Security at Liberty School

Yesterday district parents received texts, emails, and calls with the following message for the superintendent.

"Good morning. This is a message from David Mango, Superintendent of Schools. Over the course of the last two years, central office has continuously assessed the location and parameters for security at the Liberty School due to the sheer isolation and location of the facility. With the arrival of Spring, the district has implemented security personnel to assist the administration, N.J. State Police and staff with the anticipated increase of vehicular traffic, pedestrian interaction and egress to and from facility and fields. As always, the safety and security of students and staff is our top priority."

Can someone please explain to me why there is a security guard at Liberty School now? We never had a security before we already have Independence officers and state troopers that randomly check the building. Why are wasting money on someone who can't even do anything if something happens? Am I missing something? Did something happen to cause this? The school is closing after school year closes out, so why now?

ParentatGMRSD ParentatGMRSD
April 12th

Isn't Liberty School being shut down? Why amp up security now?

Those are great questions and I would suggest you contact Mr. Mango, Mrs. McDonagh, or board of education directly.

Mommyof3 Mommyof3
April 12th

That's not how it works on this site.
First, you need to denigrate, disparage and dis everyone and anyone connected to the school and BOE.
Second, you wait for all of the BS answers, conspiracy theories and basic nonsense.
Third, wait for an appropriate answer to be posted (like yours and I agree with you) then have it kicked and dragged all over while taking personal insults from keyboard weaklings.
Fourth, wait for the entire thread to go off the tracks and become a tax, pension and constitutional crisis debate.

That's my experience with this.

Have a nice day!

crazyjane crazyjane
April 12th

Crazyjane, i loved your summary. I think it’s spot on!

Crazyjane - oh I know all too well how it works around here! With that said, I have kids on Great meadows school district and OP has valid questions.

Mommyof3 Mommyof3
April 12th

you left out the obligatory joke.

the whole thing is bananas.

So true and very entertaining at the same time, crazyjane. Have you ever thought of doing stand up comedy?

Positive Positive
April 12th

There were Independence police there last year due to feuding divorcing parents, and rumor had it 1 parent kept trying to take the child at dismissal.
We pay a security guard's salary, so why can't he come to Liberty School? Seems dumb to pay for Hackettstown's security and Ours, but the guard is always in Hackettstown....

crazyjane, it’s simple: The schools are run like prisons, this is just a continuation of the theme.

See, not too bad? Short, sweet and to the point! ;-)

justintime justintime
April 12th

I agree JiT, but not just schools, the workplace as well..the overall society we live in.

This is why I truly believe more and more people have mental health issues.

Sorry for getting off track.....

Positive Positive
April 12th

So WHY? Potential Law suit issue?

(Deafening silence)....

Keeping the kids safe is never a bad thing. If its only for 2 months the cost likely isn't substantial. The location is remote so having someone onsite can only in the event of an emergency.

@Crazyjane - Best reply ever. Spot on!

Theolgamer Theolgamer
April 13th

“Keeping the kids safe is never a bad thing.”

Agreed 100%. But is anyone allowed to ask from what?

Human nature doesn’t end at the school, or the airport, or Disney, or The Prudential Center, or any of our government buildings, does it? Would anyone that would do bad things in those locations say “Aww, shucks. My dastardly plan is foiled because I can’t do the bad things I wanted to do!”. Doubtful at best.

The path we are all on, the one that some of us are questioning and others praise, is surely unidirectional at this point, isn’t it? More controls being added in layer after layer after layer? I’d be interested to hear from folks who don’t think that’s the case (seriously).

Guess my point is that while it’s convienent to poke fun at those you disagree with, there are reasons that people feel the way they do (all around). Better to discuss and understand rather than be dismissive (all sides), no?

justintime justintime
April 13th

Justintime my point is that if steps are being taken to increase school safety I welcome that. It is one area where I do not think cutting costs is prudent. In my opinion there is nothing that is more important. Better safe than sorry in that department. I hope that answers your question.

“my point is that if steps are being taken to increase school safety I welcome that.”

But what, exactly, is currently “unsafe”? Serious question TT1980, what condition in the schools will be rectified by adding additional levels of control such as this one? What’s currently unsafe that will become safe?

justintime justintime
April 15th

Justintime, the remote location of the school, the fact that there is no dedicated town police force and that the average response time in an emergency as confirmed by the state police and responding departments is around 10 minutes. That isn't very good. Any onsite assistance, in my opinion, should be welcome given those facts. I think you are improperly classifying it as a "control" as opposed to "help" in the case of an emergency. I hope that clarifies it for you.

Could there be something concerning that they have not made public knowledge? They could have a specific reason for this that they are not sharing with us.

Is this the case of (we are dammed if we do) or double dog dammed if we don't ) but what bugs me is they want to close liberty school what gives them the right they are acting like the freeholders who got rid of warren haven

I know the boe will read this so knock it the #### $$$

Caged Animal Caged Animal
April 18th

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