Soups on Main

Saw a new restaurant sign that is opening up in Hackettstown in December - Soups on Main!


Yaaaay! My husband and I love soup, including in the summer!

Skier Skier
Nov '18

Sounds great!

Calico696 Calico696
Nov '18

There is "Godwin's Law" when discussing politics, and "Seinfeld's Law" when it comes to soup....

I'm sure I'm not the first who thought of it...

I wish their new business well!!

jjmonth4 jjmonth4
Nov '18

Soups on Main is open. They only had 2 soups today. Chicken/noodle or chicken/rice and some type of beef soup. Organic and pesticide free. $5 for an 8 oz and $10 for a 16 oz size. I don't know if this includes anything like a hunk of bread. The owners are very friendly and welcoming and were kind to offer me a sample of the chicken soup. It was delicious however I did not purchase. I wish them well.

Around here, it had better come with fries ;)

Lmao Maja!

Someone should tell them Hackettstown isn't Chester..They need a more redneckish menu for Warren County

to make a great soup you need to stir the pot

Maja2 - funny! And better not be more expensive than Quick Check soup!

I would hope organic homemade soup is more expensive than Quick Chek soup lol. I can't find anything online yet.

There's plenty of profit in a frigging bowl of soup...quick check soup is a ripoff for sure. Hopefully the soup place will have chili

December 28th

Stopped by today. The soup is delicious and the prices are excellent for organic homemade soup. You can clearly taste the high quality ingredients. The decor is cozy and the owners are very pleasant. Looking forward to them officially opening and wishing them much success.

Where is it on Main St?

Is there a posted certificate in this store stating that all ingredients are organic?

happiest girl
December 29th

Are the fries vegetarian?

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 29th

Anyone have a menu? The link in that Luca posted has never been completed.

Calico696 Calico696
December 29th

Well, at five dollars for eight ounces of soup... eight ounces..... I'm sure that is in line with other stores - but still seems quite steep

12/29/18. Had the asparagus soup 6.99 for 16 ounces with two slices of sourdough bread. It was delish. Owners are very nice. I wish them luck. Will go back.

How do we know that it's Organic Soup? Because the Restaurant says so? Just curious

Best of Luck !!

shills! SHILLS!

Thanks Missy. That sounds like a good deal and I will stop back in.

$7 for 16 oz. of homemade soup and bread is reasonable IMO.

Calico696 Calico696
December 29th

tried the chicken soup and the asparagus soup today.the chicken was fresh and tasty.the asparagus soup was rich with fresh asparagus in it.bread was fresh and crunchy.paid 3.99 each.seems like a fair price for tasty soup made fresh everday.

I look forward to trying it.

Is chili considered a soup? LOL I treat it as a stand alone type of meal no catagory, a culinary loner if you will.

I stopped in to try the asparagus soup and they were closed as they ran out of soups. They will be opened tomorrow around 10:30 ish and will probably have beef veg soup OR beef barley and another kind also. They have pre opening prices right now so that people will stop in. however they told me that the prices will eventually go up. As to what?...they don't know. As of now...$3.99 8 oz. 6.99 for 16 oz. 11.99 for a Quart. All organic.

Where is this place near on Main Street?

Hackresident Hackresident
December 29th

McKenna's Hair Salon. The Crepperie.Trinity Thrift Shop. Same side of the road.Almost across from Davilla's Pizza and Stella G's

My grandmother lived to 97 eating Non Organic Camden NJ Campbell's soup, lived in a house with asbestos and lead and a husband who smoked Camels.

Of course, they sprayed chlordane on their fruits and vegetables- worked great until it was banned.

People used to be tough...

dodgebaal dodgebaal
December 29th

First, webpage says organic "style" - which suggests to me that it is not organic.
Second, organic is not the same as healthy.

Organic is a buzzword. It's essentially meaningless. Just like recycling.

Organic is not a buzzword. To say that means you do not know what organic food is.
However, I am confused why the store says "organic style" and not "organic".
The food is either "organic" or not. It is not a "style".
That is why I asked in a previous post if they have any certificate posted stating they are organic certified ......... similar to a restaurant that has a Kosher certification.

happiest girl
December 29th

Wow - I did not catch when I looked at the website the first time that it said "Organic Style". Never heard of it. I was hoping for a place that uses only organic products - Organic Style sounds suspicious to me.....

