WRNJ Morning DJ Jimmy Howes moving on to other opportunities

The WRNJ morning DJ Jimmy Howes today announced that he is moving on to other career opportunities, as a DJ in NYC. I believe he said it was a couple hours a day on a NYC station. He did not mention the station he is moving to.

His last day at WRNJ is today.

In his short stint as the morning drive host of WRNJ's morning show, he really did a great job. Believe it or not, WRNJ is on the fringe of the largest market in America, and Jimmy is a major league talent who rightly deserves this opportunity in the Major Leagues of NYC radio.

Jimmy also mentioned some personal issues that I was not aware that are in his family. He never let that affect the quality of the product he put on the air each day.

His banter with traffic reporter Tom Note(Big Like Boat) was always entertaining and his banter with news anchor Joyce Estey really brought out Joyce's personality in a positive light.

I cannot say I am surprised at this news however. Many times Jimmy recounted the harrowing drives up Rt.80 from his Bergen County residence to get to WRNJ. They were clues to me that the ride was going to become an issue. I thought in time he might move closer to our area.

But, with his other business concerns, his umpiring ("your missing a good game here blue") and family concerns, I guess the closer job is more in line with what his path will be.

Now. Norman Wirth has a challenge. Jimmy has set the bar high for entertainment in the AM at the station. It seems that WRNJ has used the afternoon DJ as a sort of "Farm System", much like baseball, to pull from when they need a morning DJ.

Will Greta Latona become the new morning person? Dave Kelber brought out of semi retirement? Mike Galley, I think was a wise departure for both him and the station. Russ Long coaxed back from Maine?

Good luck Jimmy Howes, we were fortunate you have your Big League skill here in our small market for the time we had you.

Good luck WRNJ on the search for a permanent morning personality.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
Aug '19

I was sad to hear that news this morning. I'm listening now to his conversation with Norman Worth, and it sounds like he's going back into banking, as well.

He had a great on-air relationship with Joyce Estey and Tom Note. You could tell that it was really genuine. He made my long commute tolerable. (A ride that I don't have to do at the hour he did!)

Good luck, Jimmy!

I was listening to the conversation on WRNJ this morning between Norm Worth and Jimmy Howes as well. I heard that his immediate plans were with going back into the banking industry rather than any immediate plans to go into NYC radio work although he did receive a offer from them. I have been a WRNJ listener for many, many years. They are a great local radio station now and always have been serving our community not only with superior radio personnel but with their humanitarian efforts and personal service to our town in many other capacities..... Wishing the station and Jimmy much success in the future...

joyful joyful
Aug '19

More Kelber!!!!

Hipster Hipster
Aug '19

That's too bad. He will be missed for sure.

I called in last week to speak with him about the Purple Heart Day show he did the day prior. We had a nice chat and spoke almost up to the moment he had to get back on the air. He actually mentioned my call when he went back live as I was thanking him for the good work he and the morning crew are doing and in particular the Purple Heart segment they did.

I wish him the best.

Stopped listening the afternoon Russ Long made a crack about Alzheimer's disease. He apologized as did Norman, but that was it for me.

Acl76 Acl76
Aug '19

Good luck in the future jimmy.

MIkej MIkej
Aug '19

Another long-time listener am I. Jimmy is great, and I wish him good luck as he moves onto something else; somewhere else. Unfortunately, I didn't hear the discussion between Jimmy and Norman this morning. WRNJ serves our community extremely well in many ways, and I am thankful.

Dr. Pipes```` Dr. Pipes````
Aug '19

Thanks all, for the kind comments on Jimmy and the station. The skinny on Jimmy is that he has accepted a job as Special Projects Manager for Meridian Health's new medical research lab in Nutley. Jimmy has a large family and one special needs child and this move will be good for hiim and his family.
Jimmy is a big Radio talent and was recently offered a weekend air shift at WCBS-FM in NYC but declined. He said he'd like to fill in once Iin awhile at RNJ so we may not have heard the last of him.
Really good guy. We wish him well.

Norman Worth, WRNJ Norman Worth, WRNJ
Aug '19

I am always up at 5:30.Had the alarm set to the station. And I'd laugh at the conversations he'd have with Note and the weather guys. Quick witted. Best of luck to him.

Heard Dave Kelber this morning. Is he our new "morning person"?

Bernie Bernie
Aug '19

Dave is strictly a temporary placeholder. I doubt that he wants to comeback to full time morning schedule.

I will say, Jimmy's morning energy is def missed, after one whole day. I will be honest, I did change the dial to another station for a bit this AM. Jimmy's selection of some more music you normally don't hear on the radio anymore and his banter kept me tuned.

It is going to be a tough slot to fill- but high energy would be welcome- Dave is a great news guy, and is best suited for that role. (I know the morning news person this AM is on a learning curve, but Katie M would have been a better choice for this interim time when Joyce is off, let someone learn on a less crucial shift)

As always, best to WRNJ and Norman in filling this key spot.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
Aug '19

Dave Kelber for now is a temp for Jimmy, Bernie..Jimmy will be stopping back at WRNJ on occasion to fill in for some of the weekend people that are off . Have always liked Dave Kelber and hope he comes back permanently again..

joyful joyful
Aug '19

They've never been much on spending time training people and developing a "bench" … you had to be perfect with the tech right from the get go … the ability to inform and entertain (old school journalism skills) was always secondary to being an airplane pilot behind the control board … having a "board operator" helping a new person out has never been their thing.... heaven forbid they pay someone eight bucks an hour for doing that!

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
Aug '19

Any word on a replacement, full time, for Jimmy Howes? Seems that Dave Kelber has become the replacement, I thought he was just an interim step until a new AM host has been found.

As I wrote back in August, Dave is a great, long time Pro, but at this stage I thought he was winding down his career a bit and now has been thrust into a full time role. I wonder how long he plans on doing that?

Katie M did a great job as the news AM fill in a couple of weeks ago, and the young man, (sorry I should have remembered his name) that filled in for Joyce when she was out a couple weeks before, he is getting better as he gets more on air time, just my observation.

Sure, I could call or write WRNJ and ask what is happening, but generating commentary about the station is never a bad thing. (overall they are an asset to the community, regardless of their on air talent choices.)

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
2 weeks ago

More Dave the K!

The Hipster The Hipster
2 weeks ago

They've let plenty of good people slip through their fingers … no further comment needed.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
1 week ago

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