Scrap Metal Pick Up

I have an old 5' metal locker that I would like picked up. I have had Dudley remove items in the past but I am not getting any phone call return. Any other suggestions on who to call? I tried to search but only found old threads.

justwondering justwondering
Oct '17

the problem is its worth about 50 cents in scrap so for someone to pick it up for free when gas is 2.75 a gallon is going to be tough.

Oct '17

Post it on Craigslist. I did that last week and a guy came out and got the metal that day.

Hopeful Hopeful
Oct '17

Leave it on the street.itlls be gone within a few days so long as there some level of foot or car traffic. Also methods.

peder hollinghurst peder hollinghurst
Oct '17

Have used these guys for multiple items, multiple times. Highly recommend.

LVMomOfBoys LVMomOfBoys
Oct '17

As a follow up, Dudley did respond and items taken. Thank you Dudley, nice guy. Thanks all for suggestions.

justwondering justwondering
Oct '17

Does anyone have a name and number of a "guy" that takes scrap metal for free? Particularly a hot water heater.

Htown Citizen Htown Citizen
April 15th

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