If these folks are not certified organic then it appears they are using the organic moniker as an advertising buzzword. Perhaps they mean to indicate all ingredients are fresh, never frozen, and in the spirit of clean, natural, wholesome foods.

Pass the Grey Poupon, please...

dodgebaal dodgebaal
December 30th

Thank you Angela!

Hackresident Hackresident
December 30th

Before putting the place down because of about finding out facts first. If this concerns you why not visit and ask? I would hate to see this place trashed for what is "assumed" to be false advertising.

happycamper happycamper
December 30th

Can’t wait to try their soup, organic or not, lol. I love some good soup and a nice chunk of bread. Do they sell anything besides soup?

I don't think anyone is trashing the place at all. Just folks making an observation regarding a marketing strategy. Lets face it, if the place is certified organic in every sense then that would be a very strong aspect to tout in the marketing materials. If it is in the style of organic fare then it is stated as such. It does not make the business any less appealing at all. Again, I look forward to trying it and wish them great success.

We tried the vegetable beef soup for our family. It was delicious and you really could taste and see each individual ingredient! We will be regulars, especially during the winter months! The sourdough bread the soup comes with is good as well!

December 30th

You could taste and see the salt (since you can see and taste each ingredient)? Not good.

YeahRight YeahRight
December 31st

Website please? Or FB page with hours and info? Thank you!

My wife and I just enjoyed some of the best soup we ever had at Soups on Main. The mushroom some is to die for. We are definitely going to be regulars.

Mushroom ! It used to be delicious at QuickCheck then they stopped selling it . Definitely have to try this place.

htownguy htownguy
January 2nd

Looking forward to trying this place! We used to love the Soup Plantation and Soup Exchange in San Diego. Same concept, but they also had salads, fruit, muffins and frozen yogurt along with the soups.

Organic certification is prohibitively expensive, and allows certain 'approved' chemicals to be used. Might be more meaningful to say 'all natural' or 'clean' like Panera does. Regardless I'm sure their ingredients are just as clean as anything I could buy myself in the winter.

hktownie hktownie
January 3rd

loved the chicken soup, lets give them a chance. quick check soup sucks. its processed. good luck too you. Dennis k.

dennis k. dennis k.
January 3rd

Vegetarian black bean was very good, will definitely be trying other soups

Yeah right, was that supposed to be clever?

EweIdjits EweIdjits
January 3rd

Eweldjits, went right over your head, didn’t it? Since I need to explain... My comment was meant to point out how vapid and rehearsed some of these reviews are. Soup also tends to have a high salt content. And since that reviewer seems to possess magic vision, apparently he or she can see said high salt content.


YeahRight YeahRight
January 3rd

Looking forward to trying "Soups" and will do very soon. I love Mushroom Soup and my hub is a Vegetarian and will try the black bean soup. To the salt see-er, I don't really think you saw salt. I'll take a close look when I get my soup.

Mrs. Pipes```` Mrs. Pipes````
January 3rd

Went yesterday, soup was pretty good. I’m hoping they do more with it since for a “soup only” place it’s kind of a let down. They technically had 4 soups, but really it was two different soups with variations. One black bean, one vegetarian black bean, one chicken rice, and one chicken pasta. Only real complaint I have that the bread they give you is very small, however it was delicious. I know they just opened so I’ll definitely try again and hope it grows into it’s own.

Soup de doup Soup de doup
January 4th

Went to 'Soups On Main' yesterday, a damp and rainy Saturday...good day for soup.

The place is nicer than I expected. Plenty of room, clean, and welcoming. We met Don (co-owner), who was manning the customer counter. Good guy, friendly and eager to please.

Tried the chicken with rice soup and was certainly satisfied with it's quality. There is no denying the difference between home made and store bought (mass produced). The soup was seasoned just right for me, no need to add salt, although I added pepper bc I add pepper to everything.

The side of bread was nice, but I wouldn't mind having the option of having some butter with it.

Although I didn't purchase anything to drink, the healthy selections of beverages to choose from is a nice touch as well.

The introductory pricing on the soup...$3.99 (8oz.), $6.99 (16oz.), is fair, but I am concerned that raising the price beyond that might discourage some patronage.

