Neighborhood Dog Walking Rules

We live in a neighborhood where my side of the street does not have a side walk. The side walk is on the opposite side of me. I noticed when people walk their dogs throughout the neighborhood, they allow their dogs to release themselves in other people's grass.

Just so happen I was outside in my garage when someone allowed their dog to urine and feces in my front yard grass. I approached the woman and expressed how I didn't like that. The woman responded "I have a bag to pick up the feces". That was beside the point. We are not dog owners and I would never allow my dog to do that.

Why do people feel like that is okay, for their dog to urine and feces in someone else's yard?

On top of that, she didn't apologize and she looked at me like I was crazy for confronting about her dog toileting on my yard. I dont want this to happen again!How should I handle this going forward?

Holy crap, this thread will be a pisser!!

Maybe a small decorative fence along your front yard (if it all belongs to you and not a right of way issue) with a sign to curb your dog on it. I have a 2ft section of grass in front of my house on the street side of the sidewalk that is often used by dog walkers. They do pick up the poop but I have never had an issue with the urine but that is me.

Dogs don't wear diapers...thats why we have laws that dog owners clean up...sounds like the dog owner did the right thing and cleaned up

What do you propose the owner does with the dog if it urinates? Soak it up with a sham wow? Drag the dog away? Make the dog wear a diaper? Vaporize the urine with a ray gun? Curious to know the alternative.

Debbie Polson Debbie Polson
4 weeks ago

What is worse are the people that let their dog poop and just leave it for homeowner to clean up

I have a dog and i trained it to go in my back yard and yes i pick it up
I walk my dog a short distance and don’t have the problem of using my neighbors property as a toilet for my dog

I think people think their dogs can go to the bathroom on anyones lawn
But theirs

Pooper scooper law is a good law
But i also think owners should be more responsible with their dogs
It is very annoying to have to clean up
Feces dog owners leave behind

Love the key words in the message-

"when someone allowed their dog to urine and feces pick up the feces... for their dog to urine and feces ..... looked at me like I was crazy for confronting about her dog toileting on my yard."

You must be great fun at parties!! Toileting. :)

"We live in a neighborhood where my side of the street does not have a side walk. The side walk is on the opposite side of me."

I'm going to guess as mentioned above that there is a right of way. If so, just because you don't have a sidewalk on your side doesn't mean the town couldn't put one in if they wanted.

Then we could get all sorts of fun posts about a juvenile human being below the age of puberty who sat on and controlled the movement of a vehicle composed of two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel.

I'm with you Hannah. I don't want your dog in my yard at all. I pay money to have a nice lawn. I don't want it turning yellow because your canine has to pee. If your dog has to urinate and take a dump on others peoples property, you shouldn't be allowed to own them. I see dogs taking dumps in the kids parks all the time. Yes their owners clean up after them, but that's not the point. You can't scoop ALL of it. And urine can't be scooped at all. Children play not only IN the park, but they play ON the park. They roll around, fall down, they play in the same area your dog just took a pee. I have a dog, she does her toileting in and at her own home. She goes for walks and has been trained NOT to do her business elsewhere.

Have you tried a pet repellent spray ?

htownguy htownguy
4 weeks ago

Hackettstown town ordinance actually states you’re not allowed to let your dog pee on a private property. 10years ago I got a $100 ticket from the animal control officer for letting my dog pee on someone’s bush on the curb. I had to go and get the owner to write a letter saying he gave me permission to let my dog pee on his bush. Glad he was cool about it. That would have been a real annoying ticket to pay.

If you don’t want the dog to even pee on your lawn you can call ACO and file a complaint and she’ll get ticketed

There are many types of animals peeing and pooping all over your entire yard everyday. Day after day, year after year. You can’t stop pee and poop so let it go.

you're lucky you don't live on a back toad in tewksbury with the horse crap. I don't understand that people have to pick up after their dog but not their horse.

I don’t have a dog, but if I did I would not let it do it’s business on your lawn... If you have a dog , let him go in your yard not mine!!! I think it’s very rude... It’s simple, don’t let your dog go on my beautiful lawn, that I work hard on making look beautiful!... And that I pay the taxes for not you....

Havaclue Havaclue
4 weeks ago

Maybe get signs about "BEWARE OF DOG"?

