Bea McNallys

As a local long time resident I live on the same block with this establishment.. At least 3-4 nights a week I deal with intoxicated people fighting outside at 2am and cutting through my property leaving beer cans or bottles.. As of recent I had 3 males urinating outside my home on there way back to Centenary College... When I opened my door they told me they wanted to fight and started spitting at me.. I have young children in my home.. I called Hackettstown Police and was told they were already at the bar dealing with the problem..

I understand that this is a college town and young people especially drinking will go a little over the top.. But must of these people are not local residents and do not care.. I have documented most of this the best I can...

I'm only venting here because I feel like enough is enough and I have no other place to turn.. Calls to Bea McNallys go unanswered or with a free offer of a meal.. I would never set foot in there no matter what..

Washington Street Washington Street
April 19th

or with a free offer of a meal

the monkeys come out of the sleeve

The original owners and the chef tried like hell to make it a success. They made sizable investments on interior restoration. They offered very good meals. Staffed very professionally.

Now ?

It's become nothing more than a party bar. When they initially opened, two things stood out...... half the area was a bar and the place was filled with TV monitors. It was immediately doomed as a restaurant.

The cuisine rapidly dropped in quality as chefs left when they saw the same fate.

Bea's makes a ton of money off their bar and lottery sales. A cash cow for the owners. I've been told that a former dining area now has a pool table as well.

Soon I expect them to lose their license and it will lie empty for a year as the gorgeous building becomes a target for vandals. Not good. The owners and management needs to reassess the business and either change it or sell it.

fire251 fire251
April 19th

sure ...close a successful business that supports the town...….makes perfect sense !

Residents taxes can go up to offset the tax loss..

Call the school, take pictures , send them to the police and the school, they will have to deal with it .

Not clear why you would buy next door to a commercial facility and not expect to have "instances"..

It would be funny to put in a motion detector that turns on floodlights and a lawn sprinkler system....

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
April 19th

Oh JR, that’s awesome! Then add a surveillance camera to record the whole thing!

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
April 19th

From amazon:

April 19th

Use the sprinkler as a delivery system for the bear spray? Brilliant!!!

ianimal ianimal
April 19th

"Use the sprinkler as a delivery system for the bear spray? Brilliant!!!"

That would be HILARIOUS, if it were possible lol.

NJ would probably consider that "assault", because you know, they're commies like that.

Ideally you could feed the sprinklers through something that would color the water with dye... kinds like how you attach a hose to the lawn fertilizer bottles, the stuff in the bottle mixes with the water? Like how they put dye packs in with cash bundles to mark the perps.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
April 19th

I believe that size/strength bear spray is illegal in NJ.

YOU will be charged with a weapons offense if it’s used (on a person) - or even if they find it in your possession.

I had a can when I lived there, but it was on my mountain bike, mostly for bears.

Would I use it on a person if it was self-defense? Sure.
But peeing on your lawn isn’t the same as being attacked, and if you go outside to “initiate” contact that results in an altercation, again I’m sure NJ would be glad to arrest you.

Not saying I agree (you should be able to defend all your property, not just the inside of your house), just saying how it is so you are aware/prepared.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
April 19th

"Not clear why you would buy next door to a commercial facility and not expect to have "instances".." -steven

Nice, blame the resident/home-owner. Unbelievable.

Joe Friday Joe Friday
April 19th

Sprinkle some "raw" marijuana in the parking lot and our local cops will flock to the scene with cuffs and guns a blaze. It's really the only thing that motivates them.

Seriously, call the police and tell them "cough, drug deals, cough" are going down in the parking lot. They'll come and maybe bring back up.

Put up some cameras, put up some signs, problem will probably subside, or you will have evidence to pursue criminal/civil charges. Cops love to follow a mystery with a solid lead.

Amazing they are trouble. In my 30+ years here, I hardly ever see a Centenary student, much less an unruly one. So sad they are not better neighbors.

Bodes ill for those Historic district homes next to the pending Quackchek. Too many people. Residential and commercial don’t mix, need a buffer zone that isn’t someone’s home.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
April 19th

Just wondering how some think this is funny - I'd talk to the mayor about it - perhaps a security guard can be required during night hours............

4catmom 4catmom
April 19th

"Not clear why you would buy next door to a commercial facility and not expect to have "instances".." -steven

Nice, blame the resident/home-owner. Unbelievable."

I don't think Steven was blaming the homeowner, but when shopping for a house you do have a responsibility to be aware of the neighborhood you're buying into and anticipate potential pros and cons of living near a bar. Also, how is the restaurant responsible for the actions of a few individual jerks? It's easy to say what a business should or shouldn't do when you are not the one running it. They have the right space to focus on the bar business and their food sucks. It's making $$$ so what reason do they have to change their business model?

