Food Delivery to Great Meadows

Anyone recommend any good restaurant/pizzerias that delivery to Great Meadows/Liberty?


Jan '18


Pink dog
Jan '18

There was a Chinese place in Belvedere that delivered a nice drunk guy delivered it took almost 2 hours. Also dominos or Louis that's about it in liberty

I would be happy to do some catering to your location
custom made food and great prices
call 973 335 7080
ask for AJ

AJ Moore AJ Moore
Jan '18

AJ- where is your kitchen facility located?

Try the new place little Italy in belvidere 908-475-2722 or order online

Gomba Gomba
Jan '18

hi, we cook at the American Legion in Belvidere NJ

Serv Safe food safety-approved facility

We really like Little John's in Belvidere. They deliver to our house in Liberty.

As far as I know there aren't any chinese places that currently deliver around here, unless Panda Gourmet in Oxford is open again.

Panda Gourmet is open.

Calico696 Calico696
Jan '18

You guys got Uber eats ?

Skippy Skippy
Jan '18

"You guys got Uber eats ?"

They're not uber hungry. just looking for a snack


Skippy Skippy
Jan '18

A J - Good to mention that your cooking facility is "Serv Safe food safety-approved" This certification is easy to get and very inexpensive. I would not trust anyone who asks you where you do your cooking and protect your hard and creative work with this certification. Good luck!

DannyC DannyC
Jan '18

Thanks A J. I was curious.Your website looks great. I only asked because when conducting off site catering typically the caterer has a headquarters kitchen location. I have assisted other caterers in the past with the use of a full professional well equipped kitchen facility.

" I would not trust anyone who asks you where you do your cooking and protect your hard and creative work with this certification. Good luck!" That is an idiotic statement. My question was simply out of curiosity about a local business and community neighbor. Not some evil plot to undermine or disparage A J or his business. Furthermore, if I was a potential client that question would be the very first one I would ask of any caterer.

Louies pizza on Rt 46 just past Hope Rd.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
Jan '18

Little Italy in Belvidere does deliver! 908-475-2722! China Wok in Belvidere delivers too 908-475-8999

Jan '18

Re: Food Delivery to Great Meadows

hi, Greg,
We are more than happy to disclose where we cook, and that we are a professional Proctor as well as re-certified for ServSafe certifications as of 08/17... there is nothing wrong with asking this question, though it would not have been my first one...I would have asked what type of menus and food someone offers, etc.
It really does not matter to us what order one poses questions. as long as there is no malice involved!
Danny C. the certification for proctor is not cheap, it is more to the tune of $300.
If you have been certified, the price has recently gone up quite a bit! Maybe your employer paid some of the premium and most likely just asked you to pay for the answer sheet portion of the certification, that is common with restaurants to do this :)

Back to the question, are you looking for a caterer? we would be happy to answer any questions you may have....Judy, Greg ,or otherwise !

best, AJ
Whisk Me Away Catering

AJ Moore AJ Moore
Jan '18

I wish Villia venice delivered out here in liberty we are in boonies

Caged Animal Caged Animal
Jan '18

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