Chesapeake Tavern in LV

Just curious as to whether anyone has been to the new Chesapeake Tavern in Long Valley? Loved the old Chesapeake Bay Seafood Co. when it was there, but would love to hear some reviews if anyone's been to the Tavern. Thank you!

Goaliemom Goaliemom
August 10th

I've been 3 times. The food is fantastic, I have nothing bad to say about it. It is a new restaurant, so of course there will be a few hiccups but nothing major.

It has a great vibe to it, would love to see some live music on Friday and Saturdays in the bar area.

That poor place has been so many things over the years. None of them very good. Hopefully it will work out for them this time. I'm glad to hear a positive review.

Calico696 Calico696
August 10th

Been there 3 times already?
It just opened.

I've been there. Here's my take. The food is VERY good if not great. The place is very nice and bright. The staff was very friendly. The portions are small. I had the special fish. Left hungry. Everything is about $5 too much. My special was $30. Another example, fish taco's $21.

not sack
August 11th

I know its owned by one of the owners at Redwoods so I'm sure it will be expensive but I bet the food will be great like it is at Redwoods! I hope they do great and I'm hoping to go there soon.

Sergio Qureshi Sergio Qureshi
August 12th

I didn't know it was the Redwoods people. I just assumed it was the Brew Pub people, again.

My friend had lunch there yesterday and said it was delicious. She had the salmon taco and her mother had the scallops. They were $14.99 and $16.99 respectively. Pricey for lunch. But if it's that good, it's worth it.

Calico696 Calico696
August 12th

I believe it's not an owned situation but a rented/leased situation.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
August 12th

I think the guy left Redwoods in 2012 (Manager)

He was a previous owner in Redwoods, he's a current owner of Sparta's St. Moritz. He was also the chef when the place was the Chesapeake Bay Seafood Company. Food and service both outstanding. If he can't make a go of it with this food and service, NO ONE can, and they should just turn it into a museum or something LOL.

Seriously- great food, great service, owner walked around making sure everyone was happy and asking for suggestions. We will be back, many times.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
August 12th

We ate there Friday night. Walk in and no reservation. Instead of waiting 30 minutes (seating estimate by the gentleman taking names) we took a free table in the bar area. It was way too noisy and for some reason they ran out of water glasses. That did not stop the busboy from putting a fresh water glass canister with ice on out table. Nice cold, fresh water we could stare at but not drink. The waitress was apologetic and we did get glasses eventually. We thought the prices were very high even if the food was excellent. My Jambalaya was listed as chicken Jambalaya but it looked to be all chicken and if the sausage was in there it was too small to discern without close inspection. Cajun spicing in the dish was blander than expected but taste was good. For a hamburger, Jambalaya, and a shrimp Po'boy with just soft drinks was $61.00. Way too pricey as there is great food available elsewhere for much less.

Funny how none of the meals mentioned screams "Chesapeake" to me....

So how's the crabcake, crab imperial, crabs? All you can eat? Brown paper table clothes? Hammers?

strangerdanger strangerdanger
August 13th

Thanks for your reviews. We did go on Friday night and we were not disappointed. Had been to the Chesapeake Bay Seafood Company many times and the Chesapeake Tavern was just as good, if not better! Keith, the owner, visited our table to welcome us back and ask for suggestions, which we did. Of course the prices are a little higher, but I feel like we got our moneys worth! Crab cake was very, very good. Fish and Chips was excellent, as was the fried calamari. My son and husband had fish from the specials menu and enjoyed their food as well. I thought the portions were plenty and very nicely presented. Our waiter was friendly and we didn't have to wait too long for food. There were four of us and we called ahead and made reservations, which I would suggest - especially on the weekend. By the time we left, it was packed! So glad they're back and good luck to them! And, oh yeah, the chocolate mousse!!!

goaliemom goaliemom
August 15th


Wife said the organic salmon was awesome. Not chesapeake specifically, but at least seafood. :)

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
August 15th

A bit pricey, but delicious. I had the organic salmon, which was amazing, and started with the tuna tartare which was out of this world!!! Husband had the filet which is Redwoods esque with the wood grilled taste, and a side of grits which were amazing. We had key lime pie and this peanut butter cookie and ice cream dessert and I'm salivating as I type hahaha! It's a great place, I know it will do well, but the prices could drop a bit.

Kelleo22 Kelleo22
August 16th

Headed there this weekend. I'll let you know what I think. (as well as the rest of my group)

Funny that this thread came back up. I haven't been there yet, but someone I work with went last weekend and said it was awful. Said her $15 shrimp cocktail was tough a a tire among other things. Wonder what's up with that.....

Looking forward to your review Josh.

Calico696 Calico696
1 week ago

We went about a month ago.. for 4 of us it costs over 240$ completely outrageous in price and the food did not even impress us for that price. Crab cakes were so pricey and the size that they were for the price was a joke.

Josh - what's the verdict?

I'll have to give it a go. I thought the food was very good when it was Andrea's Dining Room. We only ate on the patio as the inside wasn't that inviting. Too dark and kinda old. Did they remodel?

MeisterNJ MeisterNJ
1 week ago

Went the 2nd time this weekend, result same as the first time: great food, great service, owner walked around seeing how everyone was doing. Highly recommended. A welcome addition to the area.

For those complaining about the prices: don't go, you won't be happy. I recommend you go to Applebee's or the diner instead- you'll be happier.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
8 hours ago

My neighbors went yesterday too & really enjoyed it.

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