Found black and white cat

Found black and white cat

Tuxedo cat hanging around my house. Four white paws has a flea collar on with a tag but can't get close enough to read it. I have attached a picture. Found on Pine Street, Hackettstown

could easily be a lost pet or just a cat that is allowed outside. Looks like it's in good shape. Sometimes pets can get 'lost' even if only a few blocks from home. Unique facial markings.

poor thing i hope he has a home..

If you stop giving the cat food it may go home.

2 weeks ago

try to use a cell phone or camera to zoom in on the tag without getting too close to the cat. I had to do that once.

the cat would go home if it has a home and knows how to get there whether or not it is getting food. Thank you Sandi for trying to find help for this cat!

That cat gets around. River park, the Legion, Pine St.. Looks like it's eating well. Aside from the extras it's getting around the hood.

Luckygirl Luckygirl
2 weeks ago

Could this be the "lost cat" from the new thread? They give a phone number to call if you see it..... 908-798-3150

littlelu littlelu
1 week ago

No, too much white on it. Besides the cat on Liberty Street just got out recently. Apparently this cat has been around for quite some time.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
1 week ago

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