Who do you use to close your pool?

I am looking to use someone new this year to close my in-ground pool. Any recommendations?

Olympic pools in Flanders does ours ....

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Oct '19

Holland Pools does ours. They are very good.

Daisy Daisy
Oct '19

Re: Who do you use to close your pool?

Jay Doyle. Started with him last year and it’s the first summers since I moved here 14 years ago that I had no problems.

Nellejoy Nellejoy
Oct '19

Sink or Swim pool (973-970-3117) He’s located in Long Valley..There Awesome..

Havaclue Havaclue
Oct '19

Ocean Blue. Omar charges a fair price, does a great job, and sticks to his scheduling commitments.

I initially used Holland but found them to be very expensive. One of their guys stole the stainless steel screws/nuts from the stairs and they didn’t make it right afterwards. Stay away from PoolMFH if they are still around. The price was right but they were highly unreliable.

Pool Owner Pool Owner
Oct '19

I do my own closing . Rin Robyn pools will analyze the pool water and sell what chemicals you need with a schedule of when to apply them.

How much does it cost to close a pool?

Oct '19

We use Wind, Water & Wood.
908 619 3309.
They are reasonable, local, and reliable.
I would call them asap though, as they are usually quite busy this time of year.

My wife uses her husband to do the closing and openings. She finds him to to be thorough, easy to schedule and diligent.

Seriously, it's easy to do, primarily, you just shock the hell out of it, purge the water from the pipes, filter and pump, dump some antifreeze into the feeds and returns (if you have an inground) and put the cover on.

Bemused Bemused
Oct '19

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