Help/Advice - Lemon Hyundai from Rte 46 Dealership

I am very upset about my recent experience with this dealer. I have a 2016 Hyundai Tuscon which I lease. I have had the car for about 2.5 years. I have had constant issues with this car, and I am deathly afraid of getting into an accident. The whole point of me leasing is to avoid issues like this in the first place..I brought the car in the summer because my car would start to shake very hard upon accelerating from a stop and start to feel as it would stall. Then the engine revs and jolts forward. When I brought it in they told me there was a recall and I WAS NEVER ADVISED. They claimed there was a system update and fixed the issue.

Months have now gone by and every now and then the issue would happen. This week my car started to have these issues, and is now stalling. There has been SEVERAL times where I have almost been in an accident because of this issue. So I called the dealer..

I brought my car in and they told me THERE IS NO ANSWER AND CANNOT HELP ME! All they said was there is an issue with the clutch and Hyundai does not have a way for us to fix this.

Being that this is NOT OKAY I went over to the manager of the sales area. I told him that this car is going to get me into an accident and since you can't fix it you need to get me out of it. After pulling the "numbers" I was told I have to roll 7k into another lease!!!! They would not even provide me with a loaner car. They said I can call and make a complaint with the company but I am not okay with this. I have a job, I cannot afford to not have a car that works, and I am not putting my life in jeopardy or someone else's life. I reported to the better business bureau. I have unfortunately resulted to social media blasts because I do not want to see this happen to anyone else!!!!

How can this dealer send someone home from service knowing the car does not work and they can get into an accident. I need quick answers b/c like I said I need my car.. I barely made it off the lot leaving, my car would barely accelerate...

I am thinking about filing a lemon law case, but this takes time and I need a solution ASAP. Its unfortunate that they will not help, this is not a fault of mine and they are making me pay for a faulty product.

Angrycarcustomer Angrycarcustomer
Dec '18

While the lease may have originated at the store your contract is with the bank. The store can not magicaly wipe out your debt to the bank. The frustration is understandable but not something a sales department has controll over. Your grievance was correctly directed to be brought up with Hyundai Corporate. Hopefully if you present you situation they will agree to assist in putting you in another car. If it is a wide spread issue with the model corporate most likely already has a talk track and feasible assistance option in order to address complaints.

With a standard three year lease just turn it in early and get a different car. You can return it as soon as 6 months sometimes even sooner.

Enjoy Enjoy
Dec '18

"Your grievance was correctly directed to be brought up with Hyundai Corporate"

+1 JDEM, imho forget the dealer, they are all pond scum, go over their head directly to corporate and follow through, also i think there is a consumer advocacy process at he state level, not sure about this though, does anyone have more info on getting state support for a lemon law issue?

Good luck and please do let us know how you make out.

GreyHawk GreyHawk
Dec '18

You might want to try another dealership as well. Nothing says you have to go to the same dealership for service as where you bought/leased from. There is also going the corporate route by way of phone. All of this needs to be documented with corporate customer service; service records just aren't enough in cases like this. I understand your frustration but, unfortunately, need to play by the "rules" with this. My experience similar to you was with Ford just as an FYI but it could still be helpful!

Joe Friday Joe Friday
Dec '18

Go to a different dealer to see what they may do to gain your trust and business.

What are your plans at the end of the lease? I’d assume you have no plans to keep the current vehicle, so shop around and see what you can get. Check your residual and compare against the cars value to see where things stand (may be in the negative so be prepared).

Dec '18

Before I brought a lemon law case, I would be going to Hyundai which would be quicker. They can authorize a replacement car. If that went no where, then I would be getting a lawyer because that's what I would think is required for a lemon law case.

The one time I had an issue with a dealer and went to another one they just laughed. They weren't about to poach on someone else's territory. The only solution another dealer offered was to buy a whole new car from them. Every conversation I ever had began and ended with "let me get sales here so you can discuss a new car".

So they said there is an issue with the clutch? The clutch is a wearable item like brake pads and have a very limited 1 year/12,000 mile warranty. I'm sure If it was a manufacturing defect, and you can prove that, they'd cover it but your probably going to have to pay for the repair and get reimbursed.

