Canal Lane Fire

Rt 46 is still closed between West Valley View and West Stiger due to a motor vehicle accident. Avoid the area if possible.

Its open now

Closed again today 1-31

There is a structure fire on Canal Way.

House or a condo?

Big sports fan Big sports fan
January 31st

Garage next to a house. However it may has spread to the house. I hope not though.

Canal way is very very narrow

Re: Canal Lane Fire

Hopefully the house is okay and nobody gets hurt!

But do they have enough units on location?

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
January 31st

These are on location

Units: 7351: 7355: 7851: 9553: 2864: 2963: 3387: 3871: 3962: 7262: 7263: 7270: 7283: 7360: 7370: 7375: 7385: 7862 7863: 7875: 8384: 9161: 7310:7801: 7802: 7810: 7811:

JL - Yes, RV posted a screen shot of the first responder site in his post.

My question is, how can they all fit on that small road?

Calico696 Calico696
January 31st

I'm guessing they are on 46???

Screen shot was/is hard to see at my end. Sorry.

Pulling out from any of those side roads near BOA onto Main St is very dangerous.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
January 31st

It's Canal Lane, not Canal Way.

Canal Way is the street in Valley View that has condo's. This is Canal Lane which is the tiny road across from Liberty Roofing & the Statues of Liberty. You can understand why 46 is closed Petersburg to Prospect.

Hoping for no serous injuries.

GC is correct. Canal Way is in Hackettstown and Canal Lane is in Independence. Hoping all turns out ok.

Calico696 Calico696
January 31st

so what street is it? Canal Way or Canal Lane because the original message said Rt 46 is still closed between West Valley View and West Stiger

The fire is Canal Lane. The closing of Route 46 between West Valley View and West Stiger was an earlier closing. That was reopened. The second closing of Route 46 is between Prospect and Petersburg. That is related to the fire and has not been announced as reopened.

House belongs to Cindy Luteran (former Hackettstown cop) and her husband and numerous cats. She thinks it's a total loss.

clpallamuchy clpallamuchy
January 31st

I hope everyone is okay. We have HL friends on that road, no?

we have friends there also. Hope all is well. thanks for the update. Couldn't see the picture some were talking about.

Avoid the area, it's a complete chaos situation, no traffic control, missing/misleading detour signs, bad road conditions on the detours between the warren county northeast library and hackettstown. road work on both ends of the closed off part and the fire situation in between. Also a bunch of police with lights flashing at the bank heading up to panther valley there by where krauser's was.

Pictures in wrnj link

If you live in independence or liberty, don’t even attempt to get to Hackettstown going down 46 towards town. You need to go other routes!

Mommyof3 Mommyof3
January 31st

Just got an alert. Route 46 is open now.

Walking Girl Walking Girl
January 31st

The Independence Township Volunteer Fire Dept will be accepting gift cards and cash donations for the residents who lost their home earlier today.

Wednesday Feb 6th from 5-7pm at the Firehouse (24 Cemetery Rd. Great Meadows)

Call 908 328 3139 for more information

Summerhelp Summerhelp
January 31st

Omg I know Cindy. She’s committed to helping strays. Her garage was used as a safe haven with beds and food for the cats. This is horrible..

Positive Positive
January 31st

Looks as though it re-started...


Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
January 31st

Glad I was blocked in today from it to go to work. Yes ,
My joyful neibor across .....
I had the firemen coming here to use my bathroom and gave them coffee as their gloves dried .
We good people.
My man glad to help running back and fourth on the quad to assist today.
Glad no one hurt.
3 old Vienna helped .......
And proud to assist.

Wendy Cirinelli Wendy Cirinelli
January 31st

Joyful who is on here posted on Facebook it was her nephews house. Prayers to all involved.

The news article stated the husband and wife made it out of the house safely without injury, which is a Godsend given the horror of the fire. Someone here posted that the lady cared for stray cats. Any idea of the situation with the cats? Are they okay and do they need support, food, water?

Joyful - please post what is needed in the immediate aftermath, or what can be done to help those involved at this time?

Also, if the rescue cats made it, and if they need a place to be housed?

Prayers and loving energy being sent to those experiencing this, to make it through this most difficult time.

HPD FB posted this...

A Retired Hackettstown Police Officer suffered a personal loss Thursday morning and is in need of assistance.

Retired officer Cindy (Luteran) Dorcas’s house caught fire Thursday morning. Thankfully, her and her husband escaped without injury, but they lost everything in the blaze.

They're in need of gift cards.

Git cards only can be dropped off at the Hackettstown Police Department (215 West Stiger St) Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Gift cards and monetary donations can be dropped off at the Independence Township Volunteer Fire Department (24 Cemetery Road, Great Meadows, NJ 07838) on Wednesday (2/6/19) from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Thank you for keeping them in your prayers and for any support you can provide them during this difficult time.

