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Has anyone gone to a dental clinic for a root canal lately? I called UMDNJ//Rutgers earlier and they would not give prices over the phone. I just want to see if is worth me making the appointment for the evaluation or if I should just pay out-of-pocket for a dentist around here. Thanks!

Rmmjs Rmmjs
Dec '17

They would probably give you prices only after being seen for an exam. Totally worth it if you have the time.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Dec '17

If it's a back molar, don't even bother with a root canal. Your teeth will not shift, though they will try and tell you so. If it's a front tooth, then get the root canal, or ask if it's better to get it pulled and have a false tooth screwed in.

I had a lot of dental work done at the former UMDNJ. That was a few years ago, and things may have changed, but I can give you the highlights of my experience.

1. It's a bit of a ride, from H-town, but it's conveniently near the highway, and parking in the structure next door was convenient, too.
2. They seemed to require a couple of more consultation-type appointments than a typical dentist, but that may have been because of the type of work I had done.
3. It's not free, but it was considerably cheaper than going to a typical dentist/oral surgeon, though I had to pay in full at each appointment.
4. The staff was generally nice and the work was top-notch. There were times when I had a half-dozen licensed dentists consulting together regarding what was best for me. Even years later, other dentists compliment the work I had done there.
5. They use the latest techniques, equipment, and training, and all work is overseen by others, so don't feel as if you are going to get mediocre work done, just because it's done at a dental school.
6. In general, I would recommend going there, if you want to save a bit of money, and you don't mind a bit of time and inconvenience, and you want quality work.

JerseyWolf JerseyWolf
Dec '17

Do they do only major dental work there, or will they also do regular fillings and exam/cleaning? I ask because one of my children just lost dental coverage. I just paid over $275 for local exam, cleaning with Xrays, and a crown is needed.

Hoping to find another option.

hktownie hktownie
Dec '17

When I went, they did just about everything. It's a school, so they need patients for the students to learn on--even for basic cleanings and fillings. But I think you're likely to save more money on the bigger items--crowns, root canals, implants, etc. For all of the work I had done there (mostly crowns and implants), I saved about $10,000, vs. going to regular dentists.

For basic cleanings and checkups, I might recommend looking through those local coupon mailers. You can often find a coupon special for a basic cleaning/exam from some local dentist trying to gain more regular patients.

JerseyWolf JerseyWolf
Dec '17

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