole Foods. Or nail saloon. Or Mama's extension. (kidding....)

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Oct '19

cluck u chicken near rita's across from shop rite liquors

Oct '19

Where is a good place for fried chicken? How 'bout the little place in Washington? You're right...KFC is pretty bad.

Angela Angela
Oct '19

Last time I went there they actually ran out of chicken and sides, said they're delivery truck never came. Very weird for a fast food place. Hopefully they do close not even good KFC there.

I ordered a bunch of hot wings a while back, got all the way home and found them pink in the middle. I mean, isn't there a timer that says when they're done? Place is filthy and the service is horrible.

Washington seems to be the way to go.

Went to Chick-fil-a out by the Gap and was disappointed. All new, that was nice. Seemed like a more expensive Micky D's without the beef...….Only chicken was nuggets, salads, or sandwiches. I wanted chicken......

Cluck-u has good google reviews, 70 of them, but not much HL input. They actually have fried chicken...….Anyone tried it? I hate that parking lot so not jumping to experiment with this place without some feedback.

I miss "angry man" at Golden Skillet.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Oct '19

I'm just wondering if any of you have ever contacted the KFC corporate offices? Sounds like the place is a disaster.

Calico696 Calico696
Oct '19

Had a real Jones for KFC about 4 years ago.
Went to the drive in window- paid with a $50 bill.
Employee gave me the incorrect change.
I immediately pointed it out to the cashier- showed her my change in hand.
Went back and forth ( respectively)- said she’d count out the cash drawer.
In about 20-30 seconds, she said it was it balanced ( impossible to count out that quickly) and that I was wrong.
Asked for the Mgr.- same routine.
We’re talking about a small amount of $$$.
Cancelled my order- took my small loss- NEVER went back.
(BTW-went to KFC website posted my issue- never heard anything).
Sometimes it’s really not about the money.
KFC no longer exists to me; and I’m probably healthier for it!

Stymie Stymie
Oct '19

I always forget about Celestine's in Washington and haven't been there since shortly after they opened.

I've heard that Krispy Krunchy Chicken is good, but I've never tried it.

Calico696 Calico696
Oct '19

LOL forgot about the Skillet angry guy! Was kinda pleasant if you talked to him about bikes. No fried chicken around here for me now for me unless its from shop rite, try it its pretty good. KFC was never good to me. I tried hot wings at cluck u, didn’t like them, skin s/b crunchy will give the fried chicken a try.

Roywhite Roywhite
Oct '19

Celestine's is really good. Sides are good too.

Golden Skillet was nice if you talked to him about just about anything. You just needed to take the time with him. And the chicken was always good. So were a bunch of other things, thinking of pierogi day.

I had complained about KFC two or three times. But then I've never been in a single one that had their act together. I've complained other times but it's not just Hackettstown. The whole place seems to have a corporate culture of being disorganized. All those timed ovens are actually the problem, not the solution. They put it in for what ever time at whatever temperature and serve it whether it's really done or not. It meets the standards for cook time, so that's about it. Fed up with KFC years ago.

Chick-fil-A has never had anything I liked the couple of times I tried it out of state. If I wanted a real sandwich like that, I'd go to the Grove or Sub Shack for a good grilled sandwich.

Both Davila's and C&L (that's the place across from Shoprite liquor) have Cluck-U. Davila's only has the wings and tenders while C&L has the whole menu. I don't care for the wings, particularly compared with Marley's and some others. But the strips and regular fried chicken are better.

I did contact the corporate offices about the Hackettstown location in the spring. I do not go there often but almost every time I have been there they are out of chicken.

No one in the store, dinner time on a Friday and no chicken at the chicken store. I did get a form response thanking me for contacting them and that was it. Never heard another word.

I have stopped going there since then.

This conversation is giving me a real yen for Popeye's. Can't believe they have 2 stores in Rockaway (in the mall and free-standing) and none near us.

honestyseasy honestyseasy
Oct '19

Chick-fil-a is up at the Delaware Truck stop..near the McDonalds....long lines though

Oct '19

The last time I went to KFC it was so dirty and your feet stuck to the floor. After that I refused to go back and I'm so glad they closed.
I hope they don't put another doctors office in.

No lines at CFila when I went. No fried chicken either unless you’re mining for nuggets....

I liked “angry man.” Didn’t know he was angry till HL illuminated me. Guess I am just drawn to characters. He was always a giver for our HS functions and if you were to get angry, yet another HS solicitation seems appropriate. And yeah, he cranked good chicken and sides. Sent Boston Market packing, he feared no KFC.

Celestines for me. 11-7 Tues-Sat. No sun/mon. I do have a hankering. Maybe I can piss her off for that good ole “angry man” feeling ;-)

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
Oct '19

" I remember when it opened in '84 and how terrific it was."

And therein lies the problem.... they haven't done any improvements to the place since 1984.

Jim L Jim L
Oct '19

Isn't there some kind of local town ordinance that requires businesses to keep up with renovations and overall good street presence? I realize this isn't Mendham.