Lol, it does usually work because the other dog owner does not want her dog to be attacked or to have it risk attacking or lose leash from the encounter :)

"If your dog has to urinate and take a dump on others peoples property, you shouldn't be allowed to own them. I see dogs taking dumps in the kids parks all the time. Yes their owners clean up after them, but that's not the point. You can't scoop ALL of it. And urine can't be scooped at all. Children play not only IN the park, but they play ON the park. They roll around, fall down, they play in the same area your dog just took a pee. I have a dog, she does her toileting in and at her own home"

Holy hell- society has gone crazy and getting worse by the day.

I'm going to handle this paragraph in reverse-

"I have a dog, she does her toileting in and at her own home"

Dogs don't use toilets. People do. Stop using that term, it only makes you look even dumber than complaining about dog pee.

"Children play not only IN the park, but they play ON the park. They roll around, fall down, they play in the same area your dog just took a pee."

Ok- lets ban squirrels, deer, rabbits, earth worms, spiders, slugs, birds, butterflys-

NOOO not the butterflies!!! Think of the CHILDREN!!!!

Oh wait- they will be just fine- same as the last several thousands of years.

" I see dogs taking dumps in the kids parks all the time."

Guess what- it is not a kid park, it is EVERYONE'S park.

Same thing I tell people who tell me I can't metal detect. Selfish ignorant self entitled jerks. Attitudes like that didn't happen 40-50-60-70 years ago.

""If your dog has to urinate and take a dump on others peoples property, you shouldn't be allowed to own them."

Oh yea- like we know when the dog is going to all of a sudden squat and pee.

Stop being stupid people! On this thread and all the others. It is very tiresome to live in a world where on a constant basis EVERY DAY we are surrounded by a declining society for countless reasons.

BTW- in the relative history of mankind, meaning the last 100 years does not matter- a PERSON peeing in a park or public was not out of the norm.

Seriously- 100 years ago many still did not have indoor plumbing, but out houses..and what do you think they did when away from home?

Same thing everyone STILL does in the Army- find a bush, turn away. 30 seconds later, you are done.

We are idiots to put human emotion on animals, especially when we are barely evolved beyond the same.

If you don’t want people letting their dogs pee and poop in your yard put a sign up.

Jesse132 Jesse132
4 weeks ago

Here ya go...

If you use Google, you can find plenty of sources for dog no dumping signs.

I do have a dog who does the majority of his business in my yard, I haven't managed to train him to make sure he's empty before we go walking. Even when he does urinate before we leave, male dogs do tend to "mark" on walks, usually it's a very small amount of urine. I do walk him in my neighborhood and keep him close to the curb. There is a house in my neighborhood with a sign and I absolutely respect that and make sure we are in the road or across the street when we pass. I get it, some people are bothered by dogs using their lawn for their business. I would rather a sign be there for 2 reasons, 1) I'm not unintentionally upsetting someone because I'm not aware. and 2) It avoids an awkward confrontation because like you said, the owner can pick up the poop, but the urine, once it's done, the best you can do is rinse the grass with water.

What do you do to stop the raccoons birds opossum coyote deer bugs and squirrels from urinating in your precious yard? How do you control any animals urinary behavior on a walk? I haven’t found a way yet. Tell me how to do it. How does one ‘let’ the dog pee?

Debbie Polson Debbie Polson
4 weeks ago

Simple. Let the dog piss and crap on YOUR property. Then take it for a walk

Josh, don't talk common sense on here. They don't understand it! They only know how to judge and make silly nonsense statements.

I hope you don't let the kids cut across your yard to get home after they get off the bus, because you know... THAT'S IMPORTANT.

Life is full of URGENT things, and this is certainly one of them.


JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
3 weeks ago

City people are so funny.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
3 weeks ago

Epic post Josh, spot on.

Calico696 Calico696
3 weeks ago

I am much more offended by the woman who dumps her cigarette butts along the edge of my lawn. Every day. She smokes while her dog does his business and then tosses the butts. She cleans up after the dog but leaves the butts there for me to pick up. Not sure why my lawn is the designated spot, but I it annoys the daylights out of me. Trying to work up the nerve to say something.

Well, if you take a little piss and crap then you need to move to a rural area with no sidewalks...

The OP sounds like Borat.

"Theese ees neighbor's dog...he likes to urine and feces on other people's yards...not very niceee"

Don. You might be surprised to Learn they don’t just go once.

Debbie Polson Debbie Polson
3 weeks ago

Two words: dog diapers.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
3 weeks ago

So Don, when you are out in public and you realize you have to pee do you just hold it until you get home? Asking a dog to hold his pee until he gets home is impossible because they don’t speak human. Just saying....

