Missing Bicycle?

I walk all over town for exercise. A few weeks ago, I came across a bike on one of my walks. Weeks later, it's still there. It's got a flat front tire and looks like it was abandoned. I wasn't sure if a kid just left his/her bike there and was coming back for it, or if it was dumped. I wondered if anyone was missing a bicycle, perhaps had one stolen, etc. If someone can describe it to me, I'd gladly give them the location where I saw it.

Just trying to help

Just Joe Just Joe
Jul '17

Thats very nice of you.....sounds like it might have been abandoned. Hopefully someone will see this....I wonder if it had been stolen maybe they reported it to the police....do you think it might be worth a call to their non emergency line and see it one was reported stolen???

Very nice of you to try and find the owner....

littlelu littlelu
Jul '17

Thank you Joe. That is very nice of you for trying :)
Walking is great for body and mind, so keep up the good practice!!

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