Where can I get homemade pierogies?

I know there's a church in Great Meadows that sometimes has pierogie sales, but I was wondering if anyone knows of another regular source.

Any local restaurants make homemade ones?

Asking for a friend! ;-)

Krakus Deli in P'burg. Great homemade pierogies and other Polish specialty items.

Calico696 Calico696
Jun '19

Thanks! Anything closer?

I heard there was place on rt 10 east of suburban furniture ( in that small strip mall) that sells great ones....not sure of the name of it.....sorry

Zabava 979-8998 in Independence. Give them a call
I know the church on 517 past M&M's sells them too.

I think Stony Hill at 15 North Road in Chester sells homemade pierogies in their farm market. They have a lot of their own things like meats, cheeses, baked goods, ice cream, etc.

Jun '19

Holy Cross Eastern Orthodox Church --- 909 Rt. 517 (right near M&M's)
They have a sign out front -- they sell pierogies every Sunday.

happiest girl
Jun '19

If you feel like dining out, there's Pierogies House in Morristown.


Tracy Tracy
Jun '19

Nykuns I’m Great Meadows... They sell the homemade ones that the women make at the church..... They are delicious....

Havaclue Havaclue
Jun '19

Zuzanna's deli in Roxbury


JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Jun '19

The church across from the entrance to Towpath Apartments on High Street has a pierogies sale every Sunday. It is posted on their sign.

Robert J Rowe Robert J Rowe
Jun '19

@Tracy thank you for posting about that restaurant. I know where I will be this weekend!

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Jun '19

Thanks everyone! These are some great suggestions! Love to all my fellow foodies!

JrzyGirl88 ---
I was at the Morristown Pierogie House 3 weeks ago. You can order them fried or boiled ..... Heads up --- I got the large platter and asked if they could do half boiled and half fried and they did. Now I'm wondering if you can combine 2 different fillings on the large platter as well. They were good, the potato-cheese had a nice flavor but I still prefer my family's recipe. They also have vegan ones ... I guess I shoud post that on the vegan thread.

happiest girl
Jun '19

Thanks for the tip Happiest...

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Jun '19

UNLEASH the Krakus!!!

Calico, I am getting closer. After two failed attempts while passing by; I made a concerted effort after my root canal (i deserved it right?). Was too early, but now I know where they are.

Looked more deli restaurant than deli so I bolted and called back later. I coulda sworn my Grandmother answered as this lady reached through the phone and pinched my cheeks saying, “sure, we got the kielbasa, good eats tonight!

Think you said World’s best kielbasa; I grew up in Buffalo and Mr Suwinski, the butcher, was a family friend. How could I forget what the best tastes like. Another mystery to solve along with the Zep. How could I forget

I will return..........soon. And I can tell you are spot on. It’s the real McCoy fer sure

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
Jun '19

The last time I was in Nykun's on 46 in Great Meadows the refrigerators in the back had bags of homemade pierogies for sale with all kinds of fillings. I tried a few different ones and they were all very good.

MtBethel MtBethel
Jun '19

SD - We affectionately refer to it as the Crack House. The pierogies are so good, you'll be hooked. The place has two separate sides, deli to the left and dining room to the right when you walk in.

Calico696 Calico696
Jun '19

Krakus in P'Burg!

magpie magpie
Jun '19

Not even close to the world's best kielbasa, but it's pretty good. The best can be found in Shenandoah, PA at Capitol Food Market.

Krakus definitely has amazing pierogi though. I think my favorite are the mushroom and sauerkraut but I've never had any that I didn't like.

ianimal ianimal
Jun '19

Zabava bar and restaurant in Independence.. 13 varieties

Denise Ziegler Denise Ziegler
August 18th

I just had the Pierogie appetizer at Zabava's on Friday night since I liked it so much last time. This time I split it between Potato/Cheddar and Pulled Pork Pierogies. They serve some caramelized onions on the side as well as (of course) the sour cream. Not only were they awesome, but the Chef's Special of Pork Loin only got half eaten before I was too stuffed to continue, even though I wanted to.

My buddy went the same route, though only Potato/Cheddar Pierogies for his appetizer platter I believe. He only got half way through his order of Pelmeni after that (and he's somewhat on the large side and with a good appetite to boot). Our waitress was excellent as well, refilling the water without needing to be asked and checking on the quality of our meal as well as that we had everything we needed without asking when our mouths were full. They also had a CD of Polka tunes playing next to us in the background, which was great too!

