9-11-2001 Never Forget

9-11-2001 Never Forget

17 years ago. There are people who will be adults soon who weren't even born with this happened. It's just a history lesson to them. But it needs to be remembered: for those who we lost, for those who lost loved ones, and as a time when the entire country came together... something we have not seen for a very long time, sadly.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Sep '18

...and never forget the causes of 9/11, as the commission report was BS.

Agreed, JR. The saddest day collectively as a nation in my lifetime. My heart is always heavy on this day with the the awful memories. Never forget and make sure it never happens on our soil again.

last night in the rain i lined my street with flags. I have done it now for 17 years. some of the flags are now faded but I still put them out, I wonder if some people even know why they are there, A few years ago a mom told me that her 5 year old asked why does that lady put the flags out every year? she explained to her child the reason. Some years it has been 90 degrees and i have to dig holes with a screw driver to get the flags in, other years it has poured. But, I say to myself I must do it for those who are not here anymore.So as a lesson today teach your childrenn what happened this day. My husband worked on floor 36 tower 1, he made it out.

Laura Winters Laura Winters
Sep '18

God bless! Never forget!

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
Sep '18

That's a very nice thing to do each year, Laura.

"Let's roll"

DannyC DannyC
Sep '18

17 Years ago today I was in having my radiation treatment for breast cancer when the terrorist attack in NY happened. No one said a word to me after I finished my treatment although they knew what was happening at that time and that my son lived in NY and his fiancee worked in the Trade Center restaurant called Windows on the World as Head Pastry Chef. Her name was Heather Ho...a beautiful and talented young lady who had so much to live for...We lost Heather that day...Our family will Never Forget!!

joyful joyful
Sep '18

"Let no forget, Let nothing be forgotten"

GreyHawk GreyHawk
Sep '18

Thank you Laura. My wish is that we could all come together and stop all this hate....

citychick citychick
Sep '18

Its been 17 years and I still wish I had the chance to sit down and have one more beer with Don and Tommy.

Rest in Peace, guys.

Bemused Bemused
Sep '18

Rest in peace brave first responders. Rest in peace innocent souls.

maja2 maja2
Sep '18

The memorial is beautifully done; I love to visit as the seasons change.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Sep '18

My dad's first cousin (that makes her my 1st cousin once removed) worked on the 82 floor of the second tower to be hit, but the first to come down. They were told to evacuate in an orderly manner, as the first responders were handling the first tower. Her coworker got on the elevator and since it was full, my cousin told her, "I'll just take the next one".

Well, the plane hit her tower likely when she was in the elevator. As far as I know, they never found her remains, and it took about 10 years for her husband to accept that she was killed.

A day to reflect. A day to remind us that we ALL need to try and put our best foot forward. Collectively this country would thrive and make something like 911 never happen again. Division just makes us an easier target.
God bless all those heroes who ran towards the danger. God bless all family members involved or affected by this awful tragedy. Try not to watch too much TV, today.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
Sep '18

I will never forget,. Nor will my children.

Acl76 Acl76
Sep '18

This day and those that followed are still so vivid to me. Awful memories but those that I don't want to forget. The one bright spot in this whole heinous act was that we, as a Country, came together. Too bad it took evil to make it happen. RIP Mike.

justwondering justwondering
Sep '18

Great job that day by all of the air traffic controllers in the USA.

Dodgebaal Dodgebaal
Sep '18

"We Remember Them…

In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them; in the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter, we remember them; in the opening of buds and in the warmth of summer, we remember them; in the rustling of leaves and the beauty of autumn, we remember them; in the beginning of the year and when it ends, we remember them; when we are weary and in need of strength, we remember them; when we are lost and sick at heart, we remember them; when we have joys we yearn to share, we remember them; so long as we live, they too shall live ~ for they are now a part of us, as we remember them."

From Gates of Prayer ~ Judaism Prayer Book

Sep '18

What a beautiful and appropriate prayer....thank you gwtwqeenie

citychick citychick
Sep '18

Please everyone read Tom Burnett's last words to his wife. He is a true American who sacrificed everything on 9/11/2001.


Great and noble heroism. Great and senseless loss. Great sadness. I watch the reading of the names every year and am always moved to tears.

htownguy htownguy
Sep '18

Concerning Tom, wow just wow....

positive positive
Sep '18

First responder, took families to Ground Zero . Still raw pain for so many . Ripple effect of loss hitting generations not yet born. Went to 9-11 memorial and museum last night. No words. Beautifully done. NEVER FORGET