Jesse132 Jesse132
3 weeks ago

Re: Neighborhood Dog Walking Rules

LOL. As Ricky Ricardo once said -It's just so ridiculous! (Hear him say it in your head while reading that).

Two flies had a conversation, then they came across poop and one asked the other, is this stool taken?\

Far more important things in life folks.

The dog was led by its owner, right to my front lawn, and it dutied and peed.
My wife yelled at the owner to clean it up, and the screams ensued. It got to the point where my wife picked it up, walked to the dog owners house, and threw the doo doo on their front steps.....

A good (proof) to have the owner given a citation, would be to take photographs of the dog and owner doing the bad deed (s) ....

embryodad embryodad
3 weeks ago

Follow the woman home. Take a crap and piss on her lawn.

If she complains tell her you’ll pick up, so what’s the problem?

Pcisnt4me Pcisnt4me
3 weeks ago

I can’t stand it when people literally let their dog walk on my entire yard- like 15 ft in.

I have a dog and I don’t let him go in other peoples yard. I keep him curbed. Not that hard to do. If he goes in the street I pick it up, but usually he just goes before we even start our walk. In all honesty, if I can hold my pee for 30 mins, my dog can too until we get back home.


If they're coming 15' into your yard, then they are walking their dog with a retractable leash, that is unless they're also coming into your yard. What people don't realize, and I've mentioned it before in other threads on this forum, is that virtually all leash laws state that dogs are to be on a lead or leash no longer than 6'.

If your biggest issue is dogs peeing on your lawn then I envy you.

Debbie Polson Debbie Polson
3 weeks ago

Holy Hell is right Josh.

We have two dogs that we regularly walk around the neighborhood. We diligently pick up their waste, and try to keep their urine on neutral ground, or on the grass that is on the other side of the sidewalk. I say try bc sometimes the dogs just relieve themselves before you have a chance to move them along.

There are many dogs, and many dog walkers in our neighborhood, so for the most part there isn't any hassle. But, as is often the case, there are always several malcontents that have nothing better to do than to sit vigil at the window just waiting for an opportunity to burst out of their houses to defend their sacred patches of grass. If they don't confront you directly, they will issue cold stares instead.

It's my opinion that these people are, by and large, fairly miserable, so I try my hardest not to allow a confrontation to get to me. What really bugs me is that my wife and I are very aware that some people have log sized bugs up their wazoos, so we make a genuine effort to keep our dogs from soiling anyone's yards. Meanwhile, there are dog owners that don't even pick up after their pets, as I see un-scooped pooped every time I go for a walk.

To those "house proud town mouse's", that Pink Floyd referred to...

Get a hobby. Or better still, get a dog! They will add joy to your miserable lives, and they will make it abundantly clear to you just how petty and ridiculous you are being about your precious little patch of dirt and grass.

Restaurant Ralph Restaurant Ralph
3 weeks ago

Well said, restaurant ralph!!

Great way to say it restaurant Ralph!

Debbie Polson Debbie Polson
3 weeks ago

Most people on here, both sides of the debate, seem to have a significant lack of empathy. People who don't own or want a dog, don't want your dog going in their yard. OK, accept the reality nicely. Either side, if you own a dog and not a yard, more than 2 feet onto a property seems inappropriate. Less (zero) if a small front yard. I only face this situation if I bring my dog to my parent's house. She won't go in their yard. I guide her to woods, property without a house, or the edge of the road. Not rocket science.

These wonderful city folks

There’s a ten day incubation period for parvovirus, parasites and other dog related illnesses. Vaccines don’t help, if the exposure already took place, or a particular strain isn’t covered. Picking up waste still leaves residual eggs/bacteria of said illnesses. I would just ask that anyone, who just adopted a new puppy/dog, stay on your own property or take them to a dog friendly least for the first ten days. Dogs rarely had leptospirosis or the need to vaccinate, until recently. Came up, from the south. I understand both sides of this argument. We just have to try and see things through other people’s eyes, talk about it and hopefully, with a little respect, we can work it out. At least The Beatles think so! :)
How do I keep my neighbors squirrels out of my yard? They keep eating MY seed, that I bought for MY birds. It’s socialism, forcing me to feed everyone else’s squirrels, with seed out of MY birds mouths.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
3 weeks ago

“Dogs rarely had leptospirosis or the need to vaccinate, until recently. Came up, from the south.“
Source, guilty-remnant?

Well said, Ralph! And could you let us know where your restaurant is (or house)? It’s good to know which neighbors and businesses will let us use their property to let our dogs do their business.

