New Pizzeria & restaurant coming soon to Belvidere area

New pizzeria and restaurant coming soon to Belvidere Nj Where al”s pizza used to be and all those towns next to it like hope, Washington, great Meadows, Independence, white town and all wants to try it Great menu new ideas and all fresh and The name is Little Italy own and run by chef Luis Martinez former Chef from prickly pear in Hackettstown Grand opening soon

New restaurant New restaurant
1 week ago

Isn't he the same person who took over Taste of Italy after Prickly Pear closed and sold it a few months ago.

I thought the chef from prickly pear had the last name andes and also owned prickly pear

Happy789 Happy789
1 week ago

happy 789 he was the owner kb2755 yes he is new locacion

new restaurant new restaurant
1 week ago

Is that Luis from Sonny,s ll on RD 517

when does it open

Waldo's mom Waldo's mom
7 days ago

Did anything take over the old a&p?

Will they offer delivery?

Bug3 - No, it's still empty.

Calico696 Calico696
7 days ago

Al's Pizza in the former A&P Plaza in Belvidere, closed? When did that happen? Last time I went there, the price for one piece of Silician pizza made me cancel the order and walk out ($3.50). Just didn't realize they closed.

While "New restaurant" is trying to drum up some business- the lack of details in the initial post is a little troublesome.

Let't hope the food is better than the delivery!

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
7 days ago

TRA - I'm thinking that English might be the OP's second language. Hopefully, more details will come soon.

I actually never tried Al's. People we know said it was pretty good and we attempted to go once a few years ago and it was closed for whatever reason.

Calico696 Calico696
7 days ago

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