Something moving in where Marty's was?

Anybody aware of what might be moving into the Flock building where Marty's was previously? There's paper on the windows now.

Dancicus Fighticus Dancicus Fighticus
Apr '18

Maybe we'll get lucky and it will be yet another nail salon.

DevilsFan1 DevilsFan1
Apr '18

Smash burger ! Lol

All American All American
Apr '18

Trader Joe`s .

I had heard that it going to to be a gas station with a pawn shop!!!

Apr '18

Quik chek...

You people are terrible! Why don't you wait and see like everyone else?

Apr '18

Another smart aleck response here....

Maybe it's a store that sells that brown paper and it's is ready for business.

It’s going to be another nail and spa small sign in window

Birduphigh Birduphigh
Apr '18

Smart idea, right now so many times we are trveling to roxbury and randolph for kids friends parties.

Re: Something moving in where Marty's was?

Hello everyone, I will be putting up our “Coming Soon” posters in the windows this week. We are opening a place where we can celebrate our kid’s birthday parties. “Once Upon A Theme”, where your kid’s dreams and themes will come to life! As a parent myself, I understand we are limited to these type of venues, we often have to travel to celebrate our kid’s birthdays. I want to make sure we can celebrate right in our town where our kid’s family and friends can join the celebration. More details coming soon! I hope to have everyone’s support in this new project. Thank you.

Kirsis Kirsis
Apr '18

Yes, exactly @Jdem. We live in this town and I believe we should have all types of businesses and venues available to us and surrounding towns. We can provide jobs to our locals, this town is up and coming. Many good businesses coming to our area.

Kirsis Kirsis
Apr '18

I wish you the best!

Ollie Ollie
Apr '18

Thank you so much @Ollie

Kirsis Kirsis
Apr '18

This sounds like a great idea for our town...Wishing you the best with your new endeavor, Kirsis! P.S: I worked in that store years ago when it was known as Leeter, Inc,.

joyful joyful
Apr '18

Sounds like a Wonderful business for our town. Wishes for Lots of Success to you!

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
Apr '18

Thank you guys for the amazing wishes @Joyful @Mrs. Pipes

Kirsis Kirsis
Apr '18

I don’t have any little ones but it sounds like a great idea. Wishing you much success!

Bessie Bessie
Apr '18

My purpose is to have activities in which everyone can participate or be a part of, including events for our pets, which are our non-human kids. @Bessie

Kirsis Kirsis
Apr '18

Sounds great, Kirsis! I don't have kids either and the cats definitely won't travel haha! But i hope i can support your business any way i can once you open your doors. Good luck!

Dancicus Fighticus Dancicus Fighticus
Apr '18

That would be awesome! I will need al the support I can have @Dancicus Fighticus

Kirsis Kirsis
Apr '18

When will it open and when will Once Upon A Theme start hiring?

Sachel Sachel
Oct '18

Any word on when this will open?

Re: Something moving in where Marty's was?

Hello Everyone.
We are finally approaching our Grand Opening Day. I promise you it was worth the wait. Thank you all for being so patient, I did not want to open until everything was perfect and perfection does take time. I will be able to start booking parties in a few weeks. On that note, let me tell you a little bit about Once Upon A Theme. I patiently waited 10 years for that specific building. Once I found out Marty’s Bike shop relocated somewhere else I knew it was my turn to my magical ideas into reality. I wanted a place with more than enough space and that I have, you will all be so happy with the results. My plan was to open about a year ago, but I was faced with very challenging construction, codes and town regulations. Since I will be having all of your kids at the venue it was only right to make sure it is a safe place where parents can have a peace of mind knowing their kids will be taken care of. We have built an amazing princess spa where we will hosting all our princess birthday parties with all the magical and favorite characters, providing services such as mani, pedi, make up and endless entertainment. Don’t worry boys we have even more entertainment and cool theme parties, virtual reality game rooms, heroes and villans also available for your birthday parties. We will be open for anything and everything, not only for birthday events. I will soon start hiring for different positions and will need the town’s help for referrals. Oh you will alll hear the big buzz about our grand opening, I promise you it will be a pleasant surprise. I put my heart and soul into this project, 10 years of ideas and as a mom myself I can tell you that no one in this town will need to travel anywhere to host their child’s birthday parties. We have it all and if we don’t we will make it! Hope to see you all soon. Thank you.

Sounds great. Best of luck!

Is the a facebook page for the new place?

Josepcan Josepcan
2 weeks ago

@josepcan we will soon have all the social media pages up. I wanted to finish construction so I can incorporate pictures of the venue in all my social media pages.

@CJ thank you so much.

Kirsis Best of luck with the opening! I can’t wait to book a kids party there!

Friendly mcface Friendly mcface
1 week ago

Thanks... yes hope to see you all soon @friendly macface

We drove by last night in the pouring rain and could see inside and upstairs of your new place people working to make your dream become a reality. I spent many years working in that very place when it was Leeter, Inc. I knew every nook and cranny of both upstairs and down back then and sounds to be a perfect spot for the type business you are planning. Wishing you the very best in your new endeavor..

I look forward to booking parties there for my children. I really think my daughter is going to love it. Congratulations for making your dream a reality and thank you for providing a new place for children's parties.

New store = needs new thread!!!

Some people don’t Facebook, fyi.....pls. Be sure we’re not second class viewers.

Parking advise might be key; little difficult in n out at the location.

Best luck — sounds most excellent.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
4 days ago

Very good point, StrangerDanger...When I worked at that location (then Leeter, Inc)..the Clarendon Hotel was where Bea McNally's is now..directly behind this store...All employees of that store had to park on a side street off Main (not allowed to park in the Clarendon lot or in front of the store on Main St. (that was for the store customers). However, there is a municipal parking lot (across the street) behind The Old Trading Post as a consideration.

Where can you park to go to the new store? Make sure it’s clear to your customers where they can park or sometimes it will make them not willing to come.

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