Dermatologist Recommendations

Has anyone had any experience with Dr.Jay Geller? Or can anyone recommend a good dermatologist in the area? Thank you in advance for any help with this.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
Apr '18

Stay away from Dr Gellers office.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
Apr '18

I get my once a year checkup with the Dermatology Group in Flanders. Nice doctors.

Apr '18

If you do a Forum Search for Geller, you will see quite a few comments.

Me and my mother as well as other friends on HL go to Dr Andrew Li. Unfortunately he no longer has an office in Hackettstown so you would have to go to Phillipsburg instead.

That Forum Search will give you opinions of several local alternatives to Geller as well.

Natural Image Skin Care on Bilby Rd


sheryl sheryl
Apr '18

I fully realize Dr. Geller is "aggressive" with treatment however I can honestly say he saved my life. A rare form of skin cancer went mis diagnosed by two other dermatologists but Dr. Geller in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic correctly diagnosed and treated my condition. I will always be grateful to him and his staff.

Evergreen'69 Evergreen'69
Apr '18

Dr Brittany mallardi
Love her

H-town Mama H-town Mama
Apr '18

Dr. Carla Errickson at Hunterdon Center for Dermatology.

Calico696 Calico696
Apr '18

Natural Image Skin Care. The doctors and the NP's are all wonderful!

Terri P
Apr '18

LOVE Dr. Lauren Cooper. Been a patient for years. She has offices in Morristown and Succasunna. My children see her too. She is very cautious in her approach, but not aggressive. She is not one to cut out everything she sees on you. Prior to my pre-teen child seeing Dr. Cooper, he did see Dr. Geller. At Dr. Geller's office he was given an RX for acne medication that had a laundry list of side effects, including suicidal tendencies. thanks. Low and behold, his acne cleared up with an organic face wash and elimination of dairy. NO medicine was needed. Thankfully, I listened to my gut and sought a better solution than the medicine prescribed...Just my experience....

LadySkiDog LadySkiDog
Apr '18

Dr. Mark Popkin and his partner ( Wife ), Rhonda Schneider, on James Street in Morristown. He teaches at the N.Y.City Hospitals.
Easy to get to, and plenty of easy parking. I / we, take the slow scenic route. 24 to Mendham, then right on Tempe Wick rd. Cross over 287 then at light at the church, take a left at the light....then a left onto James Street. Dr. Office Medical Center, is on the left.

Embryodad Embryodad
Apr '18

Highly recommend DR. STEPHEN NERVI
Natural Image Skin Care in Hackettstown
I have been going to him for a few years. Great doctor and makes you feel very comfortable.

Ms. Brittany Mallardi is a physician's assistant, H-town mama. Not a dermatologist (or doctor of any kind).

I like Dr. Rachel Farley-Loftus in Short Hills.

Rebecka Rebecka
Apr '18

Thank you everyone for the recommendations. I now idea where to start.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
Apr '18

Stay away from Dr. Geller. They call him the butcher. He removed 150 miles/freckles off my body and only a few were pre-cancerous.

Route 46 Commuter
Apr '18

Stay away from steven Nervi

Debbie11 Debbie11
Apr '18

Ditto on Dr. Nervi...great bedside manner.

Geller...stay away. Took off as many moles as he could. I had another Dr. in Morristown later tell me to stay away from Geller. Part of the reason he takes so many off is that he performs his own lab work so he actually gets paid for every specimen he removes, unlike many doctors who send specimens to a lab.

eperot eperot
Apr '18

Yup....same thing happened to me @ Dr Geller's office. I knew what was suspicious looking and wanted to have it checked. Dr. Geller convinced me 5 other areas look suspicious.I've got lots of moles so he had lots to choose from. All biopsies were fine....except the one I originally pointed out to him. That one was pre cancerous. He does his own pathology, as well, a little conflict of interest, regarding"results" , the way i see it. I've been told (after the fact), that he is indeed called "the butcher" and "a cutter". Now I know why. "Greed is good. Greed works"---Gordon Gecko

G-remnant G-remnant
Apr '18

I have never met anyone who had a good experience with Lauren Cooper, myself included. It is a money making racket at the Succasunna offices. I paid to have something removed from my never was removed, after many procedures with another of the Doctors I then went to Dr. Rocca at Natural Image and in one session at a cost of $150, Dr. Rocca removed the blister from my lip. Dr. Cooper is rude and arrogant. One visit with her was enough.

Nature Lover Nature Lover
Apr '18

Nervi's office on Bibly - amazing practice

Queen Bee
Apr '18

Agree- Nervi...........and Rocca

4catmom 4catmom
Apr '18

Hey, it depends on what are you interested in. I don't think that Geller is a good option for you. When I had problems with moles he said that everything is fine no need to worry, they are gonna pass by themselves. After few days I went to another doctor, he said that I have to treat them and told me to buy that ointment that it is gonna treat the moles and everything is going to be fine with me and he was right, moles are gone. Geller lied to me.

I recently had a precancerous skin liason removed by Dr. Rocca and I liked her very much. She was very thorough and had the results back to me promptly after the removal. My husband went to Dr. Nervi who is also there at Natural Image on Bilby Road in Hackettstown and had a full body check and several precancerous removals done already and has another follow up appointment with him next week as one showed a need to have further surgery. When they do find one like this...they call and explain what is next in full detail over the phone so you understand what is involved and how to prepare.. They are very High Tech there and local...We, obviously are pleased with them and glad that we have dermatologists of this calibre right here in Hackettstown..

I agree with Joyful...I just had a procedure by Dr. Rocca as well, and they were excellent! Will not go anywhere else.

Ditto Drs. Rocca and Nervi

Our family will join the chorus for Drs. Rocca and Nervi - we have gone to their assistants for follow ups as well and were pleased.

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