SIlver Appraisers

Looking for a legitimate appraiser of silver for sterling silverware.

For reals For reals
Jun '19

Hmmm, interesting question for me too because I'm interested in appraisal of silver coinage for silver value. Not U.S. Mint stuff, but those commemorative coins from Franklin Mint and others.

Phil D. Phil D.
Jun '19

Are you saying you are looking for the value of the piece or the value of the ore?

The first you can survey current buyers and sellers. The second you can determine price per ounce and then google for estimates on how much silver you piece might have.

Here's a reckoning:

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Jun '19

I have two sets of sliver flatware. One being sterling silver set of 9 plus serving pieces and the other being silver plate plus servings pieces.

I also have several of the buffalo nickels.

I really don't know how to go about getting rid of this. Any suggestions?

Bernie Bernie
Jun '19

For how much silver it's got and how much that's worth, go to Gold Mine on Main Street. Licensed metal traders.

What do you know about these people on Main Street

Bernie Bernie
Jun '19

The link I posted gives you the % silver value for Sterling, for plate --- junk the suggestion, unless you can sell the pieces as pieces. .

They also will smelt/melt Sterling for you. Not a big deal once you know the amount of silver in Sterling, the weight, the current value of pure silver, and the rest is just math...… Once you have that, using Main Street, if they will take it, or anywhere else is pretty easy since you will know the silver value before you go through the door.

Probably many other sources for sales/smelting just a google away....

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Jun '19

Which all of that means, unless there is something extremely unique about the pieces such as who owned them or a very prestigious maker, which typically also includes age & rarity – then they are worth silver melt which is easy just Google - silver melt value.

Even then, if you were selling to a shop or auction they are going to lowball you as they have to make a profit off it.

Nobody buys and uses old silverware for actual use. And very very very few people have any appreciation whatsoever for a “collector“ silverware piece for set.

People wonder why I never sell any of the cool old coins I find, it is because it is not worth my time.

Silly as it sounds, from what I’ve seen on old coins the best way to get your value for them is to list it on eBay and wait for a sucker to come along.

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