Black and White cat

Is anyone missing a black and white cat in the vacinity of Russling Road in Independence? I occasionally see it either in my backyard or on my deck? It's getting so cold outside, so if it doesn't belong to someone. I would like to trap it.
I'll try to get a picture the next time I see it. Looks like an adult cat and very skittish.

I live on Russling Rd too and see the same cat. He has been around by my house for over a year. I was wonder if he's someone's cat that goes in and out.

Do you think I should try to catch it, cc?

I thought about doing that but I'm afraid he does belong to someone and they let him go in and out. I'd hate to take someones cat. I've seen him for over a year and he doesn't look real skinny or sick. Looks like he's being taken care of. I started seeing him towards the end of June last year. I can never get near him, he runs off.

I live up off of Limonte and i see this little guy too. just started seeing him a few weeks ago. was wondering same thing if he belongs to someone.

I'd take him in if possible and be sure animal control knows you have him in case anyone misses him??

4catmom 4catmom
7 days ago

Not sure if this has anything to do with this but just for FYI. For years cats have been living in the underground road drains throughout The Highlands. I've seen them jumping down into the drains. But a few weeks ago, the DPW installed new drain grills which block access to the drains, I guess to keep leaves and litter from going in and blocking them up. But I figure it also blocks the cats from going down in there too. So maybe this little cat has nowhere to go now and that is why people are seeing him around. Not sure that is the case. Could be someone's inside/outside cat, could be an abandoned cat, or could be a stray. Just a thought.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
6 days ago

I saw a sign today on the door of Bagel Smith on Route 46, across from Belvidere School. It was from someone looking for a missing black and white cat. Didn't get the phone number or how long it's been missing.

There is a post on Facebook Lost and Found Pets in Warren County NJ about a lost black & white cat from Allamuchy. But it appears to be a recent one. Someone mentioned here that they have been seeing this cat for a year.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
6 days ago

Iris, I'm missing my black and white cat since mid-June from our home on Schooley's
Mtn. Ricky is a spayed female, petite in size and nervous in temperament. She was
a feral teenage kitten when we trapped her back in March so she would be a little over
a year old now if still alive. I've tried twice to post here with her photo unsuccessfully,
so this time I'm just posting the text alone. I guess it's a real long shot that this kitty
of yours is my Ricky, especially as you all are saying that this kitty is male, but I just
want to thank you anyway for starting this thread. ---Chris S.

Chris S. Chris S.
3 days ago

Re: Black and White cat

I live on Russling Rd. and see this cat often. Here is a picture of him/her sitting on my picnic table. I took this picture a few weeks ago.

Thanks, Ace V. That's not my cat. Good luck with finding this little guy"s (gal's) home.
---Chris S.

Chris S. Chris S.
3 days ago

I haven't seen the cat recently, has anyone else seen it?

Chris S - We have a feral cat in The Hills of Indy since the summer. Small, all black with white paws. Could it be yours?

Indy Neighbor
1 day ago

Indy Neighbor, my cat had white over her throat and upper chest like a small bib on a baby. Also white whiskers and two tiny slivers of white, one over each corner of her mouth. I can't positively remember whether she had white boots or not, I think she
did. If your kitty is all-black except for the boots, then he(she) is not my kitty. Thanks
for reaching out and good luck finding your kitty's home.

Chris S. Chris S.
22 hours ago

There is a small tuxedo cat that I have seen occasionally here at the Hills of Independence. Sounds similar to your cat Chris however difficult to know for sure as every time I try to get a picture she takes off into the woods.

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