LOST small tan dog, Allamuchy Mtn State Park (Reunited)

LOST small tan dog, Allamuchy Mtn State Park (Reunited)

We hiked Ranger’s trial for about 10 mins at 12:30pm on 10/6/2018, and our dog probably got scared by a coyote and ran away. We’ve looked for her for 5 hours and did not see her. We are coming from jersey city to the trail looking for her again. I know it was totally my mistake for unleashing her on the trail, but please help if you see her. She has been with us for 8 years.
Her name is LaLa, 12 lbs. Yorkie and Shih Tzu mix with blond hair, with a pink harness.
Please call/text: 2154109596
Or Stephens state park office: 9088523790
Thank you so much!!

Wow. I know that trail and area. Quite a bit of area to cover. Hopefully there are other hikers around today as that is a popular spot. Be sure to drive a mile or so toward Waterloo Village and post fliers near any car parked on the side of the road. Many rock climbers park there and head up the mountain.

I hope La La is found soon!

Also, be sure to stop in the Scout camp opposite Waterloo Village as well. See the ranger there, Greg.

I'll head out that way for a bit.

I hike that area frequently and will go out this afternoon and take a look.

Cent Prof Cent Prof
October 7th

Melody I will post her to the Lost and Found Pets of Warren County NJ and Sussex County NJ Lost and Found Pets Facebook pages for you. Be sure to report her to the police non-emergency number and Allamuchy animal control Nellie Klaver 908-246-3239. I would also report her to animal control in the neighboring towns, since that area is on the border. Also notify the local pound for Allamuchy, which is Blairstown Animal Hospital 908-362-6430 and any surrounding shelters as well. Praying your baby is home safe soon!

Can you leave her blanket and something with your scent in the parking lot area?? I pray LaLa is found safe. I would contact a tracker. Will try to get up there today to help search. I have spread the word.

I am actually on Allamuchy Mountain now, and just got word from Melody that Lala has been found!!

A young family walking along the trail spotted her.

Re: LOST small tan dog, Allamuchy Mtn State Park (Reunited)

A happy ending.!! What a sweetie!

Cool, not an easy night for a 12 pound dog!


Cent Prof Cent Prof
October 7th

Not an easy night at all, iJay. I spoke with the camp rangers at the scout camp and they noted they certainly have several coyote in the area. La La was lucky to have a peaceful albeit nervous night.

She had some water and a whole can of chicken and appeared ready to go on another hike! Seemingly no worse for wear.


Thanks everyone for your help and pray!!!!! LaLa is home, safe and sound!! We came to the park this morning starting posting flyers and talking to people. She was so lucky to be found by a young family before we got on the red trail searching for her. She looked fine and ate the whole can of chicken. Definitely lesson learnt. Thanks Greg for the precious picture. Thank you all again!!!

So happy to hear, happy for you, but please, keep her on her leash from now on.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
October 7th

So glad she was found ok. We all make mistakes and learn from them. Give her lots of hugs!,

Nature Lover Nature Lover
October 7th

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