Zufall Health Center

Can anyone share experiences at Zufall? Medical and/ or dental?

Spence Spence
Jan '18

interesting comments on some online reviews....

4catmom 4catmom
Jan '18

With the insurance I got from the Marketplace, I'm stuck with using this one for dental, so i would also appreciate anyone's experiences as well.

We used Zufall for my daughter after she was born as they were the only one who took her insurance. It’s not the best place. Her doctor was decent but didn’t spend much time with us. The thing that bothered me the most is the time we spent there. Say her appointment was at 6pm, they’d tell us to get there 20 minutes early. We’d get there and sit for a while. Usually they took us back right at 6 but sometimes later. Then we’d have to sit in the cold exam room sometimes for half an hour or more for the doctor to come in. For a quick well appointment we were there sometimes up to an hour and a half which is pretty ridiculous especially with an infant. Every appointment we waited at least an hour. Not something I’m continuing now that we’ve switched her insurance.

BroadwayNJ BroadwayNJ
Jan '18

I had a very bad abscessed tooth a month ago, and was taken care of almost immediately. The Dentist's are very caring and so is everyone else in the center. It's not a Park Ave Dental office but if you need help, on a low budget and are in pain, you can't do better.This is the Hackettstown center btw.

Sully Sully
Jan '18

Worst place everrrr! I am in tbe process of reporting Dr.Maher. Annnnd went there to use the dentist as well and the extracted the wrong tooth...DO NOT go here!!!!

Dana R.
Jan '18

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