Calling all Oenophiles.....

Figure why let the craft beer crazies own the field!

Will provide some picks later, but for now ---- where's the best place to get good wine for less? Best "expert" help....

For me, it's our friendly, neighborhood Bottle King. Between the "little ole man" (LOM)who seems never to be wrong, to the on-line, speedy pick-up, or home delivery capabilities, BK is king to me.

I have grown up with sommeliers and connoisseurs and only learned one thing: if you like it, it must be good! I have learned little else :>( In the store, I just find LOM and he directs me to 90-points or better for under $10. We travel the world together from South America to Australia and all points in between.

Today's topic: blends, are they great or what? Traditionally I grew up with blends are examples of two good wines getting together hoping to become great. Won't happen. If they were great, they would never be blended..... (same is true for coffee you hazelnut lovers....). Therefore, there is NO great Rose', just damned good ones. However..... I feel today's blends make a damned fine wine, often much better than table, but I am not sure equal to or better than varietals (single grape stock, well 75% pure --- is anything pure anymore :>)) for the same price.

Anyone have an opinion about this?

While I agree with the next author, my current quest is to taste varietals against blends to see dollar-for-dollar, can I afford a varietal that is as good as some of the modern blends. I gots the feeling that the blends are less costly and, IMO, today, mighty tasty. I wonder if I can get close to that quality at the same price with varietals.

"In my last piece I called blended wines the ice cream sundae of all of my favorite grapes. Blends are some of the most complex and interesting types of wine. I've changed from avoiding blends to seeking out the best types."

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Jul '19

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Re: Calling all Oenophiles.....
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