Cutting up old futon

Hi, does anyone know what I can use that is strong (and safe enough)
to be able to cut up a full size futon for removal?

Thought of a chain saw, that's getting a little overkill,,, lol.


Calico696 Calico696
Mar '19

I cut one up with a chain saw. It’s not overkill. Just don’t hit any metal

Lamppost Lamppost
Mar '19

thank you

Just sell it...or give it away for free

Mar '19

Craigslist free column or - many things people will come and haul it/dismantle it for you.

Sawzall all things!!

I have cut up soo many different things over the years it isn't funny.

Got rid of an entire car that way once...

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Re: Cutting up old futon
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