Contact the President, Vice President, EVERYONE high up at the HQ. you can possibly find their emails on line. email them all. if not, get their names and addresses at Corporate HQ and write them all. Tell them you want an answer within 3 (or 5 days) of receipt of your email or letter.

tell them that if they don't fix this at THEIR cost, you are reporting them to the Attorney General's Office (consumer affairs) and the Better Business Bureau and the Lemon Law Agency.

and threaten them with a lawsuit.

Hackresident Hackresident
Dec '18

CALL them also at the same time. All of them.

Be a squeaky wheel.

These jipsters need to know that you mean business!

Hackresident Hackresident
Dec '18

I would not jump right on the hard line. Present your case and they may just address it. In the end they have endless lawyers. You tow the hard line they may say there is no making this customer happy so you go for it and try a lawsuit and see how far it gets you to spend 20k on a 7k lease for the principal of it.

I think that they meant the clutch in the automatic trans, which i have heard that Hyundai has had trouble with. That's not a usual wear item as brake pads or a clutch in a manual.

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
Dec '18

@Reggie, If it is a dual clutch transmission, they fail quite often.The dealership should have created a technical assistance case with Hyundai after the software patch failed to fix the issue. I wouldn't go screaming like a loony at every hyundai corporate official. I would suggest you go to a larger dealership, one that has more capacity to deal diagnostic issues (and more loaner cars). They will replace the transmission under warranty. FYI Your vehicle needs to be presented 3 times for repair of the same issue before it can be lemon lawed.

Also report the mechanical issue to the NHSA. Can't hurt.

maja2 maja2
Dec '18

First of all - find all repair records. You should be getting your own service records when you repair or service your car. Don't assume that dealership has correct records. I had recall done on my car on one Monday, then I bought car for major service in 2 days (on Wednesday) and they did the recall again claiming that there is no records in the system it was ever done. Despite me having a service receipt in my hands.

Then contact corporate office. There is a phone on the main website to contact and email form. Dealer will not help you to get a replacement car because it will come out of their balance. Only corporate office can help you but again, you MUST have all records for repairs, services and phone conversations (with names).

BTW, when I bought a car from this dealer I was given "life-time tire" program that they don't honor for me anymore because I fixed brakes somewhere else (Hyundai charged me for brakes evaluation) and didn't do maintenance services on time (I did them with higher mileage).

I had done lemon law back in 1999 in another state. Not sure of each state has their own criteria in terms of the date range. Back then, the issue had to start within the 24 months since you acquired the car and had to had been in the shop for the same issue at least 3x and/or have other issues and car had been in the shop for a total accumulated of I think 30days. Then you have to give them one last time to fix the same issue or issues and this has to be documented. Funny I had both on a brand new 1999 Corvette! Yes it takes times but you need to follow all that if you really want to do it. Plus you need to make sure you have all the repair documents with you. Also, if you do lemon law again this was back then so you need to check this as you will not get 100% of your money. If you lease they will take into account the miles you put in and if it is over you will definitely lose some money. Definitely you need to read upon the lemon law info to make sure you get all the facts correct.

If your lease is three yrs and you are already on 2.5 agree with one suggestion to go back to the dealer not same one perhaps another Hyundai dealer and see of they have those early term programs since most dealers most likely are trying to get rid of their 2018 inventories. See if another dealer will take it on too and get a totally different car. Goodluck and hopefully you get it resolve soon!

soccermom soccermom
Dec '18

I have the same year vehicle and know that this is the number 1 complaint that i have read everywhere. Mine has only done it a handful of times, but it is scary and accidents will happen. The dual clutch automatic transition is horrible. I have the turbo and still bad. My lease is almost up too. Lucky for you, you leased it.

If you only have 6 months left, how can you have 7k to roll over? Hyundai has deal will they will wave the last 3 months if you lease again.

Hopeful Hopeful
Dec '18

skippy skippy
Dec '18

There appear to be quite a few similar reported problems :

The first complaint even says, "Hyundai is aware, there is no fix to the problem -- that I just have to get use to it! "

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
Dec '18

Do not buy a hyundai or a kia both a garbage

BhavikP BhavikP
Dec '18

Wow, Hyundai is definitely off of my car shopping list!

maja2 maja2
Dec '18

Throwaway cars for sure.

