Non classical violin teacher

Can anyone recommend a non classical violin teacher? My daughter has been playin for 10 years almost exclusively classical music. Time to broaden some horizons. Thank you for your info and time!

Independent observer Independent observer
3 weeks ago

So you want a... FIDDLE.... teacher? ;)

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
3 weeks ago

Hoping for a non specific genre teacher someone who can show multiple styles of music not just classical or just fiddle.

Independent observer Independent observer
3 weeks ago

Call: Studio 46 Music Study Center
Long Valley Music
Robbie's Music Budd Lake

Independent Observer have you talked to the teacher about introducing other genres? Can she/he recommend a teacher?

We took the summer off for vacations and have tried to email and txt the teacher with no reply so we thought maybe it’s time to change teachers.

Angela, we would prefer a private teacher so they receive full pay.

Independent observer Independent observer
3 weeks ago

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