Just coach Just coach
Sep '18

dug on the pile 60 hour weeks - still broken remember the brothers who gave all


Sgt. John Coughlin P.O. Jerome Dominguez P.O. John Perry
Sgt. Michael Curtin P.O. Stephen Driscoll P.O. Glenn Pettit
Sgt. Rodney Gillis P.O. Mark Ellis P.O. Moira Smith
Sgt. Timothy Roy P.O. Robert Fazio P.O. Ramon Suarez
Det Claude Richards P.O. Ronald Kloepfer P.O. Paul Talty
Det. Joseph Vigiano P.O. Thomas Langone P.O. Santos Valentin
P.O. John Dallara P.O. James Leahy P.O. Walter Weaver
P.O. Vincent Danz P.O. Brian McDonnell P.O. John Perry


Supt. Fred Morrone P.O. Donald McIntyre P.O. Maurice Barry
Insp. Anthony Infante P.O. George Howard P.O. Michael Wholey
Chief James Romito P.O. Gregg Froehner P.O. Nathaniel Webb
Capt. Kathy Mazza P.O. James Lynch P.O. Paul Jurgens
Lt. Robert Cirri P.O. James Nelson P.O. Paul Laszczynski
P.O. Alfonse Niedermeyer P.O. James Parham P.O. Richard Rodriguez
P.O. Antonio Rodrigues P.O. John Lennon P.O. Robert Kaulfers
P.O. Bruce Reynolds P.O. John Levi P.O. Steve Huczko
P.O. Christopher Amoroso P.O. John Skala P.O. Thomas Gorman
P.O. Clinton Davis P.O. Joseph Navas P.O. Uhuru Houston
P.O. David LeMagne P.O. Kenneth Tietjen P.O. Walter McNeil
P.O. Domonick Pezzulo P.O. Liam Callahan P.O. Walwyn Stuart
P.O. Donald Foreman

skippy skippy
Sep '18

let us not forget


Sgt. Patrick J. Murphy Det. 1 John A. Russo P.O. Michael Hance
Sgt. Edmund P. Murray Det. Joseph Seabrook P.O. Murtain Haskin
Sgt. Terrence S. O’Hara Det. Andrew L. Siroka P.O. Robert B. Helmke
Sgt. Donald O’Leary Det. 2 Christopher Strucker P.O. Richard Holland
Sgt. Louis R. Pioli Det. Traci Tack-Czajkowski P.O. Demetrias Hopkins
Sgt. Michael W. Ryan Det. William B Titus P.O. Richard Jakubowsky
Sgt. SD Stephen P. Scalza Det. Harry Valentin P.O. Cheryl D. Johnson
Sgt. Jacqueline Schaeffer Det. 2 Thomas Ward P.O. Paul Johnson
Sgt. Harold J Smith Det. Charles J. Wassil P.O. Louise M. Johnston
Sgt. Edward D. Thompson Det. 2 Thomas Weiner P.O. Robert W. Kaminski
Sgt. Michael Wagner Det. Richard H. Wentz P.O. Charles M. Karen
Det. 2 Sandra Y. Adrian Det. Robert W. Williamson P.O. William King
Det. 1 Gerard Ahearn Det. John T. Young P.O. Kelly Korchak
Det. James A. Albanese Det. James Zadroga P.O. Jeffrey E. Lee
Det. Aslyn Beckles P.O. Christine Ade P.O. Richard Lopez
Det. 1 Joseph Cavitolo P.O. Karen E. Barnes P.O. Frank Macri
Det. John Coggin P.O. Ronald G. Becker, Jr. P.O. David Mahmoud
Det. Angel A. Creagh P.O. James A. Besto P.O. Shaun M. Mahoney
Det. 1 Kevin Czartoryski P.O. Scott Blackshaw P.O. Anthony Mangiaracina
Det. Annetta G. Daniels P.O. Frank M. Bolusi P.O. Gary Mausberg
Det. Michael K. Davis P.O. Cesar A. Borja P.O. Vito Mauro
Det. 1 Cory Diaz P.O. Thomas G. Brophy P.O. Denis R. McLarney
Det. Leroy Dixon P.O. James M. Burke P.O. Christopher S. McMurry
Det. Louis G. Fernandez P.O. Madeline Carlo P.O. Mark J. Natale
Det. 2 Carmen M. Figueroa P.O. John Cedo P.O. Robert Nicosia
Det. Stuart F. Fishkin P.O. Dennis Chrostowski P.O. Patricia Ott
Det. James Fogg P.O. Peter D. Ciaccio P.O. Robert V. Oswain
Det. James Giery P.O. Daniel C. Conroy P.O. Allison M. Palmer
Det. Steven Hom P.O. Anthony DeJesus P.O. Angelo Peluso
Det. Michael Incontrera P.O. Terrence J Devlin P.O. Francis T. Pitone
Det. William Kinane P.O. Renee Dunbar P.O. Christine Reilly
Det. Steven Kubinski P.O. Robert M. Ehmer P.O. Peter O. Rodriguez
P.O. Wayne Sblano P.O. Steve Tursellino P.O. Kenneth W. Wolf
P.O. Peter Sheridan, Jr P.O. Reginald Umpthery P.O. George Wong
P.O. Edward Stewart P.O. John Vierling, Jr, P.O. Robert A. Zane
P.O. Robert Summers P.O. Perry T. Villani
P.O. Martin Tom P.O. Ronald E. Weintraub

skippy skippy
Sep '18

Just One day changed so many lives Forever...

