Price for Freon for A/C?

AC tech filled up 5bl Freon is $435
Is it fair?

R22 ? 5lbs is a hell of a leak hope he or she found the leak and repaired it .

Aug '18

About what we paid last year, I believe. Hoping the unit makes it through the season one last time....

Blackcat Blackcat
Aug '18

Was that just for the material or also for the time and knowledge of the certified trained technician?

Music gal Music gal
Aug '18

It's can get pretty expensive and I hope you were presented options. I paid 90 bucks last year for a 1lb fill and leak sealed.


CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
Aug '18

R22 30 lb. cylinder $450.00 + shipping

I remember when the Home Depot opened in East Hanover. They had Pallets of the stuff in the front of the store for sale. They were the ball breaking 50 pounders too!
$189.00 each 50 Lb cylinder. Not No More!

If any leak is yearly that a less than 5 ton unit has to be refilled ..... that is NOT a de minimis amount. That system has a large leak, and should be found and repaired if possible. If that was me, I would be looking for a replacement system that uses an environmentally friendlier chemical.

Embryodad Embryodad
Aug '18

2lbs of coolant is more than the cost of a COMPLETE BRAND NEW window unit. MAD!

Catpain Sensible Catpain Sensible
Aug '18

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