McDonalds Moving??

Has anyone else heard the McDonalds on Mountain Avenue is slated to move into the building on Route 57 in Mansfield that used to be Arby’s?

TheSoundGuy TheSoundGuy
September 7th

Nope. Dunkin Donuts in Mansfield is taking the Arby’s spot so they can have a drive thru.

The DD in the strip mall on 57 is moving to the old Arby's building.

Smilingbecs Smilingbecs
September 7th

I know McDonald’s Corp is making every store remodel hence the one in our town looking like it belong it’s 1988 went all the others mt olive Flanders etc are new and modern I wouldn’t be surprised if they remodel or move

I think a better location would be where the car wash is, across from Applebees. I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve seen make a left on to Mountain Ave from McDonalds. Very dangerous.

I was told by Tom at Mamas restaurant that he bought the car wash and is deciding the best way to use the property. For now it is extra parking but he is considering using it as an extension of the existing restaurant ( maybe for takeout etc)

sportsfan sportsfan
September 7th

Will they honor car wash gift tickets for pizza?

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
September 7th

I was wondering if that was the case, sportsfan. Mama's parks their vehicles there all the time of late, and certainly when they are busy. With the complete lack of drive, business acumen or whatever it was with the owners of Zane's it only makes sense for them to sell the property and or business to Tom or whomever and allow the property to be productive again.

Make it Mama's Car Wash!

Yeah pretty foolish no to remake a excellent car wash the one is Budd lake is the only one worth going to.

This town needs a fully automatic car wash... every time that place opens (haphazard)- that place is packed from open to close!

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
September 8th

It's cross-marketing time. You're in line at the pizza wash, you order your pie, proceed to through the car wash. At the end, the towel boys dry, hand you your pie, and it's off ---- clean car and eats!

Now that's living!

Chances are they will just make their building bigger and use the car wash for parking. Can't imagine they would make it the "to go" place given they would need all the infrastructure of the existing building. I hope the expansion is "beer garden!" and serves all of our fine local craft beers.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
September 8th

That would be great. Anything that helps the traffic situation on Mountain Ave would be helpful.

Sooo..customers will have to walk across the street to get to Mama's?

The Mtn ave "situation" can best be handled the same way as the Lowe's area handles it. Dump everything at one or two lights and connect each of the parking lots behind it. So, Mikey D's connects down a few stores and up to IHop light, connect a bunch to Mama's light and get rid of individual access to Mtn Ave.

Planners should have had the foresight to have done it in the development phase where the costs would have been far less and perhaps negligible. Now it's an expensive mess both in money and personal damages (accidents).

strangerdanger strangerdanger
September 8th

stranger danger thats too funny..

How about getting our so-called state government to put speed limit at 35 or even 25 ??
High St is 35 in town line and Grand ave is 20 - 30 in town line,so why is the only busy street in town the fastest ??

Wtf, I thought Arby’s was going to be a chik fil a!!!

That’s was just a wishful rumor. Never any truth to it.

Still pushing for fully automated car wash. We are seniors and are not going to use the self service option.
When down in Washington, I use the one next to DMV.
When in Ledgewood, I use the one by Cliff's Ice Cream.
Today the HHS soccer team washed my car at Wendy's!

Too much trouble to use the one(actually 2) on 57 next to dairy queen?..

The sale price was $495,000. I guess for the additional parking that's a decent price. They would need to get a curb cut on Shelley however.

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