Accident Anxiety

So, I got in a car accident back in November. My car was totalled and I spent the day in the hospital. Since then, I've had the most insane anxiety when I'm driving. It's been 2 months. I don't feel anymore comfortable now than i did back when it happened. I basically fear for my safety when i drive. I feel like everyone is going to hit me and it causes some severe panicking. I was just wondering if anyone has been in this situation, or if anyone knows some tips to help with the anxiety. I've tried everything from putting on music to aromatherapy to cbd drops. Nothing is helping and I'm not quite sure what else to do.

Melissa Melissa
Jan '19

Find a good therapist!

Jan '19

Been there...takes quite awhile to get over a serious accident like that.

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
Jan '19

I had a really bad accident three years ago and still have some anxiety when I'm driving, especially when I'm driving in the spot where I had my accident, but it doesn't sound nearly as bad as yours. For a long time after it happened, I was very skittish while driving and stay away from other cars that seemed to be driving erratically. I also was very nervous on roads where there was no divider between the opposite lanes of travel. I made myself drive because I knew I had to. It's gotten significantly better the more I've driven. I would seek a therapist and see if you can work through it. Best of luck.

Htown Resident Htown Resident
Jan '19

Rescue Remedy! Keep it in your car ~ homeopathic remedy

Go see Uzma at Hackettstown Health Foods, and good luck! It will pass! ;-)

Can take a few years but does disapate.

Laugh, cry, let it be part of you, wash over you, and move on. It will pass.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
Jan '19

Step 1: move out of NJ....

LJRubi LJRubi
Jan '19

Brief therapy - speak with a therapist and ask specifically to be taught anxiety management strategies - there are many and can really speed up the recovery process... can be taught in just a couple of sessions....

rleaf rleaf
Jan '19

Meditation and cord cutting helps! will pass

Summer Summer
Jan '19

I was hit in rear on rt.80 in 1999, I still cringe when the a*oles tailgate so close I cannot see their headlights...….seems like it takes forever for me to pull over and let them go by.

steven steven
Jan '19

Took me 6 months to get over driving anxiety after I totaled my car. You will be ok it just takes time. Good luck

MonicaMG MonicaMG
Jan '19

Reality that 3000 pounds of steel can't protect you is scary.
Don't drive a lot.
If you have to, pray before, during, and after.
Prayer is the ONLY thing that worked for me.

Older Mom Older Mom
Jan '19

I felt this way after an accident i had 2 years ago. I remember even being anxious in the supermarket because I thought people were going to crash into me with their carts.
What helped me was literally saying things out loud like, “I’m okay. This is fine.” And telling myself that millions of people drive every day for so many reasons without incident. I also practice some mindfulness techniques to keep my brain in the present moment and not worrying about the what ifs.
I still get anxious occasionally but it was gotten a lot better. I remember that I didn’t start feeling better at all until about 3-6 months afterwards.
Hang in there and good luck!

I second, third and forth the therapist suggestion.

I suffer from anxiety that is not from an accident and the things that help me probably arent the best suggestions for driving..........I HAVE to get up and walk........and talk with someone......those two things usually make it go away......but like I said my anxiety is not due to an accident. That said, if you are having a bad attack, pulling over and calling someone to talk to may get you through it but for long term help speaking to a therapist will be the best thing you can do for yourself.

I did however spin out on Waterloo road a few months ago and let me tell you I am still nervous driving down Waterloo...

Best of luck to you and thank god you are ok!!!!

littlelu littlelu
Jan '19

A therapist is the correct answer, they can help you through this. They can give you techniques to deal with your anxiety. Time, as others have stated, will help as well.

Good luck and wishes.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
Jan '19

I was hit by an 18 wheeler on rt 80 in 1996 to this cannot drive on rt 80

Jan '19

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