I bought some fried chicken from Shop rite in Mansfield today. Shared with a friend
It was very very tasty. Highly recommended if you get it hot and fresh. $6 and change for a nice size container of legs and thighs

Angela Angela
Oct '19

It does definitely seem to be a chain thing for the most part. When I lived in Mt. Arlington, I used to like the one on Rt. 15S in Jefferson that was next to my Dr's. Office. The one in Ledgwood seemed to be OK most of the time, but the one on Rt. 46W in Rockaway has always been horrendous. Never had the grilled chicken and usually out of Pot Pies which my parents would sometimes ask me to pick up when travelling to their place in Parsippany. They often had water on the floor from something that overflowed and the floors were sticky half the time too.

The best KFC seemed to be the one in the strip mall on Rt. 46W across from Pep Boys in Parsippany close to my parents house. Sadly, that one was closed one day when we went there to pick up some food and it never reopened.

I ate lunch at the KFC in town with some of my coworkers once or twice and that was enough. I think in Yum Brands' efforts to bring out "new" and gimmicky products, as well as stupid commercials with Colonel Sanders imitators, they have forgotten what made them popular to begin with, the Col's. Fried Chicken recipe without some crappy liquidy junk sloshed on it, just basic great, properly cooked fried chicken at a reasonable price.

That said, I miss Roy Roger's fried chicken! I do love the chicken strips at Willies Wieners and the gluten-free cornmeal coated ones at TOPO!

Phil D. Phil D.
Oct '19

Glad I don't eat chicken.

Billy J
Oct '19

KFC is still open.

Cluck u, c&l very good chicken, plus other deli items are good too.

Food is terrible. Should be closed.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
Oct '19

Colonel Sanders would be rolling over in his grave if he knew the state of that place.

Hipster Hipster
Oct '19

KFC is going down hill quickly
I have walked out twice in the last few months because of the wait.
They are making individual orders one at a time! There is no Chicken made ahead of time in the Warmers! Goodbye KFC !!

Bring back Golden Skillet!

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
Oct '19

Here’s the thing, chicken is good to eat. Based on what you all said this place won’t make it to the next worlds fair.

Hank S.
Oct '19

I miss golden skillet... and Leo’s on main st... and now I’m sad again cuz I see the for sale sign out front of Tony’s luncheonette

Booster90 Booster90
Oct '19

I wish Boston market was still in town!!

Michael Michael
Oct '19

Shop Rite in Pburg has the absolute BEST fried chicken around.
Worth the drive.
Call ahead and the mgr. makes it fresh 4u every time!

The last time I went there the gravy was spoiled for the mashed potatoes, it was very sour, and I brought it back to the counter telling them that they offered me another mashed potatoes and gravy. No thank you. Please get a good run chicken franchise here. Please bring in a Popeyes

Golden Skillet was soooooo good !

htownguy htownguy
Oct '19

Nooooo it wasn't

Oct '19

I don't eat chicken, unless I make it myself.
It has to be well cooked ( for me ).

Anytime we got chicken from the matter where it was, we always placed it on a rack, and baked it in a 300F oven to crisp it up, and finish cooking the purple bloody flesh inside.... *blech*

Embryodad Embryodad
Nov '19

I have tried KFC a few times over the past 3 years and change that I have lived in this town because there are times when I just want fried chicken and don't feel like frying chicken for my large family. Each time I have been disappointed. The last time we have officially gave up. Meat wasn't cooked properly and I reported them to the health department.
I tried Cluck-U and had the same issue.
So sad. Looks like I have no choice but to cook the fried chicken myself. We don't eat much fried food in the house for health reasons so it's especially annoying when we spoil our cheat days and waste our money.
Have a great day everyone.

MommyNJ4 MommyNJ4
Nov '19

Which cluck- u?

Nov '19

Shop Rite's fried chicken is pretty good if you're just looking for once in a while. The Popeye's chicken sandwich is excellent, blows Chick-fil-A out of the water.

Our KFC is miserable always has been that's why it's here.

EmbroD; me too, maybe 1.5 hours or more in 350-oven for boneless breasts just like my Mommy did. Cut those humongous breasts in half, hit a variety of bbq sauces 30 min from end, and it’s incredibly good. Actually not dry. Funny thing is first day it’s super, leftovers are like rocks. Must be infused with extra fat that goes solid in the fridge. Have to avoid leftovers or slice thin.

The answer for take out is the place in Washington noted above.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
Nov '19

I use an air fryer at home so I don't have to stick it in oil. I'm a fan of a meat thermometer as well to make sure temperatures are right. After awhile you have an idea of ideal times. I still check the temps just to be safe.

Metsman Metsman
Nov '19

I use an air fryer as well. I love that thing !

Bobbob Bobbob
Nov '19

Obviously KFC did not read this thread before posting their banner ad here...… Wow, new wings, bet that changes attitudes round here :>(

AI my sweet patooties!

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Nov '19

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