Let the metamorphosis begin!

keep the pictures coming on this....very exciting!!!

Tis a beauty; seen more this year but still not enough. I want to grow some milkweed next year.

What plant is this?

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Aug '19

Re: Metamorphosis

StrangerDanger - it would look to be attached to a clematis, but that's not what they feed on. Of the milkweeds, the everyday field kind is not all that exciting and on the "weedy" side. You everyday garden shop can provide "Butterfly Weed" (asclepias tuberosa) which is a very nice orange plant. It's attracts lots of pollinators and is a specific host for monarchs.

I'd suggest that or "swamp milk weed" (asclepias incarnata) which iris has discussed on our plant threads. That's taller with fewer buds, yet has a fragrance but still a monarch host. Wellsweep used to be the only place for that, but Donaldsons now gets it as well. I saw it there last week when I was checking out their sale. I can supply the butterfly weed if you want, probably the everyday milkweed as well. The swamp variety I have but isn't big enough to divide.

GC hit the nail on the head! I had so many cats on my butterfly weed plants this year but I don't know where they all go to. I have one left that's still chomping away and this one morphing (I hope).
They would eat all day & when I would check on them at dusk, they would be gone. Anyone know what a cat does at night!?!
I'm hoping they're morphing someplace & not being eaten by birds, etc.!

Re: Metamorphosis

This was Cleopatra, her chrysalis was gilded in gold. She was here early, over a month ago! She's probably made it to Canada by now.

Hickory Dog Hickory Dog
Aug '19

Re: Metamorphosis

It would appear you're not alone iris. I was looking at the same plant I took the picture of today. And it would seem mom left the kids behind. ;-) Two caterpillars there, one larger and one smaller. This is a pic of the bigger one. It was eating some leaves earlier in the day, but now seems like it might be ready to settle down for the long transformation... ;-)

Let's hope so, GC! I'm seeing lots of butterflies today!

Anyone that knows me...knows my favorite thing is the butterfly. The butterfly and the longstem red rose were my business logo when I owned my business and the same is already engraved on my tombstone. I always know when my friends who have left us and are now in Heaven are there and OK. HL Cbel, Apple, etc. They sent me a sign in the form of a giant butterfly soon after passing. Love the Butterfly!!!

joyful joyful
Aug '19

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