Electric bikes

Anyone have any opinions

Iamrite Iamrite
Jan '19

I was going to be facetious and say that they are probably illegal in NJ, but a quick glance at Google reveals that such a comment may *not* even be a joke!

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Jan '19

I think they might be a great way to augment climbs for someone who can't make it up a large incline, and also great for commuting. They are a bit heavy and the cost is extreme, but it all depends upon your circumstances. Here's a link to Marty's electric cycle page which is a nice cross-section of eBikes (using Marty's as an example as they are local).


Theolgamer Theolgamer
Jan '19

I have a RADPOWER bike. Got it in August, LOVE it Marty's in town sells a diff brand, twice the price. Radpower is online only but great customer service, excellent quality bike! You can google reviews, I did a lot of research and highly reccomend!

Patricia A Mullen Patricia A Mullen
Jan '19

Looks like you may or may not be a criminal if you ride an electric bike in NJ. It would be wise to keep your PBA card with you at all times.


dodgebaal dodgebaal
Jan '19

I have a Hilltopper that is a front wheel motor (it comes as a replacement wheel) and a battery which I attached to a bicycle handlebar bag. I paid $500.00 for it and the rechargeable battery is good for 10 unpedalled miles on each charge. The company also has a 20 mile version that costs more. It doesn't work well on hills and I still have to pedal but cruising speed is about 15mph and works great to cool me. This price is cheap compared to electric bicycles which I researched costing thousands.

Robert J Rowe Robert J Rowe
Jan '19

If you don't have a drivers (or motorized bicycle license), registration, and insurance while riding said bicycle, you will 100% be breaking the law.

The catch 22 is the MVC won't allow you to register it, since it doesn't surpass the 50cc gas engine requirement for registration of motorized bicycles.

Obviously the laws were written in regards to scooters/mopeds. Per the letter of the law e-bikes are largely intended to be regulated just like other motor vehicles but the electric motors put them in a black hole where they cannot legally comply with all of the laws.

Just get a motorcycle.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Jan '19

Mark Mc, that is not true. Under 750 watts and 20mph you do not need a license. It does not need to be registered or insured. The electric bike enjoys all the privileges of a normal bicycle. If you want a 72 volt, 5,000 watt, 15+aH LiM, 80 amp beast that will run 0-60 mph faster than most cars, you’re breaking the law. Ghost pedaling works, but I’ve been pulled over at over 50mph and the cop asked how I was going so fast.. no ticket though. This was back in 2013 when most people had no idea what an electric bike was...

Sondors makes decent, fairly priced machines that run on lithium. The big names (Giant, Specialized) have electric bikes that do not have a throttle, are pedal assist only and are dogs. Legal bikes are fine, but look to eBay for kits. 1,000 watts @48 volts gets you 35mph and that’s fast enough.

Jan '19

PI45 - Where is that exemption? I don't see it in the legal definition of "motorized bicycle" - which is a bicycle powered by *any* electric helper motor. You're probably thinking of *Federal* law, which has a 750 watt/20mph max, but NJ is more restrictive

Straight from https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/

Click on "Statutes"

Go to Title 39:1-1 "Word and Phrases Defined"

"Motorized bicycle" means a pedal bicycle having a helper motor characterized in that either the maximum piston displacement is less than 50 cc. or said motor is rated at no more than 1.5 brake horsepower or is powered by an electric drive motor and said bicycle is capable of a maximum speed of no more than 25 miles per hour on a flat surface.

Then go to Title 39:4-14.3 "Regulations Relative to Motorized Bicycles"

(Too long to post in it's entirety here, but I've included some snippets)

c. Motorized bicycles shall not be operated by a person under 15 years of age.

d. No person shall operate a motorized bicycle unless he is in possession of a valid driver's license of any class or a motorized bicycle license, which shall be issued by the commission to any person 15 years of age or older, upon proof of identity and date of birth, and after he has passed a satisfactory examination as to his ability as an operator...

e. The valid driver's license, the insurance identification card, and the registration certificate shall be in the possession of the operator at all times when he is operating a motorized bicycle with motor engaged on the highways of this State...

f. Unless otherwise determined by the commissioner, statutes, rules and regulations applicable to bicycles shall apply whenever a motorized bicycle is operated upon any highway or upon any public land.

Every person operating a motorized bicycle upon a public road or highway shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle by chapter 4 of Title 39 and N.J.S.2C:11-5 and all amendments and supplements thereto.

There are another handful if titles below that (i.e. 39:4-14a, b, c, d, e...) with additional regulations, forms, etc. required for motorized bicycles.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Jan '19

Supposedly that Federal law is supposed to supersede more stringent state law (but that concept would/should then apply to ANY state law more stringent than Federal law, which as we know is far from the case).

Anyway, long story short... NJ as usual just piles on the laws for things that don't need it. Besides, State Troopers and local police enforce NJ laws, not Federal ones, and they'll let you sort it out in court.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Jan '19

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