Comcast phone issues / incompetent support

Anyone having phone issues? Mine has been out for 2 weeks. I can make calls, but calls are automatically disconnected as soon as the phone rings. I've called 5 times, each time the rep ( located in the Philippines ) I am speaking too insists that they run a diagnostic check on their end, and then reset the modem. It doesn't matter that I explain to them it's already been done. All total I have probably wasted at least 2 hours with them on the phone in the last weeks accomplishing nothing. I've had 2 service calls scheduled. The first one was canceled because they said the problem was resolved. That's news to me!! They were supposed to come out this Sunday. They never showed up. I called to find out why, the rep doesn't have access to the files, she has to check with a supervisor. On hold 20+ minutes no one picked up. Called again, actually lucked out and spoke with someone in this country. He said they tried to call my cell which is on record but no one picked up. I said that's not true, I got 2 automated text messages that they were on the way, but no call. He red back the number, and one the first part is wrong. I asked how can you have it on record, and send me a automated text, but then the tech calls the wrong number, and doesn't bother to show up.?? He has no idea. So that's 2 service calls canceled. Nothing immediately available, he will check with a supervisor and get back to me. Only a company with a monopoly on the market could get away with this level of incompetence and stay in business. On my way to ATT.

Denis Denis
Aug '18

I have almost the identical sequence of events but with my Comcast email. I still am waiting after multiple attempts to explain the issue. They are atrociously incompetent.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Aug '18

On yes!!! Try going to the Mansfield office. These guys know what to do! I have asked to speak to a rep in the United States but they just pass you on to another person you cannot understand..

Acl76 Acl76
Aug '18

Had a problem about 2 weeks ago with my TV. Called comcast and jumped through the usual hoops. Unplug this, reset that. No luck. They told me they would pass the information to a specialist and would get a call in 48-72 hours. That was 2 weeks ago. Got a call today to fix my problem. Glad it seemed to fix itself an hour after initial call.
Comcast doesn't give a damn. Time to switch to direct tv and suck up the price of land line and internet.

They missed two appointments with us over the last two weeks, and were late for the third.

I got $60 off of my bill, but wasted two afternoons and a morning. They don't even bother calling or texting.

When you call to see what's up, you get the Phillipine special answering service - that have no idea where the technician from Port Murray, NJ is.

I was on the phone with them for 90+ minutes at one point.

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
Aug '18

A couple of weeks ago I had an issue with setting up my online billing account and spent many hours on phone over multiple days no avail. Finally I called the corporate office for customer service and asked for a corporate executive to help me. A few minutes and problem solved- the number I called was 1-215-665-1700. Good Luck everyone!

sports fan sports fan
Aug '18

Thanks sports fan. I guess we’d all better get in queue on that number! LOL!

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Aug '18

You should call the BPU and file a complaint-
here is their number- 609 341 9188

You can also just file a BPU complaint on line and it will key a Comcast executive complaint which they will resolve...

Phone service very bad. Told me I could port existing number; two weeks, no port. When I finally found a human, it was my fault (not really, but they said so), not sure why they didn't call, but we attempted to restart. All they needed was my SSN; I gave it and they said --- nope, that's not it. I said "you have had this problem forever, you have it throughout Pt Murry..." They said, go to Pt murry to fix....

One trip later, I called in and we restarted and they had it up a week later --- so over a month in total.

Not good and tv service support not much better so any magic numbers appreciated.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Aug '18

You dont need to get comcast phone service , t

Get ooma ,it's a voip phone service, you pay about $4/month in taxes . works great , I have ooma since 2012, ported out my number from Verizon (porting costed $40)

TinkoDi TinkoDi
Aug '18

That’s what we did

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Aug '18

I find it interesting, stranger, that they said your SSN # was not correct because they told me that also. Told me I had to "fix" that with Port Murray office. I didn't bother because they shouldn't have my SSN# in the first place. Don't know where they got the number they have on record, but I'm not giving them any information that they don't need to have.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Aug '18

Make sure customers call and tell Comcast to credit your account, for each day you have no service, regarding any of their products. I’m so tempted to ask them why they don’t bring those call center jobs back, however I know resistance is futile....unless we ALL say a little comment, when dealing with the US employees. Keep racism out of it, but comment about job opportunities brought back to the USA.
Comcast gives the customer the chance to take a survey, part of which you can record your own opinions. It’s regarding employees here and over there. I thought they were helpful, in the call center. Just wish the call center was in Port Murray, instead of overseas. Hope Comcast executives are enjoying their nice chunky tax break, though. Wasn’t that supposed to be the point? Jobs? Naaahhh...why pay $15 per hour, plus benefits, when one gets similar employees at $4 bucks an hour, working nights mostly as we have a 12 hour time difference, and no benefits . Those employees are bilingual, no less. That’s just good business, right? Only for the people at the very top, already worth millions. How much $$$ is enough? Like they say in South Park, “they took R jerbs!” Not a typo. I hear people say they stole our jobs. They were GIVEN our jobs.
Sorry....half of this post belongs in another thread, but I figured since I’m already typing, it happens. How about that sunrise, this morning? Gorgeous! Oh crap....did it again!

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
Aug '18

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