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Does anyone know when the grocery shop at home service will be available at Walmart? I’m very anxious to have something local here.

Why wouldn't you ask the store ?

Maybe they can't get to the store. Hence why they are looking for the shop at home service. God forbid someone ask an innocent question.

“Ask” and “get to” do not mean the same thing. God forbid someone actually reads the full statement. ;)

YeahRight YeahRight
August 21st the way I went to Looks like the service may be available in East Stroudsburg or Phillipsburg but does not seem to be available here.

YeahRight YeahRight
August 21st

No worries. I asked at the store a few weeks ago and they said it was coming but didn’t know when. I’ve used the service on Pburg, but just too much of a drive. Thought someone on here may have had some idea.

I was referencing that they should check with the store they were speaking of......jeeez…...always so quick to jump on folks .

Each one has inventory specific to area located in ( but you overly intelligent ones already know this ! )

Looks like the OP already knew some of the information already and had indeed reached out to the store ( but did not mention originally )

OP asked the store, and the store didn't know.

OP then asks here thinking we might know what the store doesn't...

Lori...since '73 Lori...since '73
August 22nd

You townies sure have a lot of time on your hands. For a blue collar area (figured someone here may work at the store with an update), can’t say it’s too friendly. I will be sure to not ask another question of you folks. Thanks again!

Rmmjs, don't take it personally. Everytime someone asks a question on here, some judgemental person tells them to pick up the phone and call someone. Like you're stupid and don't know it's an option already. 1) some people have certain anxiety issues and have difficulty doing that. It's easier to ask online, 2) if it is answered here, it benefits all if us. Do 98 people really need to call the non-emergency police number to ask the same question if someone here knows the answer? 3) a person could go insane calling any business these days. Punch one for English, blah, blah! No, I don't want to know my f'ing balance. I want to talk to a person!!

It is best to give as much info as possible though, such as you already called :)

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