They will make most Pierogies to order, as far as being boiled or fried (I prefer fried), but they will tell you that some of them can't really be fried without bursting open or otherwise ruining it, so a few are available boiled only.

I'm definitely eagerly awaiting the opening of the new "Home Made" Polish Restaurant too. If they're as good as Zabava's and open more days, then we have a nice double threat nearby and I won't have to head towards rt.715S of Rt 80 in PA to try another place I heard of out. Though if I'm in that area again I may just check them out anyway.

Pierogi Fest at SteelStacks in Bethlehem, Saturday September 14th...


Phil D - Going to Reeders for pierogies??? I have to say, I do have my doubts about that... ;-)


Well, not just for pierogies. As that area (actually McMichael's, a bit further down 715 from Reeders) was starting to develop more back in the late 80's, early 90's my ex's brother had a house built out that way and I'd head out that way to visit once in a while, plus there were other sights and shops to check out in the general area. There were also quartz crystals to collect, which we found around the foundation of his house (loose in the soil).

I figured if I were out that far, I'd hit up "Babuni's Table" in Brodheadsville on Rt. 209 and perhaps hit the Polish Deli "Pocono Wedzonka", since it's highly rated too.

By the way, the Polish-American Festival at the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown, PA is Labor Day weekend and the weekend after!


There's the place to go and enjoy Polish entertainment, food, costumes, customs and dances as well as local wines, etc.!

When I used to live in Warminster, PA in the early 70's we'd drive up there for Sunday Mass at times. The Polish-American Veterans' Cemetery with the huge Kneeling Hussaria sculpture is quite moving and not to be missed.

The new POLISH RESTAURANT opening up on Main St on September 8th (grand opening) will have many varieties of homemade perogies. They don't have a menu up yet, but look on the thread titled HOME MADE, the owners have commented a few times.

There is a church in great Meadows on RT 46 that has fund raisers to sell them all the time. Right next to nkyons. But you have to order what you want. I think a fundraiser is going on now also

Yes, that is the St Nicolas Ukranian Church, We make an abundance once a month so fresh or frozen they are available. You may call the church secretary, Eileen, to place an order or if you have any questions. Thank You!

Eileen's number is 908-689-2352

JP Kelly's...hands down best Pierogis.

foodie23! foodie23!
August 29th

I'll be checking out the Polish-American Festival in Doylestown this weekend. Thanks for the heads-up, Phil D.

Don’t forget Hinklefest 2019, 9-13 to 9-15. Best darned chicken any way you want it and Yeungling Brewery just down the road.... I have Hinkle in my blood, I am drawn to my peeps.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 30th

Followed by the Liederkranz Oktoberfest in Manheim, PA (near Lancaster) on September 20th through the 22nd... I love this time of year, lol.

And you can Ozzy Osborne Experience at Penns Peak for Liederkranz to round out the day or the Journey Experience during Hinklefest. Ain't PA grand. If it wasn't for the drivers, I'd retire there :>)

strangerdanger strangerdanger
August 30th

Nykun's Store in Great Meadows has frozen handmade pierogis in their freezer and they are delicious. Many varieties to choose from. And they are not from the Ukrainian Church next door. They come from a vendor who brings them in weekly or bi weekly. They are handmade. Try the mushroom. They are delicious.

Linda Bender Linda Bender
1 week ago

Really! I always thought they were made by the people from the church next door.
I have not tried them yet. Do the bags have a complete ingredient list on them?

happiest girl
1 week ago

Pierogi Palace in RAHWAY..... Well worth the trip.
Places in Clifton, and Wallington don't even come close.


If you don't mind the trip, word to be wize, is Call and order.
Don't go there 1/2 hour before your pick up time, because you WILL be told by the lady
that you are early, and they are not ready.

Check out the web site ( not theirs ) for their menu etc. that someone scanned.
The pierogi are the best ever. The dough is light and not thick and hard like lead.
We make our own, Hungarian recipe, and th

Embryodad Embryodad
1 week ago

Went to Krakus in Pburg today for the first time. VERY good pierogi. No complaints. Will be going back.

Some Guy (Art) Some Guy (Art)
1 week ago

In this area Zabava has without a doubt the best.

In Mount Bethel PA TK's Bar and Grill is by far the close second to Zabava.

1 week ago

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