New Kitchen Cabinets

Who do we like and trust to do this work? Cabinets must go - and be replaced with new- user friendly ones - all appliances and hopefully countertops will stay- I am willing to spend something but not looking to be extravagant.
We've been to Blue Ridge Lumber and as per old posts here will go to Valley Elegance - Who or what else can you recommend?

4catmom 4catmom
Mar '19

Mango across from police station in Hackettstown

Weedwacker Weedwacker
Mar '19

I received estimates from both Valley & Blue Ridge. Didn't care for Blue Ridge; they drew up plans which I didn't care for, I requested some other ideas & never heard back. I also had a private contractor give me an estimate which involved tearing up my entire kitchen which I don't want to do either. May just check with Lowes too. I just want new cabinets, I already have granite counters. I'll keep looking!

Thanks Weedwacker and Iris - I'm taking my time - not sure which way to go...

4catmom 4catmom
Mar '19

We went to kurkin(sp) lumber on rt 10 in I think ledgewood.On the south bound side right before the big hill. We got merrilat stock cabinets which have lasted and still look good after 8 years. Used a guy named Neil who was very helpful. Using stock cabinets saved us a ton, with less than an inch of wasted space. Also used one of their recommended installers(Jim) who was excellent. At least check them out

exphysics teacher
Mar '19

Mango is only doing custom work - said they couldn't do what we needed

4catmom 4catmom
Mar '19

New Image Granite on Main St. We bought cabinets from them and had them install. They pulled up our granite counters and then re-installed them. They were terrific. Excellent work. Super fast. Fair price.

Thanks, PS, I never thought them. Will definitely check them out!

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