Personally, I'll be going back again regardless of any future rise in the price. You get what you pay for, and I don't mind spending up a bit for something of quality. I'm looking forward to seeing and tasting a wide variety of their soups in the coming months, and I wish them's about time that Hackettstown has a food business that is truly concerned with the quality of their product, hopefully they will get the support they deserve.

Restaurant Ralph Restaurant Ralph
January 6th

Chicken and rice soup very good . . . Real homemade flavor. Gonna try them all !

htownguy htownguy
January 7th

Great feedback from all (despite some negatism). Look forward to trying their SOUP.
I would recommend that they post the soups of the day (prior to that day) on, maybe this site. There are many small offices in Htown that would pre-order and pick-up if they knew the choices.

This site's Classifieds are not suited for daily adverts. Facebook and Twitter are the right venues for that.

Had vegetarian and chicken with pasta soups. Both were delicious and so was the rosemary bread that came with it.

Dolce_Vita Dolce_Vita
January 8th

Is there a menu or website? I would like to try.

Kristine Kristine
January 9th

had the beef barley today for lunch.tasty and rich in flavor.

2 thumbs up!

Tried Soups on Main today. I had the chicken veg soup and my son had the Mac n cheese. I tried his Mac and it’s as good as my own homemade. Both delicious and the owners are so friendly! The space is very pleasant too.

Hktownie Hktownie
January 12th

Can we please have a phone number?

Len- The very first post in this thread has a web link with the number.

Does Soups on Main have a facebook page or website? I've tried to find their menu only and/or a place to find their daily soup offerings but I've not been able to find any listings via google or facebook! Thanks.

Leigh- The very first post on this thread has a website. Granted it is devoid of any information however it does have their phone and email address.

I do hope they make a much stronger effort in marketing as word of mouth won't cut it for long.

Leigh, it’s my understanding they are working on the FB page. I was there the other night and the only way to know what they have is by calling them. Not sure if it’s changed since then.

A daily text listing the soups of the day would be great. I would think many folks would like that type of notification.

They are still working on both their website and Facebook page

As far as those concerned with the “organic style” wording... they use all organic ingredients however the small farms they buy from use don’t pay for the organic certifications. But they follow organic standard they just don’t pay for the certification. Stop by and ask about where they buy from and you will get a great understanding of the quality of ingredients

Decided to try Soups on Main today for the first time. I ordered the mac & cheese, asparagus soup & quinoa vegetable.
The pluses, the owners are very nice & are trying very hard to get established. The place is adorable & clean. The quinoa vegetable soup was fantastic. The bread was delicious as well. The soups came out hot too which is good.

The minuses, they opened at 11:00 on a Saturday and weren’t quite ready yet for business. Took 15 minutes to get my small order. The mac & cheese was soupy & grainy not smooth & creamy (flavor good though & pasta cooked right), asparagus soup could have used a bit more flavor. My daughter had some of their chicken soup a couple weeks back & she said the soup could have had more flavor as well, she liked mine better.

I will definitely go back as I love soup & being that its organic makes it even better and I love supporting local businesses. $5.99 for a small cup of soup, a bit steep but I’d pay it if it knocks my socks off, unfortunatelt three out of the four we tried didn't. Still willing to give them another shot though.
I know your working on a website & FB page, that will tremendously help your business, get that up & running quicky so people know what you have.

Good luck Soups On Main-flavor up the soups & when you are open, be ready for business!

Thanks for the review! Want to try them one of these days.

Without having a website or Facebook page, makes it tough for people to understand what they have, what hours they are open, etc. Selling enough soup to pay rent will be tough so they need to everything they can to get the word out besides those of us on Hackettstown Life that have tried it & commented on this thread.

I'm excited that we have a new place in town to try!

Soups on Main website:




Finally got to try this place today! Had the vegetable beef soup. It was very good. Lots of soups to choose from on the board today and they now have salads and a sandwich special to try. Owners (I assume) were very nice and helpful. Will be back soon. Worth every penny for homemade, fresh, organic ingredients and I hope they are successful for many years to come.

Had mushroom and vegetable-beef recently - both very good.

htownguy htownguy
2 weeks ago

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