Cat trees

Does anyone know of anyone who makes floor to ceiling cat trees? It would be with platforms hammocks baskets as possibilities?

check on Amazon.

There is a cat show coming up in July, possibly this weekend (sorry, it may have been last weekend) in Somerset Expo Center, someone there probably makes them.

Hackresident Hackresident
Jul '19 probably has them too.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Jul '19

Chewy might stop at 72 or 96 inches, not sure, but love their service. Had an issue with mine and they shipped a new one even though the issue did not really warrant it.

One note: the Sissle that is on the poles that the cats scratch feverishly (clever, eh?) ----> you can't just buy replacement poles. So, you need to find your Sissle vendor and roll your own. They are shipped with the Sissle glued so not hard to replace except taking the pole off and on AND figuring out your holder for the beginning and end of the Sissle. I use wire holders from household wiring..

But if you can't replace the Sissle, it has a limited time and much mess as the cats get into scratching, I got neither because I replace it before it gets all over the floor.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Jul '19

Amazon n Chewy have great deals and a good selection, good quality and sturdy. I’ve two from both stores.

Pet Smart, Petco and Pet Smart are way overpriced and Walmart has poor quality cat trees.

Positive Positive
Jul '19

I have the perfect person for you. She and her partner have one they built in their house.

I asked her if she’d be interested and she definitely is. Her name is Leslie Brown
Their website. ... BellCottageDS.Info

She and Robert Lynch are both extremely talented and creative! I’m sure they’d make something both unique and more important quality workmanship.

Nellejoy Nellejoy
Jul '19

Nellejoy, thanks for that great information. I will hang on to their number and website. I'm not ready right now, but definitely want one in the future.
Store ones are either overpriced or of poor quality.

Joyce Polack Joyce Polack
Jul '19

"Does anyone know of anyone who makes floor to ceiling cat trees?"

wouldn't they be grown near the dogwoods?

Joyce - the ones I've gotten from Chewy's have been very reasonable and have stood up well to multi-cat use

4catmom 4catmom
Jul '19

I bought a tree for my cats a few years ago. They don't care for it and don't use it at all. Total waste of money for me.

Calico696 Calico696
Jul '19

If your cat needs a floor to ceiling scratch pole, I would say your cat needs better training and discipline. Note to self - never eat on a table at your they hang on your tables too, huhh?!

Jul '19

4catmom - thanks I will need at Chewys, too. I buy most of my cat food and litter from them. Their service is excellent.

Joyce Polack Joyce Polack
Jul '19

DancerLife: please tell us how you train and discipline your cats? Cat-tell prods?

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
Jul '19

DancerLife -
Cat tree's are also for fun & enjoyment for the cat; not just to train them to scratch their claws on it...................cats like to hang in them & sleep & it's also their special place to hang.

Thanks everyone. I know there is a show on Saturday in Edison that I will go to. I remember from the past they sell 8ft plus trees.

oh, so it's Edison and not Somerset--the cat show.

Hackresident Hackresident
Jul '19

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