Pcisnt4me Pcisnt4me
3 weeks ago

Here in Oak Hill, the offended resident puts up a camera to capture said momentous event. The tape is checked by the home owner, if an offense is captured and offended known, they get a $25 fine. Can you imagine having a life where the highlight is catching an offending pooch and owner.

I have neighbors like that too.

I don’t understand the predicament. I urine and feces on people’s yards all the time. Maybe Hannah could expound upon her feelings on the matter in more detail, seeing as how we’ve all enjoyed her eloquent writing style and poetic prose.

Dr. Abner Belvedere
3 weeks ago

Buy some motion sensor sprinklers and every time a dog walks on your lawn to do its business, it gets sprayed.

honestyseasy honestyseasy
3 weeks ago

Thanks Pcisnt4me!

Sure, come by anytime, I'm at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.

A little more excrement won't even be noticed, feel free to let your dogs relieve themselves as much as they want.

Restaurant Ralph Restaurant Ralph
3 weeks ago

We also have 2 dogs that we walk almost every day. It boggles our minds how many irresponsible dog owners exist. The College View development has sidewalks on both sides, yet people think it's OK to leave their dog waste behind. It's unbelievable how many loads we pass on our hike! We even have a metal sign screwed to our mailbox asking to please pick up after your dog, yet time and time again, we find small "gifts" left behind, often right next to the sign!!
The bottom line is, not only is it irresponsible and disrespectful, IT"S THE LAW to pick up after your pet...EVERYWHERE. Leaving it behind in the street is still breaking the law. Signs are posted on all the telephone polls and no dog walker is exempt. I've seen people preoccupied with their cell phones and not paying attention to what's happening at the other end of the leash. You're not entitled....carry a bag and pick up after your pet. It's part of the job as a dog walker/owner, plain and simple.

Agreed dog mom. But what to do about the urine? Should they carry a sponge for that ?

Debbie Polson Debbie Polson
3 weeks ago

I have no solution for the urine problem, but maybe putting up a sign will help. I know if I saw one, I'd pull my dog away, knowing that property owner didn't want you stopping there.

I’ve tried the signs but just the other day I caught a squirrel urinating in my backyard. Must not be an English speaking squirrel. He’s always peeing out there dirtying up my yard.

Debbie Polson Debbie Polson
3 weeks ago

You know, this might be another thread. But I find it offensive that people dump a bunch of chemicals on their lawn to make it 'look nice', which then kill bees and other pollinators and get washed into the groundwater, causing environmental problems such as algae bloom.

Plant some tomatoes or something. Make friends with a dandelion.

And.. the uptick in autoimmune diseases is largely due to people who don't let themselves or their kids get dirty. We have been sold (literally) on the idea that all dirt is bad. When your immune system has nothing to attack it needs to do something.. so it can turn on the bodies' own organs. I would rather my kids get a little dog pee on them than poison.

But with all that said, and exercising my empathy. Just post a sign. We can't control where our dogs will pee. But we can avoid walking there if we see your sign.

hktownie hktownie
3 weeks ago

If you take a drive around you’ll quickly notice the folks caring dutifully for their yards aren’t the problem. There are some homes that the grass is cut every full moon or so. Weeds everywhere. Other homes where it’s clear they’ve never heard of a string trimmer. The people should be ashamed of themselves. I’ll take a little extra nitrogen phosphorous and potassium any day.

Debbie Polson Debbie Polson
3 weeks ago

And what is the deal with not one but two signs posted on all the walkways? The signs say no dogs allowed, Ive lived here 40 years and it’s never been enforced.
I wonder which busybody complained ?
Glad to see people still ignore the signs

Doggydoor Doggydoor
3 weeks ago

The initial reason that ordinance was put in place was because of folks not picking up after their dogs (surprise) on the walk between Shelley and Seymour Terrace. At first both sides of that walkway had macadam installed to help mitigate the issue. That is the only walkway with macadam by the way. It was not successful therefore the ordinance prohibiting dogs went into effect. Folks do not heed it but perhaps in time and with more public awareness they will. I have in the past walked my dogs on the walkways but I no longer do. I was actually approached a few months back by a lady on one of the walkways reminding me of the ordinance. She is correct- rules are rules I guess.

Dog doody is a lot bigger and more gross than wild life doody. A lot more prevalent, to. Forget the pee. Just pick up the poop.
hktownie brought up a good point. Keeping kids completely sterilized from germs actually hurts their immune systems. Back in the olden days , prior to the internet, kids played outside all day, rolling in filth and God knows what. Then there wasn’t high usage of antibacterial soaps and lotions. That stuff kills %99.9 of germs and bacteria. What do you think happens to that % .10 left behind? The superbug is created...resistant to ALL antibiotics. I’m not saying kids should be rolling in dog doody. Yuck!

