AMX Javelin

Last week I drove past Stuber Insurance on Rt46 and saw an AMX Javelin for sale out front. It might have been at the house next door. I wasn't able to stop to check it out. I have not seen it there since. Does anyone here happen to know if it's still available? Thanks!

evets23 evets23
Nov '18

I would call Stuber first of all.

It would be weird to call Stuber if it is for sale by the neighbor.

maja2 maja2
Nov '18

The OP stated they were not sure if it was at Stuber or next door. I would call Stuber first. If it was not theirs then they would know to knock on the home next door. Just a process of elimination.

Cool car for sure though!

My first new car was an AMC Matador. The day I drove it off the lot it had issues. I drove it about 30 miles and pieces of chrome fell off. Radio speakers didn't work, engine parts were loose. I brought it back with a list since it was under warranty. A week later I go pick it up, and it sat in exactly the same spot I parked it in. No work was done at all. I got the manager and asked for the work order and he replied they weren't allowed to show that paperwork. Had nothing but problems from day one. AMC went out of business a few years later. The worst manufacturer ever..

Boobalaa Boobalaa
Nov '18

I have a buddy who still has one, his dad bought it new, nice sporty car like the ’stangs of that era, rattled n rolled. Somebody near Warren Hills HS has two in his drive. In HS my best bud had a Gremlin, there is no doubt why AMC went bust.

Roywhite Roywhite
Nov '18

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