Is this tree as dead as I think it is

Is this tree as dead as I think it is

This tree looks almost completely dead. But is covered in atonement of new growth.

Re: Is this tree as dead as I think it is

Here's a shot of the growth. What is this tree

I think paperbark maple. At least based on the leaves... bark looks a bit different so maybe something closely related.

Looks pretty ragged at the top. If it’s near something that could be damaged by falling limbs I’d think about taking it down soon.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
April 18th

The tree is infested and is dead. It will come down on its own soon.

Carlos Danger Carlos Danger
April 18th

Maybe this too... same “family” (Acer)

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
April 18th

Mark I was def gonna take it down soon. A definate crush hazard

Tree company told me most of my trees are boxwood trees. But I thought boxwoods were shrubs

Haha, may be time for a new tree company. ;)

Perhaps it’s a colloquial/slang name... but I didn’t see anything on a quick Google search that a boxwood is anything other than a small shrub.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
April 18th

I have a tree in my yard that has been dead for a long long least ten years.

I've wanted to take it down, and had several people look at it- including a guy from the power company who wanted to 'trim' it until he got a look at it.

Nobody will touch it because it is right next to a power pole and the support cables are grown through a branch.

So yea- I am waiting for the day it falls and takes out the power/phones/cable for everyone on my street and maybe more. I tried to have it removed, so....

That sucks josh, luckily mines in the back yard :) if the tree is on your prop and it takes out public utility they gonna come at u hard

In what way? And whom?

dont u have to maintain trees on your property and if it damages town property im sure they would be fine happy.

Not that I am aware of.

I had a tree fall on both side of my yard over the years, into both my neighbors yards, crushing their fences, and each time I paid to have them cut up, taken away, and the fences repaired.

Insurance said ‘act of god’, and legally I could have left them there and done nothing.

But I paid out of my pocket both times and everything was back to how it was before the trees fell within just a couple days each time.

Boxelder Maple

Weedwacker Weedwacker
April 19th


You are a great neighbor to do that. I believe most HOI covers tree damage (or at least the cost to remove the trees if it damages property or blocks access), however it is based on where the tree lands. So the tree may have been yours but it landed on your neighbor's property, so you are right, legally, you didn't have to do anything. But you did the right thing, assuming your neighbor checked their HOI first. My guess is they didn't. In a perfect world, their HOI should have kicked in and maybe you could have paid their deductible (not that you had to).

That might be a box elder. Home to the annoying elder bug in its dying stage. If that's what it is, there's no reason not to yank that thing down. Elder bugs damage wood on nearby buildings, and they will alter their nest sites to warm houses. They pose no danger to people, but are extremely annoying.

Natalie Rhinesmith Natalie Rhinesmith
April 19th

I think the act of god thing applies to trees that come down through storm damage. If the tree was a hazard and you knew it they can come after you for damages also if anyone was to get hurt. So maybe dont advertise you know its dead.

April 19th

I had a big Maple in my backyard that was in really bad shape. It was roughly 10' off the power line. My municipal clerk spoke with a JCP&L rep and they sent their tree company out to look at it. JCP&L's contractors came out. They agreed it needed to come down. They made me sign something saying they weren't chipping brush, grinding stumps or removing any of the wood but they took it down for free. They cut the limbs into nice manageable pieces. I borrowed a friends chipper and chipped everything up. I'm up in Sussex County.

An adjacent property owner must notify you in writing that a tree concerned them and was a hazard in order for the original property owner to be liable for damages. Without prior notification of hazard, the property owner where it fell becomes the owner.

April 19th

I always say, "There's a lot of life in a dead tree". I don't know why I put that in quotes, haaa. Most birds that are cavity nesters can't create the cavity themselves, so they take advantage of the dead tree, not to mention the raccoons and whatnot. Plus as a tree dies, it teems with insects! It's like a natural buffet. Of course, if property damage is a concern, well, that's how it goes.

We had a dead tree that was technically on our property, but was located very close to the road. If it came down it would have definitely fallen across the road and also taken lines down with it. We called the power, phone and cable companies. They all said it was not their responsibility. The town has a certain number of feet of "right of way" onto your property and this tree was on that part of the property. My husband called the road department and they came out, inspected and then removed the tree. They said they would rather take it down on a sunny afternoon than have to come out at 3 AM while it was snowing because it was blocking the road. This occurred many years ago. I'm not sure if they would still do it.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
April 20th

Re: Is this tree as dead as I think it is

@Natalie Rhinesmith you nailed it now i know why every year for last 5 years the area is swarmed by these little f'ers im gonna cut them all down... 6 of them dead in woods behind my property, weve used this property as ours and maintained it for years do you think the town will get mad at me for taking down like 6+ DEAD boxbug trees? i think the town actually baught this property a few years ago but we still maintain it

9/10 it's a box elder. I have one that looks almost identical.

walleyed walleyed
4 weeks ago

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