Any Reviews for BJ’s Wholesale Club in Ledgewood?

With the news of Sam’s closing I wanted to see if people here were members of BJ’s in Ledgewood and what they thought of the store.

One of the major selling points for Sam’s was convenience - close by and it was rarely as crazy as Costco seems to be on a daily basis.

I’ll probably check it out over the weekend, but wanted to get some thoughts in advance of my visit.

1 week ago

My dad loves it there. I’ve gone shopping there with him and I’ve always been pleased. We also have purchased birthday cakes from their bakery and were impressed.

It's OK, but we got free memberships at Sam's and BJ's. Fewer numbers of items, less choice when you do have the same items, and the prices were a bit cheaper at Sam's. Not significantly cheaper, but a bit.

If the price is a concern then Costco is way worth it. BJ's is OK but not competition to the other two.

There is also a BJs and Costo in Flemington .I never shop those bulk stores , but pass by them when going to the best store ever - The Flemington Department Store . If you need a pair of jeans or kakis if you can't find them there you won't find them anywhere . Army/Navy type store with a decent furniture and mattress section too . If that store ever closed I would weep a heap !

I occasionally go there with a relative who's a member. Same with Sam's. Although I usually found a bargain or two, I was never particularly impressed. Most of the stuff I could get cheaper at Walmart or Shop-Rite or Amazon. Just not worth a special trip to Ledgewood.

JerseyWolf JerseyWolf
1 week ago

Shop around when looking for electronics. Sometimes the deals are good, others not.

Food and household goods are priced competitively and are of good quality. Meats have always lasted and tasted fine!

Ledgewood is a smaller store—not as big the BJ’s in East Rutherford. BJ’s accepts manuf. coupons. I think it does the job!

We've had BJ's and Sam's Club and they are/were fairly comparable. BJ's has a deli counter, Sam's Club did not.

Personally I like BJs - although Sam's was way more convenient.
BJs has fresh deli - huge win for me.
BJs accepts coupons - another win.

Due to my work, I needed to have access to all 3 clubs. Did not care for the Costco in Wharton, way too crowded.

cat1213 cat1213
1 week ago

I tried Sam’s club one day, I still like BJs too. Between Costco and BJs I admit for my experience Costco has a little more to offer, but in BJs they are flexible with payment method and unless it has changed since I have not done one yet recently BJs also take manufacturer’s coupons. Not sure if Costco does, but I thought before they don’t. And agree traffic in Costco is bad let alone you also need to deal with the overall traffic in that area. BJs is closer too so that helps me too.

If you can find a coupon to join BJ’s for free membership for 60 or 90 days before you actually join to tru them that will be the best way to go.

Hope this helps too.

I am a member at BJs and used to be at Sam's. Full disclosure, I also worked at BJs doing overnight stock for a few months a year or two ago.

I see very little difference between sam's and BJs. That BJs takes coupons is a nice plus and I always bring a ton. Also BJs has an app where you can download electronic coupons (like shoprite does) and use them with your card. Also save an collect all your BJs circulars and try to duplicate the coupons.

One last thing, at BJs in Ledgewood, there are definitely some people who care about their job and their customers. One is a manager a BJs named Dan. He'll do his best to make you happy

BJs member BJs member
1 week ago

BJs was close today 1/12/2018 I was there at 12 noon and the doors were locked and the lady who checks your stuff on the way out door told everybody they were closed.

BJ's fresh deli is wonderful, prices always good and fresh, quality products - meat department, too, is terrific. They do accept manufacturer's as well as their own coupons, meaning that you can use two coupons on a single item - a big plus. Also, they do have a rewards program which gives cash back. Otherwise, prices are generally ok, typically similar to sale prices in the grocery store, with a few exceptions that are better - often with coupons OTC medicines, for example, can be at a significant discount - but you do have to buy larger quantities!

I like the Ledgewood BJs because their lines are short and the store isn't as crazy. I grew up and lived going to the Riverdale BJs. Always had to wait on super long lines and the parking lot was a madhouse. No issues with Ledgewood though. And now that I live in Hackettstown, it's an easy pit stop on my way home from work.

6 days ago

We went to BJ’s this Sunday to see if this is going to be our new warehouse shopping location. Before we were halfway through the store, the answer was no. The sizes on paper products were smaller; paper plates, toilet paper and such at about the same price. The deli counter seemed nice though we didn’t use it. The store feels cramped not just with people but tight aisles. Having completed a normal weekly shopping with comparable products, the bill was about 25% more than Sam’s.
The experience was poor enough that we are contemplating one monthly trip to the Sams in Nazareth rather than a weekly to Costco. BJs is out of the running for us.

College View Crew College View Crew
5 days ago

Is BJ's offering any sort of special for Sam's Club members? Trial membership even?

Htown Resident Htown Resident
5 days ago

BJ’s is running a deal for memberships - $40 instead of $55 and $80 instead of $???.

I went on Sunday and thought it was ok enough to join. As mentioned above it is a little hard to compare as some of the sizes are different for same products while other brands are slightly different. But think as a whole it still is worth it - just need to pay attention with prices as compared to sales at Shoprite.

5 days ago

I think you get alot more out of your membership dollar at Costco. I recently cancelled my Sam's membership. Signed up for Costco at Wharton. I shop at off hours so crowds are not an issue for me.
Might even make the trek down 31 to the Costco in Flemington. It's a brand new warehouse, only a year old. Very clean, well organized and they get you in and out fast per online reviews. Like Wharton, gas station open to all with great prices. Too bad both locations don't sell liquor!!

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
5 days ago

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