Washington Street - That royally sucks and it is a true shame you have to deal with such rude people. I hope you can find a reasonable solution! Motion activated sprinklers are not a bad idea....

somechik somechik
April 19th

Seriously, while Bea's pays it's taxes to the town, this place has offered it's residents absolutely zero and wouldn't be missed if it burned down. The food has always been atrocious and it's turned into a gin mill for college kids for a college that pays zero taxes to the town.

This is a prime example why the BID in this town is clueless and has no foresight into what a small town needs. Does anyone over the age of 30 actually go here? Pretty building but what a damn shame to have another place to pass over. Once again Hackettstown residents forced to take their money and spend it in another town.

Good job to all that placed Bea's on the map I guess the liquor license was too valuable to pass up.

Maybe she bought BEFORE it was Beas. It has only been Beas for less than 10 years. Before that, it was a (quieter) Charlie Browns.

On a similar note, I bought BEFORE the whole school relocation because I actually like the idea of walking home from school on nice days. Now some of my children will be going to one elementary, and one at another. No more walking. Should I have not bought in a busing district? Or was I here first and have a right to be upset?

April 19th

All I know is one of my great accomplishments was to have the bus stop at my driveway. Bad news was it took till senior year in college to get the darned thing moved ;-).

Be careful what you ask for.

Stuff happens.

God has a miraculous sense of humor. Of course, miracles still happen ;-)

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
April 19th

Everyone has a right to be upset at whatever they want to. We can't predict the future or control everything about the environment we live in and it's your choice how you want to channel that energy and react to outside forces.

The OP is choosing to take action by calling the restaurant, police, and calling public attention to the clientele Bea's is attracting on a public forum. For Bea's to attract a classier, more mature clientele, they would need to change their late night entertainment schedule and get an excellent chef who can make them a good foodie spot. All I am saying is that as a private business they can do whatever they want and while it's disappointing people can't behave like adults and leave others alone it's tough to control individuals, especially when they are drunk, young, and wound up. So, I'm not sure what the solution is. The people who aren't into that type of bar scene and want good food already don't go there, so the people keeping the lights on and spending $$$ at Bea's are largely the younger people who are into that and want to come out to see a band at 10pm when everyone else is cozy in their pj's.

somechik somechik
April 19th

Lets face it, Beas is pretty awful in my opinion. (please don't attack me, I'm aware some like it)

They have poor food, extremely poor service, it is dirty, and the management just doesn't care.

I have been there when the college crowd is there and just shook my head at what was tolerated. Urinating on the building, in the parking lot, fights, hearing glass breaking, (beer bottles ?) and just plain BS that I don't think that any restaurant would tolerate.

I would never go there again.

The town should require them to have qualified security, not some roided up bouncers, as a condition when their liquor license is up for renewal. At least for Thursday through Saturday . As for centenary students, I know someone who lives on Moore street, the behavior of the students walking back to campus from the bar at 2 am is NOT good!

April 19th

I agree 1000 percent Somechik. I wish I was able to move, but that is not in our cards right now. That is our choice and we will just have to deal with it. The OP is doing everything right. Even if she wanted to sell, it maybe hard. I just don't agree with those who say it is her fault for buying next to a bar.

April 19th

I live very close by to this place. I have been here when the place was empty. When it opened as Bea McNallys things were fine for the first couple years. Now its out of control. Thursday night's being the worst. I have seen the beer bottles, plastic cups,people puking people urinating and smoking weed. And i know its weed because i can smell it. Ive seen people drinking in there cars and tossing the empty hard liquor bottles away then going back in. Guess there charging too much for shots. Every morning early a woman comes and sweeps up the broken glass, beer bottles and other trash left behind. They spill out the front door and drink in the street. Ive seen there own security walk by patrons while there drinking and do nothing. Ive even heard one say your not going to get in trouble by me the cops you will. Yes i live that close. Try reporting your situation to the abc enforcement bureau. Maybe the Hackettstown police should move there headquarters on the upper level of the building being there always there now.

Fed up too Fed up too
April 19th

Call the police each time there is a need. However I've been told by the police that they are dispatched and or patrol there almost every night. It is well known by the police that there is a growing problem in the parking lot as well as the neighborhood. I strongly encourage folks to attend the next council meeting, next Thursday the 25th 7:00PM and voice your concerns. The Mayor and council will do what they can to help restore a sense of law and order.

