Hong Kong Palace

Did Jetto leave again? Or do they have new cooks? The food I got was not as good as it used to be.

happiest girl
Apr '19

You know my mantra, call them directly and ask. (908) 850-4212. Unless the owners or management are on this site presently or very often, the answers garnered will be either opinion or speculation. Perhaps someone may have asked already and are in the know but that is a slim possibility. Typically the responses will include posts stating how the food is great or good as well as posts exclaiming they are the worst Chinese food on the planet. On the other hand you will also receive several recommendations for the "best" Chinese in our area or if you happen to be in East nowherenearhereville. LOL.

Hi happiest, I took my Niece to Hong Kong Palace on Saturday, March 23rd for dinner.
I asked Ben (one of the two waiters who has been there forever; he's the tall thin man) how Jetto was doing because I know for several years he has had some mobility problems. He said Jetto was in the kitchen. Anyhow, if you call and want to ask a person who can definitely answer your question with accuracy ask for Ken. He is Jetto's brother.

Mrs. Pipes```` Mrs. Pipes````
Apr '19

Hackettstown Chinese for the win

Skippy Skippy
Apr '19

Mrs. Pipes ------ thank-you!

happiest girl
Apr '19

Two weeks ago, they told me Jetto was in the kitchen. After they went down hill, I always ask if Jetto is still there, prior to ordering. He’s got to teach all his chefs to copy his recipes. Their food is great....only if Jetto is there. He’s NOT allowed to retire. If he does, their food will suck, again. Hopefully, Jetto is ok. They’ve been very good to us, over the years.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
Apr '19

Before opening Hong Kong Palace, Jetto worked at the New York Tea Garden in Morristown which was well-known and one of the two popular go to places for Chinese food. NY Tea Garden has been gone for a long time. When Jetto opened HKP around 30 - 35 years ago it was the only business in that small strip mall. We've always enjoyed going to HKP and had many a chat with Jetto when he used to come out of the kitchen to chat with the customers. He did retire once a few years ago. Anyhow, like Guilty-Remnant, I hope he is doing okay with his health.

Mrs. Pipes```` Mrs. Pipes````
Apr '19

I think they may be making the best ribs in town.thick meaty and great taste.get a big bag of them for 18 dollars

Ditto to that, mel. We don’t usually get such an expensive add on, but when we do, they have been awesome. Juicy, meaty and delicious. Very fresh tasting. The ONLY place we would get them is Hong Kong.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
Apr '19

We got dinner the other day from Hong Kong Palace- soups, two different main dishes, vegetable friend rice................sadly it was mediocre at best. We were hoping - Any other suggestions?

Do yourself a favor. You may not eat anywhere else again.


Asian kitchen is our new goto as well

Philliesman Philliesman
December 13th

Has anyone tried the thai food at Asian Kitchen? Wondering how the pad thai is.

Nvr tried pad thai, but the basil and the mango dishes are great.

I wonder how accurate the coding on the Asian Kitchen menu is. There are only a couple of entrees that have the 'v' for vegetarian, but it seems like other ones could also possibly be. Even the appetizer cold / hot sesame noodles isn't indicated 'v'. I've never had any other Chinese restaurant say those were not vegetarian. Same for the Vegetable Spring Roll.
I'm also wondering the accuracy, because there is no peanut next to the Thai Cashew Chicken & Shrimp.

happiest girl
December 13th

I've been getting food from Hackettstown Chinese for over forty years and never been disappointed.

Melissa A Nolan Melissa A Nolan
December 13th

I’m not arguing that you enjoy Hackettstown Chinese, my opinion is its mediocre at best and maybe one of the dirtiest places locally. Give any other one a try, see what you think.

@Luca... I got the Pad Thai at Asian Kitchen and it was terrible. I mean absolutely awful. I threw the entire container away after literally 2 bites. Possibly an off day? Maybe. It was my first time ever eating there and I'm just not down to try again.

King Wok in Budd Lake does excellent Pad Thai.

Weebiekins Weebiekins
December 13th

Hong Kong Palace has gone down hill since this COVID thing started. I don't think Jeto is there. He has retired.

I would not waste my time and money to go there any more.

What's the name of the small restaurant that is across from Target (eastbound side of Rt. 57)? I think they opened up 1-2 years ago at most.


Hackresident Hackresident
December 13th

Pad Thai at Pandan is spot on!!!

Neighborhood Watcher
December 13th

I agree the Pad Thai at asian kitchen did not taste like any Pad Thai I have had before, it was good, just different. I have found ALL of their others dishes to be excellent.

I'm definitely going to have to try Asian Kitchen, it's always good to hear good reviews about a new place in town.

Nothing beats Pandan Room's Pad Thai. If I have a pad thai craving I don't go anywhere else.

I don't feel Hong Kong Palace has gone down in quality, though I always did feel their takeout wasn't nearly as good as their dine-in menu, and of course I haven't dined inside there in months.

honestyseasy honestyseasy
December 14th

Good to know about the pad thai at Asian Kitchen - I'll avoid it & try the Chinese offerings instead!

Asian Kitchen is my go-to for Chinese food. Their Thai dishes (other than pad thai) are very good. They are also great at accommodating special dietary needs.

SquirrelGrrl SquirrelGrrl
December 15th

Asian Kitchen, order online, review your order, input for special orders, confirm your cost, receive confirmation of order. All good!

What is the address of "Asian Kitchen"?

http://asiankitchenhackettstown.com/ I've ordered from there a few times now and everything has been great. Adding a +1 for them.

SquirrelGrrl --
I was wondering about that .... concerning vegetarian dishes. Sometimes Chinese restaurants list something as vegetarian but might saute with chicken broth or use a fish sauce. Is there any issue with communication (sufficient English ability) to ask questions like that with them?

happiest girl
December 15th

Asian Kitchen is our new favorite place for Chinese! The Thai basil is good and all of their Chinese has been great! With Pandan room in town, I'm not that interested in trying the other Thai dishes to be honest.

Hong Kong Palace does certain dishes GREAT like Kung Pao Chicken and Lo Mein but their General Tso's has unrecognizable sauce that does not satisfy that craving or taste like the normal, I'm guessing highly "Americanized" dish so depends on what we're in the mood for!

somechick1 somechick1
December 16th

I haven't eaten at HKP in well over a decade, but the Szechuan-Style Shredded Beef was always my favorite...

Szechuan beef and their hot & sour soup are the two best things HKP makes.

pad thai at asian kitchen was not edible....it must be their recipe and it's awful. everything else from there was tasty.

friendly mcface friendly mcface
December 17th

Just had Hong Kong Palace and it was as good as it used to be! They must've straightened out whatever they had to. Maybe it's worth another try.

Don't go to a Chinese restaurant and expect the Thai food to be good, Asian Kitchen may have "asian" in it's name, but the Chinese is amazing and should be the only option you choose.

Pburgisdirty Pburgisdirty
2 weeks ago

Tried the Asian Kitchen and the meal I had was terrible, the worst tofu meal I ever ate. I had General Tso's tofu. The portion size is excellent, an enormous amount of tofu and white rice with two thumb sized broccoli sprigs. The sauce was sticky but not very spicy.
The problem was the tofu, empty cubes is how I can best describe it. I cook my own tofu and order it often enough to know how it should taste and what the texture should be. Asian Kitchens version is thin boxes of air, no actual tofu, just air.

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