I can't even imagine the pain that so many endured and still endure.

Thank you so much for your service Skippy!

positive positive
Sep '18

thank you but remember those who gave all - I just gave some

skippy skippy
Sep '18

Thank you so much to those who served and responded. Peace to those who lost loved ones. Never forget.

Skippy. Thank you for reminding us the loss still continues.

Just coach Just coach
Sep '18

Wow, Skippy- you dug on the pile? God bless you, man. God bless all the first responders, all the volunteers, the 9-11 boatlifters, just everyone who did anything. I was listening to an interview with a fireman (the one who stood behind President Bush on the rubble), and he said when he got to ground zero all he could think was "it looked like the Blitz in London during WWII... it was just unfathomable.)

I remember WISHING I could do something to help. But there just wasn't anything to be done. Even the fireman mentioned above had to lie to get past the National Guard perimeter- they weren't even going to let him in, because he came solo (didn't arrive with his company), driving down from his house in NY on 9-12.

Same with Katrina... a buddy of mine is an ER nurse, and he volunteered to go down in the aftermath to help, but so many volunteered, his hospital (University Hospital in Newark) decided to not allow any of their people to go.

As bad a day as 9-11 was, 9-12 was the start of something wonderful, the coming together. It's a damn shame it takes a monumental tragedy to bring people together. And even then, the "half-life" is short; it doesn't seem to last long. I wonder what it's going to take to get Americans on common ground again, helping each other instead of hating each other (altho I think there is ALOT more of the former going on that anyone realizes; it's just not on the news because it doesn't serve their agenda.)

Sorry, I don't mean to go negative; it's just disheartening, seeing the shape our country is in right now, with the divisiveness. It's something I've not witnessed in my 49 years. Not at this level. As bad as 9-11 was, 9-12 was the start of something wonderful, for how ever long it lasted, and I actually miss that feeling. :(

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Sep '18

9-12 was the most unified as a country I ever felt flags everywhere we were one. At ground zero Campbell’s fed us for weeks - there was food everywhere including from all of the local businesses while surreal it was definitely appreciated.

Skippy Skippy
Sep '18

09/12 and thereafter made me proud to be an American. Now, although I still fly the flag outside my home, not so much. Really wish we didn’t need a tragic event to bring us together as a nation.

YeahRight YeahRight
Sep '18

I didn't want to post my thoughts yesterday out of respect for the dead and respect for the first responders and to those responding to this post. No, none us who were alive at the time will ever forget. But to see how far we have come since then it's disheartening. Our borders are still wide opened and we are still at war 17 years later. What the hell is going on! In my opinion we have somewhat forgotten.

auntiel auntiel
Sep '18

Skippy, wow, hope you remain OK after all that, body and mind. Thanks for your service.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Sep '18

Thanks SD - still doing monitoring here at Duke - so far so good

Skippy Skippy
Sep '18

auntiel...I am so with you...I think we have forgotten...I hope that with yesterday and reminded some people.

Hackettstown Hackettstown
Sep '18

Stay safe Skippy

citychick citychick
Sep '18

Thank you !

Skippy Skippy
Sep '18

18 Years ago ...Our family lost my son's fiancee...A beautiful young lady by the name of Heather Ho. She was Head Pastry Chef in the restaurant called Windows on the World..She was not scheduled to go into work that day but was called in for a special event. Thousands of others perished that fateful day as well. We still miss her so very much...Our Family will Never Forget!!!

God Bless America

citychick citychick
4 days ago

These were people with hopes and dreams going about what they thought would be a routine Tuesday. Condolences to their families and friends ... we'll never forget.

Iamrite Iamrite
4 days ago

Windows on the World was truly a triumph, the most spectacular restaurant ever. I have many great memories of the Twin Towers … and so suddenly they were gone.

There were so many harrowing experiences in lower Manhattan that day … and so many heroes... so much loss of life and detrimental effects that have burdened first responders to this day … condolences to family and friends and appreciation and respect to all who were impacted … I remember the Mets wearing FDNY and NYPD caps the rest of the season and that dramatic Mike Piazza homer … that night when it was more than just another baseball game ... we will never forget... we now know we can't depend on the oceans to protect us anymore … America changed forever on 9/11/2001.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
4 days ago

Never forget !!


The perfect song with the perfect message … thanks for sharing.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
4 days ago

Thank you for sharing that with us.....

citychick citychick
3 days ago

for me the cry should be( never forget and never forgive )

Caged Animal Caged Animal
21 hours ago

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