Ginger Baker - Dead at 80 - Rest in Peace

Peter E. "Ginger" Baker aka "The World's Most Dangerous Drummer died today at age 80. Along with Keith Moon of the Who, he was a pioneer of the double bass drum in rock and roll music after they both went to a Duke Ellington concert and saw drummer Sam Woodward with a double bass setup.

His discography is extensive in rock and other genres and incorporates many styles, being an early proponent of popularizing "World Rhythms" and travelling around the world to drum with those of other cultures. He was known for his temper though as well and I remember a quote from the movie "Beware of Mr. Baker" that if you didn't like him you were always welcome to punch him in the nose, but don't be surprised if he punched you right back - paraphrasing here, since I don't remember the exact words. Rest in Peace oh Master of the Skins!

Phil D. Phil D.
Oct '19

He had a very interesting life.

steven steven
Oct '19

From Blues Incorporated and The Bond Organisation to his work with Gary More, Public Image Ltd., Hawkwind and The Masters of Reality (and on yeah..Cream and Blind Faith) rock and roll not only lost a legend, it lost a member of its royalty.

George Mason George Mason
Oct '19


Oct '19

So sad, losing all the greats from R & Roll. RIP .

Great drummer.

crazy jane crazy jane
Oct '19

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