Weebiekins Weebiekins
February 1st

I haven't seen Cindy in a long time. I guess that I saw her at a yard sale over a year ago. I was just talking about her to a young worker over at Shoprite last week who is in to Criminal Justice and wants to be a female police officer. Cindy came to mind and I told her how much Cindy was loved. ALWAYS smiling. She loved her house and sunken tub! Fed the cats and the birds. All God's creatures.She had an outdoor bird friend named Vulchie. This is so tragic for her and her husband. I can barely stand it. I wish her peace and graceful new beginnings. All the best to you Cindy. I hope to run into you sometime soon and find out that everything is AOK. I know that you'll be just fine. God is good.

Re: Canal Lane Fire

the missing kitties

Thanks for the info about Cindy's missing cats 4catmom. I went searching for them in the area around Cindy's house including the woods nearby and didn't see any sign of the cats. I spoke with a neighbor who indicated that one cat had been found near the house and was taken to the vet due to hypothermia. The neighbor mentioned Cindy had been by earlier looking for the cats. There were COMCAST techs there replacing cable and one of them mentioned he saw on a (North Jersey) Facebook page that some of the cats had been rescued and that the listing was asking for anyone who could help them. Unfortunately I was unable to find that Facebook page. Are you aware of any listings? I want to contact Cindy directly but don't have her cell number. Only home phone, which of course is no good and email. Any insight?

no update on the site where I got the pix -

Per wrnj this morning sorry to say one of the cats was lost in the fire. Also HPD is taking donations in gifts cards only

Thanks 4catmom. The pictures you shared look like Feisty and Boo Boo. Fortunately, one of the cats, Jake, was found and has been reunited with Cindy. The info given to me by the COMCAST tech concerning cats being rescued appears to have been related to a different situation.

We just drove by and there was a white and black cat peeking out from under the deck. Of course the cat went into hiding, but I did notice plates of food left out.

Hickory Dog Hickory Dog
February 2nd

Wonderful news! Hope Cindy sees this message.

Re: Canal Lane Fire

Here is a picture of Boo Boo - he is still missing after the fire on 1/31/19 - Sadly Feisty did not survive- Any sightings of Boo Boo, please call 908-813-8606 - There are other semi-feral cats by the property - we are keeping them fed the best we can at this time.

BooBoos Mom BooBoos Mom
February 2nd

Praying Boo Boo is found safe!

littlelu littlelu
February 3rd

BooBoos Mom

I am so sorry for your loss :( It absolutely breaks my heart.
Would you be interested in a few outdoor shelters for the semi feral cats? I can build them this week. Also do you need food and help feeding them? Please let me know. Any help you need let me know. Sending prayers to you and your family that you can recover from this tragedy sooner than later ❤

Jacqui - Thank you for the offer - we have close to 10 shelters out there now, thanks to 3 different groups of cat loving people. We have been putting food out and keeping an eye out. I have several bags of cat food that were donated so we are set for now - Thank you for your kindness

BooBoos Mom BooBoos Mom
February 3rd

Cindy, I tried calling the number noted above but it is not the correct phone number. I believe I spotted Boo-Boo behind my house a couple of minutes ago. He seemed to be fine so please come and try to pick him up. Scott D.

Neighbor Neighbor
February 5th

Cindy's husband was here and unfortunately the cat I saw does not appear to be Boo-Boo. So please keep your eyes open.
Thank you

Neighbor Neighbor
February 5th

Thanks, Neighbor.. (and you are!)...Sorry also it was not Boo Boo. There is still hope..

I am so sorry to have to report that Boo Boo and Feisty have both crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for all your caring and kind words.

BooBoos Mom BooBoos Mom
February 5th

Thank you for your post, BooBoos Mom. We are so sorry that you have lost two of your beloved pets and so many others that you loved and cared for over the years. I know all of us here on HL also are so very sorry for the loss of your home and all of your possessions as well. I cannot imagine the heartbreak that you are experiencing right now. The main thing is you and your husband are safe and I guess life really does go on. We live in a great community where so many are pitching in right now to help you out with fundraisers and offers of help in any way they can, I speak for myself and I know for so many others...just let us know..what you need or how we can help you and we will be there for you with love and support. God Bless...

Ditto to joyfuls post!

littlelu littlelu
February 6th

BooBoos Mom, I’m so sorry this horrible tragedy happened. I tried the telephone number as well, couldn’t get through. Can you pm me with an address to send a check? I can’t make it to the police dept by five...I work in Easton and do not get out of work until 6.

Heartbreaking that this happened to such a giving, selfless kind person. God must have something big planned for you.

You have much love and support.

Positive Positive
February 8th

Don't know if you're still looking for a black & white cat, but someone named Kelly Tompkins posted a picture on FB. She said it was on 2nd Street.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
February 8th

Re: Canal Lane Fire

Lonesome Dove - This cat wanders the area around Second and Baldwin - He has been altered - and some cat lovers set up a shelter for him. Apparently, someone threw him away - There are people that feed him. He will look at you for food but he will never let you near him. Poor Guy

BooBoos Mom BooBoos Mom
February 8th

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