Just out of curiosity, but how much of that can be tied to Centenary? Most of the college population is probably under 21 I would assume. If there is a large college population, how much underage drinking is going on there then?

thomasnj thomasnj
April 19th

We used to live on the other side of the fence from the parking lot... Absolute nightmare... People in our yard all the time peeing or thinking they could cut through from Washington to Bea's. Bottles tossed over the fence coming literal inches from hitting our vehicles, garbage tossed over the fence and the NOISE! Especially Thursdays omg we'd be woken approx 1:30am until about one cared... People sitting on our front steps smoking and drinking on their way too and from the bar.. Complaints to the bar went unanswered or hung up on. So glad to be out of that apartment. Oh and FYI... We were in that apartment well prior to Bea's opening.

Weebiekins Weebiekins
April 19th

Bea's opened in 2013, a couple weeks before St. Patrick's day.

Bea's is not an asset to the town. I'm sure they contribute to taxes, but the food and service are terrible and it attracts all the wrong people and way too much attention from HPD. You're going to get the occasional problem with any bar, but Bea's seems to attract every lowlife in every nearby county.

If you read the police blotter, there's incidents almost nightly at Bea's. Knife fights, fist fights, arguments, drunks pissing in the bushes, noise, and idiots who try to bust their friends out of a police cruiser. I will say this, I rarely see a local in the police blotters, they're all from out of town.

File a complaint EVERY time with HPD. But don't lie and make up crimes - that's filing a false police report. Get a security camera. Just in case. Even it if doesn't help catch a criminal, it will help an insurance claim should something happen to your car or house.

Maybe post the security camera images of drunk morons on here?

Thomasnj, that is a very irresponsible assumption, and would also have nothing to do with Bea's. If there is underage drinking, it's going to occur in the dorms and houses where someone over 21 can bring in alcohol, not in a bar that cards people. Also, Centenary has a lot of transfer students who are in the 20 and up age range and a seemingly large population of mid-20s students.

alpha1beta alpha1beta
April 19th

"I'm sure they contribute to taxes"

Businesses have no impact on taxes, only property owners do.

This sounds like a nightmare. I agree with Greg about attending the town council meeting and stating your complaint publicly. Good luck.

Calico696 Calico696
April 19th

My daughter won’t go back there. She said the place is way out of control. She goes to Marleys instead, she said it’s a much calmer atmosphere.

Positive Positive
April 19th

Lol, the Hackettstown cops actually doing something about a problem ANYWHERE?!? That would be a first

So basically we've distilled this down to college students being the problem. Which they are. I had a house on my street next to the college that was rented to college kids one nightmare. Noise and kids yelling in the street, beer bottles left on the lawns, cops there all the time early in the morning. It's time for these "adults" to start acting like it, instead of entitled spoiled brats. They are guests in this town. Act accordingly.

we do live in a college town, and if the only problem is a Bee's that great. When you watch the news with all these other towns, having so problems at dorms, fraternity's. I know the police are called to the dorms also but, it could be worse. We should be thank full they are not running around the streets.

No I don't have any children at the college

SAAK - they are running around the streets though. Reread the original post and other posters who said they lived near Bea's and had problems with drunks trespassing and vandalizing property. Just bc something isn't at its worst yet doesn't mean we should let it slide - that's how things get that bad! We live in a pretty quiet and nice area and would like to keep it that way.

Somechick1 Somechick1
April 19th

Couple more weeks they will be gone - not worth getting your ass kicked over.

Sell your house and move off Grand or Moore St and chalk it up to a learning experience - pretty sure that's how the heard migrates back to the college.

All im saying is them kids are away from home and acting like they dont have no damn sense. You can't blame mcnallys for kids pissing on your lawn, talk to the damn school and maybe they can do something about it Or if it was me beat a kids ass here and there, if you want to act grown you can get a grown ass beaten.

Matthew B. Matthew B.
April 23rd

Just a heads up Washington street, you may have more pissers during the week. McNallys is now doing a “Beat the Clock” beer prices starting at 8pm-.50 a beer and goes up every .50 till 1am on Tuesdays.

April 23rd

I wouldn't want to be a home owner in that area for the what has been going on but if anyone is trying to look for the silver lining, at least they are not drinking and driving!

"Sell your house and move" "chalk it up to a learning experience" ?? People should have to sell their house and move due to a relatively new business that can't control its clientele? I think it should be the other way around, the business owner, the police and to some extent the college need to take responsibility! When Centenary students are arrested in town, which is quite frequent, they should be identified as such, not just identified by their hometown, although it is usually pretty easy to figure out.

April 24th

Devil jet is right. It’s not time to move. It’s time to get bear spray and sprinklers. Catch some of the amorous patrons in the parking lot. Catch some blowing lines and doing shots outside. Call the police. It’s time to take an active role. Not move away.

Herbert Nerbert Herbert Nerbert
April 24th

Start going to council meetings and voice your concerns. Request security or police Thur-Sat.
Mayor and council approve the renewal of liquor licenses and may put restrictions and special enforcement items on it in order to renew.

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