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
3 weeks ago

I agree with Hannah.

You are all missing the point. It is not your property. That's all that matters.

Be respectful. I don't even understand the issue here. If you don't own it - you have no say in the matter. Stay off of property that is not yours.

Doesn't mean they are rude people. Doesn't mean they hate people or dogs. Doesn't mean that they are afraid of pee or germs and bacteria. For crying out loud.

They take pride in their property and don't want anyone on it. That's not difficult to understand.

You do realize that it's probably not your property either right? The town owns a right away in front of most all the Hackettstown houses. For instance my property is actually 4-5 foot back from the road. I mow the grass, but it is not technically my property

But with that being said, dog wizz does kill the grass....and long as it is picked up....who cares??

Man this thread has gone to the dogs. It boils down to basic common sense and courtesy. I've had a family member who has owned dogs as long as I can remember and has lived in multiple homes. And in each house he built a dog port so the dogs can use it to "relieve" themselves on an enclosed patio just for them. Then he'd walk his dogs.

I get it dogs lift their leg here and there, I don't care about that. But is it really that hard to have your dog crap in your yard first? Especially for those that see no harm in dog poop on grass. Why not let it be your grass at your house? I think this is a case more of lazy dog owners who disrespectful of others property, and they're probably disrespectful in general.

It's really too easy

It's all about common courtesy. I have nothing against dogs or dog owners. I respect other people's property! I can't speak for wild animals that may walk onto the property , but I can speak for a domesticated dog walked by their owner. Some people don't care because "it's just urine" or the owner too lazy to pick up after the dog ! Call it petty, tribal, or whatever! This is not a city thing! it's about respect for other people's property, that some are not getting.

Hannah, That’s what I said.... I don’t have a dog, but if I did , I wouldn’t let him go to the bathroom on your yard! So Please don’t let yours goo on mine.... We work very hard on our property to make it beautiful.. It really isn’t hard to understand... It’s quite simple..

Havaclue Havaclue
3 weeks ago

Re: Neighborhood Dog Walking Rules


LOL, That's funny I don't care who you are....

For all those that are saying to let the dog poop or pee at home...unless the dog is a service or seeing eye dog (who are specifically trained to go on command), 99% of the others are not. I'm a dog walker, and when a dog's gotta go...well he's gotta go. It's not always about lazy people who don't care about other's property. Sometimes, even when I try my best, a dog will use a lawn as a bathroom. I do my best to discourage it, trying to utilize the space between the street & sidewalk. If the dog is just "marking" as opposed to actually peeing, I will gently pull him/her along. Honestly, it's the best I can do. I agree that if I were to see an actual sign, I would steer completely clear by walking in the street. Not the best thing, especially if street is busy or pavement is hot. And yes, I always pick up after all my dogs.

HAHAHAHA! I love it, Josh. I feel sorry for people that own Great Danes or St. Bernards.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
3 weeks ago

Ya a big dog is more than a handful! :-)

But really a dog sometimes needs to get walking for a while first before they can go. I would much rather pick it up at home than carry it around in a bag. But can you go on command?

hktownie hktownie
3 weeks ago

Just leave one of these, if anyone forgets their bag.....

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
3 weeks ago

hktownie - I had a dog who loved to walk, in any weather, the more the better. She knew that we will not go home until she did her business so when I would tell her: "We are going home!!", she knew it's time, regardless of how long was the walk. BTW she never did "toileting" inside our completely fenced vacation property, I always had to take her out.

Most would agree that dogs are smarter than humans......

Ok...done with the jokes, for now. This is Josh’s fault, once again...LOL :)

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
3 weeks ago

No need to pick up after dogs. Just walk them near some woods or rough area where no people pass through and let nature take its course like with all of the other animals.
Do bears s___ in the woods?

Funny thing, my dog ONLY poops in the woods. He will not poop in the lawn. IDK where he got it from....maybe just me walking him in the woods and prefers the privacy, but when I let him outside he will pee in the weeds then go 10-20 foot into the woods and poop. Have hardly ever had to pick up after him. (I own the woods for all those who are itching to bash on that statement)

Lol Darrin....I have one that likes his privacy as well. He will pee alongside the others, but when he has to poop he will look to make sure the others have gone back inside then finds a spot to go:) If they all seem to be taking to long he runs inside as fast as he can (knowing the others will follow) then he hurries right back out to poop ...guess when you don't have a tree to hide behind you have to figure out another way to get your privacy

My one dog only poops in our yard. The one day she got off her tie line and disappeared. We went all around looking for her. At her normal time to go, she was seen booking down our road, came in our yard, and did her business! Then sat at the door waiting for us like nothing ever happened!