YeahRight YeahRight
Dec '18

Every car company has made a lemon. Hyundai has without a doubt made some great strides and their cars are much better than in the past.
This one transmission, the DCT, is a bad one, the rest seem to do just fine.
They do, however, need to step up and help with this particular issue, give you another new car, etc.
I owned a brand new Honda Minivan that burned oil like a fiend. Not all Honda's are good either.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
Dec '18

Making threats is never O.K., even threats of lawsuits. Writing to people at the heads of a business is always a good idea. Those types tend to love to see what's on the minds of people that make them rich.

nobody nobody
Dec '18

"Do not buy a hyundai or a kia both are garbage"

Got that right but for some reason people in NJ love these pieces of garbage. I don't get it.

LJRubi LJRubi
Dec '18

Do not go to this dealer, they are TERRIBLE!!!! I bought a car from here 4 years ago and new do any maintenance there anymore. Rude, slow, terrible customer service. I was also given tires for life program....what a joke. I was in an accident and the place that fixed my car did an oil change and they told me it “voided” my tires for life

Annoyed Annoyed
Dec '18

These don't look like the ratings of a "throwaway" "garbage" car

evets23 evets23
Dec '18

Back in 1981 we bought a brand new Chevrolet. After one year the Catalytic Converter went. We brought it back to the dealer and it was replaced free of charge. Year two the same thing happened and it was again replaced.
Guess what happened year three.....yup once again. At that time we asked what was going to happen the next year when it needed replacement again (sarcastically). We were told it would be out of warranty and they would do nothing. We argued that it was an ongoing problem and the converter would be only one year old. They just reiterated the warranty would no longer be in effect. My husband then called corporate and long story a little shorter, a representative from corporate came to our house and spoke with us, went to the dealer and then told us to take it to another dealer where it was diagnosed as a carburetor issue causing the converter to go bad. they fixed or replaced the carburetor and the converter as well. We never had a problem again and drove the car for 10 years. Moral: you have to follow through and go to the top to get the result you need. Needless to say, we never went to the original dealer again. Good luck with your issue.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
Dec '18

I love my KIA, it's a great little car, had two of them, not a single problem with either of them. My Dodge? Not so good.

GreyHawk GreyHawk
Dec '18

Hi here is what you need to do to get help in NJ:


2.) send a letter to both the dealership and the manufacturer's headquarters. Make the complaint to NJ,gov as well coincidingly,

3,) View brochure for details, in case anything has changed :) keep a log for yourself as to the date and details of what was done each day and where letters were sent. Send all mail certified, Keep names if you speak to anyone that calls you, again date and time of call on your log book, You made need it if you seek legal assistance,


Hope this helps you- I am a local teacher and am prettywell-versed at doing research.

Save all service records- my Kia Optima had the tail light resealed twice.. 82,000 miles they tol me I need new taillights.. they said it was out of warranty, called Kia directly and they gave me a claim number.. took 3 months but they replaced both lights at a cost of 500 each light.they have the best warranty of any brand.

Dec '18

Stay far away from this dealer. I went in to buy out my lease and knew there could be some “fees” according to the contract other than the taxes that I knew of. Low and behold the fees were one and a half times the cost of the taxes. I asked for a breakdown and was given a bunch of double talk. Registration would be $400 really I just got the renewal in the mail $46. I couldn’t even listed to any of the other bs and decided to go through Hyundai corporate. Through them the only cost is the taxes and my last month payment. Stay far away from this dishonest dealership they are no good.

GreatMeadows GreatMeadows
Dec '18

I had a very similar situation with Kia. My car was in for repairs many, many times. Each time I got it back the problem was not fixed. I ended up filing a lemon law suit against Kia. It took almost 3 years to settle and the whole time my car was at the dealership, still broken AND I had to continue to pay the car loan and keep insurance on a car that I did not have! Kia fought me tooth and nail every single step of the way! I had to retain a lemon law attorney who in the end took a third of my settlement. I ended up losing four thousand dollars and 3 years of sanity! I would advise to try everything you can to settle before filing suit!

Pamela Pamela
Dec '18

Corporate Capitalism

Davey vs Goliath.

The legal system is so much fun in America..

dodgebaal dodgebaal
Dec '18

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