Szechuan Royal lunch buffet no longer

Just so everyone knows if you like getting the buffet at Szechuan royal they are no longer doing it. I was there today getting dinner and asked about it since they had a sign up on the door and at the register.

Superchefsgirl Superchefsgirl
2 weeks ago

I was there last week and they still had the buffet table set up. When did they decide this? Since Christine retired I have had mixed feelings about the restaurant. Some days hit or miss on the food.

Well, they just lost my business!

Yes Sher I think many people feel the same. We gave them a couple of chances after she left, but finally gave up. Its sad because I had been a customer for over 20 years.

Someone needs to open up a real buffet around here. Closest one is in Wharton. There used to be 3 in our area. 2 in Mt. Olive and 1 in Mansfield, now they're all closed.

A few years back, I had a piece of sharp metal from the top of a can in my meal at that one in Wharton. The manager paid for lunch for all four of us at the table.

Being at picatinny, we used to eat there once a week but after that, and a few of our guys getting sick from it, no more!

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
2 weeks ago

They remodeled the place in the last year. Maybe there's a new owner.

"Someone needs to open up a real buffet around here. Closest one is in Wharton. There used to be 3 in our area. 2 in Mt. Olive and 1 in Mansfield, now they're all closed."

Asian Diner in Roxbury now has buffet for lunch and dinner. Haven't tried it yet (the buffet), though.

Ah nice I didn't know they had a buffet. I haven't been there in awhile.

All of the buffers that used to be open closed for a reason. I never thought the food was good

Even the prepared foods at shopeite in the hot bar I wouldn’t eat it’s not that good

The one in Mansfield was good in its early days. The quality went downhill over time.

It's not Chinese, but Black Forest Inn has a great buffett every Friday night.

Black Forest Inn was disgusting when we went on Valentines day. I got duck and it tasted like it was frozen for 3 years before it was thawed and cooked. They gave us potato pancakes that were pretty much tater tots. Desert was supposed to be chocolate mousse cake and all it was, was mousse. Never again....

not sure why they can't make a go of it in this area, i love all the Chinese buffets, never had a bad experience at any of them, but then again i loved the mac and cheese and the meat ravioli at the college cafeteria, used to eat plate after plate of the stuff, so there's that

GreyHawk GreyHawk
2 weeks ago

I've been going to the buffett for years, and always enjoyed it. Love the old school atmosphere too.

If someone could open up a legitimate Buffett like one in Vegas or somewhere high end I bet it would do well at dinner but it has to be quality it can’t be greasy slop or pizza that I can make in my microwave

Where is it ?...can't place the name.

Smile every day Smile every day
2 weeks ago

Buffets....…..can't do em. Used to cook for them. Can't do them.... Not that there's anything wrong. Just that so many things can go wrong....And then sit there.....Waiting....Quietly.....Without Notice......Waiting....

Did you know that scrambled eggs can turn some chaffing dishes green....Not that there's anything wrong with that.....Oxidation.....Lemon Juice to cure. Did you know that food bleach (sulfites) ends browning of lettuce. FDA cancelled use in 1986, but that was after my time In the buffet.....Lastly, do not thaw the five gallon can of frozen eggs in a hot water bath.....glad I was stopped....


strangerdanger strangerdanger
2 weeks ago

Re: Szechuan Royal lunch buffet no longer

I love buffets, especially if there's prime rib involved. The best one I ever went to was at the Luxor in Vegas.

My grandchildren loved the buffet option.

Istanbul has buffet on Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday from 12 till 3.

Be careful with Szechuan Royal’s bill. They overcharged me $8.50. I asked I their prices went up and the girl just laughed, smiled and nodded yes. So I took their menu and did the math on what I ordered, yes, they over charged me for something I didn’t order!

2 weeks ago

just comeback with your recipe,we do not charge people more money

AJ770880 AJ770880
2 weeks ago


I'm going to guess that "just comeback with your recipe,we do not charge people more money" means bring back your "receipt" and they'll give you a refund on the what you say they charged you extra for, that is if AJ770880 is an owner.

Then again, "we do not charge people more money" sounds more like a statement of argument, rather than capitulation and refund, but that could just be a translation communication issue. Hopefully just an ESL issue. Let us know what happens if you do go back.

Great lunch again today from Szechuan Royale. The fried rice is very good; it's a nice brown and really fried, unlike some places where the rice is a pale beige and hardly qualifies as "fried", the boneless ribs were good (not fatty or gamy like you get at some places). The General Tso's chicken was good, and the lo mein was, as always, good.

It's nice to see that the owners listened to some of the problems they had when they first opened.

TakeThat TakeThat
2 weeks ago

Phil D
Yes ,you are right! $8.50we will give back to justasking

AJ770880 AJ770880
1 week ago

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