Let's get one thing STRAIGHT. Leptospirosis was NOT brought up from dogs in the south. Lepto is contracted when your dog drinks standing water that has been contaminated by the urine of fox, raccoon, opossum, coyote etc. WOW...., where do people get such misinformation that Lepto is coming from shelter and rescue dogs???

AND if your dog has been vaccinated for Parvovirus YOUR DOG IS IMMUNE AND CANNOT contract Parvo. Oh and your dog does not have to be vaccinated EVERY year or even EVERY THREE years like your vet is recommending. The duration of immunity received from a Parvo vaccine is good for the life of the dog. Did you receive a Polio vaccine every year for your entire life? NO, so why do veterinarians recommend bombarding your dog with unnecessary vaccines except to pad their income?

Jackie, I asked guilty remnant for a source for his information on Lepto and Parvo and he/she never responded. So I’m going to assume he/she doesn’t have one.

With regard to your statements regarding immunity from vaccination, please be aware that there are some dogs whose body does not respond to vaccination and therefore are *not* immune regardless of how many vaccines they receive. The non-responders are actually susceptible to contracting the disease. You could recommend that pet owners request vaccine titers to see if they need vaccination (after the initial puppy series) and it may also check to see if the dog responded to the vaccine.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
1 week ago

Is typing in caps like TALKING WITH YOUR F'ING HANDS? Just wondering;)

TRUE, there is a small percentage of dogs (and humans) that will never mount an immunity, regardless of how many times they receive a vaccine.

Any dog owners that are interested in doing Titer tests on their dogs to confirm immunity can do research on this website...

Titer testing is relatively inexpensive ($40 plus the cost of the blood draw at your vet and the cost to mail the serum sample to the Wisconsin lab).

ha ha maja2 you must be one of those folks who gets upset if someone walks their dog in front of your property. i guess some of us are just more capable of hitting two keys on the keyboard at the same time.

No Jackie- she is making a jab about you BEING OVERLY DRAMATIC.

She used someone flailing their arms around as an example.

Thanks for clarifying that Josh! Sometimes you need a little emphasis on what you’re trying to get across when you are dealing with stumps, knives in drawers, bright bulbs, sharp tacks and fries in a happy meal :)

If you live in Hackettstown, here is a place to look at how much of your property is really “yours”. All towns will have a similar document on their website. Perhaps it’s not your property the dog is on or perhaps it is.

For the record, I am a dog LOVER. Actually an all animal lover and live in allamuchy where wildlife comes and goes as they please and I can’t police nor do I care where they do their business. If something is in my area of use, I clean it. You’re lucky the dog owner is picking it up regardless of the property ownership.

Hope all works out.

Allamuchy Heather Allamuchy Heather
1 week ago

Re: Neighborhood Dog Walking Rules

Sorry, I couldn’t resist!!

Nellejoy Nellejoy
1 week ago

OMG- I laughed WAAY harder at that than I have at anything in a long time!!

Nellejoy-that’s priceless! Haaaaa

Allamuchy Heather Allamuchy Heather
1 week ago

I just think the State should stop those turkeys from crapping in my lawn. All I know is I pay my taxes to a bankrupt state that turns around and instead of paying off teachers who crap in a toilet, they go and buy turkeys that they release to crap in my lawn. Freakin place is literally giving me the bird.

Now they are in my trees leering at me with their little squinty turkey eyes while raining crap upon the land. I live in fear of what my own tax dollar has created. I wish for a neighbor’s big dog.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
7 days ago

I wish for a neighbor's big dog also! Deer eat my hostas to the ground a few days ago - they cherry picked them on each and all flower beds I have, even in pots - and now I have their "fertilizer" all over my back yard and my husband is telling it's my fault I fed them and I have to clean before he can mow the lawn.

Ate mine 3 days after deer-outed or offed, one day after the rain....

Have made my indigenous lilies extinct. Now taken on my day lilies and peonies --- hey, they ain't supposed to eat those...…

Lawn rats --- thin the herd. Bring back equality: doe hunts. Save a veal cow: kill bambi instead. Instill fear of man.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
7 days ago

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